Excuse me. The Edgetre’d forgot to bring me cake

If you read my last post you know that I went on a job interview last Tuesday.  Even though armed with the Wakefield Doctrine (the life tool of choice), I still gave, in my opinion, a too clarklike interview.  Damn!  I always think of the best questions after the fact!  No, I don’t think that’s the reason I sit here not having had any cake this weekend.  But I was ready.  Had spoon in hand.  Just in case.

The lesson.  In each “life event” I try to see the lesson.  If I can decipher the thing to be learned, if I can apply/employ/facilitate whatever it was that was shown to me, then I will have taken another step forward.  No, I didn’t get the job.  Yes, I wanted it.  Hell, I was already living the life that it came with, in my head (what a clark lol).  At the end of the day and when disappointment had waned, I reminded myself of the importance of moving forward – in the here and now (that one’s also for you clarks).  Little steps and large share the same stage.   We have lessons shown to us more times than not.  The trick is to see them, understand them, embrace them.  

Now what I have is the image of pie in my head.  Sure.  Why not.  There’s some sort of historical reference to pies in the sky, isn’t there…  Hm.  I do like pie.  And you can also eat pie with a spoon.  Especially if accompanied by ice cream.  Hey!  Will pie and ice cream now become the new symbol of/reward for accomplishment?  Wishes fulfilled?  Goals achieved?  LOL

At the end of the rainbow… there will be pie? 



  1. pictimilitude · February 17, 2013

    I like cake and I like to eat it, too! Hehe. Sorry the job thing didn’t work out. That just means that the next opportunity that’s even better is waiting around the corner. 🙂 Enjoy that cake because you still deserve it: job interviews are insanely stressful.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · February 17, 2013

      Of course you do. You’re a clark. LOL
      Thanks, I feel as if the next thing will be better too:)
      They do wind up being stressful even if, right up to the first question, you don’t feel stressed!


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