She h-Edged her bets, didn’t she?

Her little self just chose to be a clark!

Her little self just chose to be a clark!

This is the front of the birthday card my sister-in-law (a roger) sent me last month.  I added the little blurb at the bottom.  (no shit, Sherlock)  But ya know….who said the Wakefield Doctrine people can’t have their own line of greeting cards.  In fact, I think it’s a cool idea.  But then, my brain’s been all over the place today.  Ideas colliding on a colossal Cern like level inside ‘o my head.  Yo! Get me some “max headroom”. LOL  

Where was I?  I totally was going to write a much different, non Doctrine kind of post today so God only know’s how I got to this….place……… 

For some odd reason, when I look at this card, I think “aha! this child is laughing, having a good time (on what we suppose is her birthday) and doesn’t have a clue she just chose to relate to the world as a clark.  In Doctrine terms, as an Outsider.  For the rest of her life.  How can I tell?  Well, just look at her –  all happy like, laughing…with a big ole hat on her tiny head.  A slightly too big, grownup kind of hat but she is cute isn’t she?  You can tell she just l-u-v-s her new hat! 

Next  –  look at her feet.  Look at the shoes she picked to put on her little clarklike feet.  Damn loafers and pink ones at that!  See all those other shoes in front of her?  Yeah, yeah, yeah they seem a little big, look closer!  Yes, that’s right.  They’re all pretty much the same aren’t they?  Every pair of shoes in that semi-circle is a variation on the same shoe….the same MaryJane.  This little girl is not about being like everyone else.  She’s not interested in dancing around the playground in the most popular and/or current fashion MaryJane shoes.  In fact, she may never wear a MaryJane again until she’s well into her 20’s (footwear takes its turn on the fashion wheel too!)

I’m already feeling too wordy and will no doubt exceed my self imposed word quota but what the hell.  I’m gonna finish this post so I can get to the next one.  (“Godwilling” as my Mom used to say about waking up the next day lol)  What writing I’ve done lately, it doesn’t seem to have much zing.  The buzz around town?  I’m boring.  A real snoozefest.  In fact, someone just told me yesterday I should write stuff that “grabs people’s attention” and stuff that’ll “hold their interest”.  You know, give you something you can relate to.  Well, relate this people – today’s post is…wait for it… another Doctrine themed post!  So let’s just get to it shall we?

The little girl on the card from this point forward will be perceived as a shy, intellectual bookworm in school or one of those “artsy types”.  She won’t be a total loner and she’ll never be a member of any popular clique but in spite of that, she’ll always know the “cool” kids.  She has a vivid and fun sense of humor (usually on the dry side) and an imagination of gargantuan proportions.  Never short of patience, she genuinely likes helping others.  She will develop a desire to help those who can’t, won’t or refuse to help themselves. Her friends will consider her a great listener and although they will listen to her advice they will not always take it.

“Birthday Girl”, as young as she is, already has a sense that she is “different”.  Throughout her life there will be times she will hate it (feeling different) and wish she was like everyone else.  Other times she’ll wear her difference like a coat of armor/badge of courage.  She will both cherish and despise her difference until one day she learns to celebrate who she is and that although different she is not alone.   

One day she’ll realize what it means to be a clark.  At once a girl, always a girlie, you know she is…..  





  1. Clark Scottroger · April 6, 2013

    clarklike girls, they loves they shoes! non? (hey! with the hats and the other things that (Most) cultures allow the female specie, whats *really* going on here??! Is she trying to build a real girl? or just dress in decent women’s daughters clothes (but being an Outsider, she never got the Instructions that would tell her what to wear and when and what not to wear and when….)


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · April 6, 2013

      Yes, yes we do love our footwear. What we wear on our feet is often the most expressive piece in our ensemble! (yes, there is symbolism aplenty that could be explored!)
      You could say we clarklike females “wear our creativity”. We remain true to ourselves because we know no other way (than to dress “differently” LOL). We simply follow our instincts. We know what is/aware of the appropriate way to dress as a member of the herd, however we can’t quite bring ourselves to conform. Completely.
      My tenure working as a paralegal in the metro DC area – that was the closest I ever came to consistently dressing like everybody else which is to say appropriate for a law office. Thing is, I couldn’t do it 100%. I’d wear my “Al Jolson” Hush Puppies or black lace leggings instead of opaque pantyhose. What can I say?
      Instructions? No, never got them and if I did…I’d be modifying them after the 1st paragraph:)


  2. pictimilitude · April 7, 2013

    Um…I’m thinking you could make stories about people whose pictures you see on greeting cards because that was awesome!
    I like shoes, but seeing that I am also very budget-conscious, I restrain myself from buying too many. LOL
    I could be friends with that girl in the card…


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · April 7, 2013

      Why thank you Cyndi!
      Being a clarklike female, I so relate to the footwear thing (in the pic). We tend to be rather “picky” about how we dress our feet. LOL
      I don’t doubt you could be friends with her:)


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