….and the Edge goes “click, click, boom”

Click, click, boom….yesterday someone told me I looked like Gwyneth Paltrow.  As in dead ringer for.  Uh, sure buddy, sure.  Once upon a long time ago, people thought I looked like the flying nun, you know, Sally Field.  Click, click boom.  Perception’s a funny thing, eh?  What is it that allows one person to see an individual in a particular light and the person next to them ask “wtf? she does not look like _____!”  So what is it? A look in the eye? Tilt of the head? Shadow of a smile?  Certain simple affectations?

Click, click, boom….yesterday I wore 2 conflicting earrings (alas, I have only 5 holes in my ears at this late age).  What does that mean?  No time to explain except to say that that, in and of itself, is not at issue.  I’m a clarklike female for god’s sake  so wearing matching pairs of earrings is not typical.  In my mind, it was an experiment. Hauling out historically significant pieces of jewelry to see if I could affect a “change” of some sort. Just for the day. Physical tokens of youth gone wild. LOL

Click, click, boom…Last week I had 2 different people refer to me as “dude” and “man” respectively. Both men.  Both times while doing my library volunteer gig.  What’s up with that?  I’m a woman of  advanced age now.  What do people see that they are comfortable using “dude” and “man” conversing with me.  Living in the country of Florida (oops! that’s living on the planet that is Florida) it’s not unusual (Tom Jones) to have young male (and old alike) customers use the term “darlin” when addressing me at work at the foodstuffs store.  Totally different. 

So how important is history?  No, not that history.  I’m talkin’ personal history.  What kind of question is that?  Popped up in my brain like bread out of a toaster.  Can you move forward in life without the bondage that is personal history?  I mean, you have to look at what it means – personal history.  Depends on perspective doesn’t it?  Cherished artwork or deleterious luggage.  Maybe a little of both?  Can you alter who you have been, who you will always be?  Can you be more than what you are?  Can you change your perspective, your outlook, your worldview?  Click, click, boom…. 



  1. Cyndi · March 7, 2013

    I love the click, click, boom concept. 😀 Earrings…I can usually manage to get them to match. My problem is actually KEEPING TRACK of all the little darned things so I actually HAVE a match. HAHAHA. Good stuff here!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 7, 2013

      I love that song so….
      Good for you. I went through a rather long phase during my youth where I simply did not wear a pair of matching earrings. All of them were different. But complimentary! LOL
      Thanks as always Cyndi for stopping by:)


  2. Clark Scottroger · March 7, 2013

    “Can you move forward in life without the bondage that is personal history?”
    No. In the sense that personal history is bonded to your life.
    Yes. If you are willing to give up what you think you are.*
    Not trying to be cryptic, it is just the nature of what we are is, for the most part, a function of who we have been. Habit is a bitch.
    And even though we (technically) walk out into a brand new day each day, and we have, in theory, the freedom to be different, the fact is, most of us skip the routine choices and default to our ‘normal choices’ and spend the day looking for big things to be different.
    I suspect that it doesn’t quite work that way.
    As clarks we are subject to (hell, we are identified by) the concept that the world is ‘out there’. (Man…today’s gonna be different! When I get to work/see the wife/get to class/apply for that job/tell her goodbye things are gonna change.)
    It is not out there. It is within. In every bit of that annoying and frustrating, ‘but it’s my job! its my spouse! it’s my health! it’s my bad luck’!

    For clarks it is very def good news/bad news
    for us it is so hard not to try
    but for us, we have the imagination, the loose hold on the world, that if anyone can imagine changing (their) reality, it is a clark

    and it has to start with that, knowing that the day today is not ironclad linked into the past.

    *this is a ‘trick question’ a semi ‘false choice’


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 8, 2013

      Ah, the “trick question”, “false choice”. Agreed. But I know what you imply.
      It’s not so much changing who we are (as an attempt to affect change) rather
      it is more a case of augmenting who we are. It’s amazing how easy it is
      to miss opportunities to alter/change things because of our tendency to act in
      auto-pilot mode or as you say operating within our “normal choices”.
      Awareness, desire and willingness to venture outside the lines seems to me
      key for affecting any change. Oh yeah, and the courage to accept all the
      attendant implications in “change”.
      As a clark, it is why I am drawn to the Wakefield Doctrine. It is a tool that, if utilized properly, by it’s very nature, cannot but help to augment oneself. Sometimes a little bit goes a long way.
      (to be continued….)


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