Give me another shot of Edge, and keep ’em coming

Woke up this morning. (thank god for that, eh?)  I had just sat down to my computer.  It was a little before 7 am.  Suddenly, the weather radio goes off.  Part of me wasn’t surprised.  Sunrise today was a little on the weird side.  The striations of white, yellow and pink were a tad freakish.  Funny how you can tell when things aren’t quite “right”.  Oh yeah, the alarm was for a tornado warning issued until, get this, 3 o’clock this afternoon.  Stupid weather today.

Since I did not have to report for retail detail today, I did the errand thing.  Coupla foodstuffs, bank, library. (life’s so full, dontcha know it)  Strangely, I left the library with an armful of stuff – a few movies, music cds and a weird ass collection of magazines (Inc., Popular Science, Health… go figure.) 

Now?  Now I’m sitting at my computer typing with my eyes closed.  That’s right.  This afternoon, I’m throwin’ back some B.B.  King. Then I’m gonna followup with a whole lotta Buddy Guy chasers.  Never wrote a post like this.  You know, with my eyes closed.  Drifting, swaying with the smootheness that is Nathan East’s bass.  B.B.’s kind of sad today (his 2003 Reflections cd).  S’ok ‘cuz it’s the blues.  ( yes, Virginia, you can type while rocking back and forth and swaying side to side slowly. yes, with your eyes closed.  you fix the typos later

My thought at this very, very minute?  Time is such a precious, fleeting commodity.  And despite running out of it, I can’t help but indulge in this minor sensory switchup.  (Got the BG chasers lined up as we speak.)  Eyes still closed, I’m not swaying so much now, it’s more head bob to the beat.  Buddy’s music?  Going down smooth, like chilled Stolichnaya Elit.   

“OK fine!!  I’ll open them but damn if that wasn’t kind of cool.  What?  Yes, I know I have a post to write!”   

Ahem, as I wasn’t saying before….What would the world be without Edge?  Boring?  Less challenging?  Less exciting?  Colorless?  Safe?  Recently 2 people, Clark of the Wakefield Doctrine fame and Molly of the infamous Come! Carpe Diem, included me among their list of nominees for a Liebster Award.  An honorary award, it is an award acknowledging and encouraging blog writers of the lesser known variety but who are nonetheless up and coming and/or steadily and solidly present on this here internet.  I did not follow protocol and timely pass on the award or participate in the manner as stated within it’s “rules”.  For that, I apologise.  How about I try and make up for it a little? 

Following are links to a few other favorite blog writers.  I hope you enjoy their sites and find links to even more folks whose creativity, talent and ingenuity populate the space time continuum that is the internet.  I have humbly come to realize there is a vast universe of wit and wisdom, pages of perspective and perspicacity (thank you for that one Ward Cleaver!) and creativity til kingdom come available to all of us every day.  All it takes is a little time and the click of a mouse.  Try your click on these:

Cyndi of Pictmilitude  – she has everything.  Photography, writing, painting.  A fellow clarklike female, she be all over it:) and livin’ the life!
Rachel of Rambling Amazon  – did I use the “has everything” already?  No, she really does have a boatload of stuff.  Let’s call it eclectica.  May I recommend her One Year Anniversary post.  Great writing.  Powerful.
Claire – I’m not a good FB person so I don’t have the lowdown on Claire’s more recent works.  But she has plenty on her site to peruse from poetry to short stories.
Yes, there’s another man.  Check out Roger’s blog called The Secessionist Rag.  He’ll write about anything.  You just have to nudge him once in awhile.  rogers get like that sometimes. 
Terrye place – haven’t visited this blog nearly enough.  No doubt I like blogs written by most any clark, but a blog written by a scott?  How can it not be fun?



  1. Cyndi · February 26, 2013

    So awesome. BB King? OH YES! There is nothing sweeter than painting up a storm and dancing at the same time to some good ol’ blues music. LOVE IT!
    And they let you check out magazines at your library!? Unfair! Mine only wishes they could do that.
    And thank you for the shout-out. Had no idea that was comin’ but it’s so fun to read a post and find little surprises. Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · February 26, 2013

      Thanks Cyndi! Yeah, don’t listen to the blues often enough:)
      Yes, but they have drastically reduced the number of publications. Real Downer.
      My pleasure. I’m going to make a better effort at reading and keeping track of my favorite blog writers and start a list of new ones! And get better at the comment thing too:)
      Buenos noches chica!


  2. Audrey Howitt · February 26, 2013

    Love the blues! Nice post!!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · February 27, 2013

      Who doesn’t?! Thank you Audrey:)
      For some reason the blues provided the perfect soundtrack for most of the day yesterday. Whatever gets you through the day right? LOL


  3. Molly M. · February 27, 2013

    Tornadoes! I love a good storm…

    How are those 2’s working out? Still appearing everywhere?


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · February 27, 2013

      …but nothing too scary!
      Glad you asked Molly. No, not in the same way however, you have reminded me that life is a case of “either or”. It’s funny how at times one can clutter one’s mind and totally miss the simplicity surrounding us. Complication(s) is all in the eye of the beholder, no?


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