It’s only an epiphany at the Edge…right?

I enjoy writing words and sentences that have the potential for more than one meaning.  Professionals might call it “word play” (yeah ok, “ambiguity” works too. lol).   I like when the interpretation of a group of words is wide open.  That is to say there are as many “meanings” as there are people reading those words.  

That being said, may I reiterate that it is both the challenge and fun of writing  to express a thing (ahem, excuse me – idea, feeling, concept, story, thought)  as purely as possible, as true to what is showing on the ticker tape looping ’round the old frontal lobe.  After that, and if I have done my part successfully, there are words in print waiting for interpretation, recognition and contemplation. Sure.  Except at this exact moment (and the ones preceding this one by…..x days) I can’t seem to facilitate the required transubstantiation from head to this here screen.   

My problem today is I keep hearing Joey Ramone singing “…we need change and we need it fast…..” (accompanied by that damn infectious melody. check it out).  This has been happening an awful lot lately – getting a song stuck in my head.  A few choice lyrics, part of the melody, or simply the hook.  It seems to set the tone for my day.  Whatever it is, it has power.  Yes, I know – it has as much power as I want/choose to give it.  You and I, as individuals, empower all manner and aspects of our lives.   

Being a clark, (and living all inside my head), I try to remind myself on a fairly regular basis that “power is a verb”.  It is an act.  It’s a non-physical concept with the potential to directly affect the physical.  No, this is not metaphysical Monday 2 days late (or 5 days early). It’s just been bugging me that in the last week + I’ve had the seeds of several posts begin to germinate in my all too goopy brain matter.  The problem? (aside from the constant Ramones loop) is I’m no where near a computer when the energy starts to coalesce.  Once the moment has passed, any creative coalescence is more like the steady, slow flow….of maple syrup out of a Maine tap.*  Or there’s too many outside interruptions… It’s just a case of “wrong time, wrong place”.  Then it all goes away – big time.  As in big top, Barnun & Bailey, circus time. 

So what about today’s title? The epiphany?  The power?  Affecting change? (didn’t mention that one?)  Good questions.  When I sat down in front of this screen today, I had every intention to write about the re-realization that I was first an individual, secondly the other half of a couple.  Part of a team.  I reminded myself:   moving forward in life has to be done first as an individual, then, if there is an “other half”, as a unit.  Without singularity first in mind, without the confidence in self, without cultivating power, without action/movement forward, there is no tapping for the sweetness that resides in the tree that is life.*

*What can I say?  Today is the official start of Spring.  Isn’t everyone out “tapping trees” today?



  1. pictimilitude · March 20, 2013

    Well-said. You know, I also write for HubPages and I will never understand how people crank out hub after hub. I can crank out blog post after blog post because there are lots of things to photograph, hehe, but how-to articles? No way…I have to be excited about whatever it is I’m writing about in that moment, or nothing happens. It’s also why I sometimes have trouble scheduling posts: in one sense my life is easier the rest of the week after I’ve scheduled them, but in another sense, it’s much harder to write on-demand. I so can relate. 🙂


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 21, 2013

      Thank you Cyndi. I’m with you. I have great admiration for the folks who can produce content consistently and well day after day. Perhaps I have to find a more specific niche? LOL
      The thing I like about Pictimilitude is that your passion for photography comes through naturally.
      I have never employed the “schedule” method for writing posts. Perhaps I should at least give that a try. Actually, I’ve often thought I should have a schedule for pretty much everything! You know, forced discipline:)
      Maybe one day (uh huh), when I get current technologically, I’ll have an implement at the ready whenever post worthy words start propagating. Then, I’ll have no more excuses!!
      Thanks for stopping by and chatting.


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