Mr. Fix-It and the Edge of Obvious

Good morning people.  Good morning.  Well, it’s good now.  Now that my in-house “Mr. Fix-It” once again saved my morning sanity before it was too late. (or did he)  Let me refresh your memories a bit with this link.  Finished reading it?  Good.  Now….

I don’t sleep all that well anymore.  Partly because of life stressors, partly because I’m further along the age chart and well, it takes more to stay in good circulatin’ shape.  That’s why the morning caffeine is so, so very important.  Ah – to hell with important man, it’s mandatory.  I’m no grumpass in the morning but if something happens and I’m faced with the prospect of being deprived of my go-go juice?  Yeah, panic jumps my bones.  

 After one of those “get up once then go back to bed , shit, might as well get up now” mornings, I sleepily went about preparing the usual life inducing product I ingest precisely 2X that we know as brewed coffee.  In an ancient machine.  I didn’t notice the chirplike sound the switch made as I flipped it to “ON”.  Wasn’t even aware that I hadn’t heard the normal sputtering, brewing sound.  NO-O-O!  I look over and there was less than a quarter cup of the juice.  My life inducing, percolating piece of kitchware had ceased to function.  Sad:( 

Hearing my painful protestations over the apparent demise (again) of Mr.CoffeeIsTheLifeBloodThatGetsMeGoingEveryEveryDay, my very own “bring it back from the dead”  Man came to my rescue.  He never ceases to amaze me.  So he fixed Mr. C…..again.  And then we discussed how many more times Mr. C could be brought back to life.  And wouldn’t it just make more sense to let him go, replace him with a newer, improved version of wakemeup machine?  Then he said something that hit me upside my slowly caffeinating head.  In part:

….”sometimes what you do to fix a (recurring) problem doesn’t always work the second time (or 3rd)…some things eventually wear out….what worked the first time, doesn’t always work the second time….sometimes what you do the first time is just coincidence….”

Would Jack Handey be proud of my Monday morning “epiphanous” piece of personal enlightenment? LOL  Who knows, but it kinda struck me that often the most simple of sentences spoken about the most simple of things has the potential to clarify and crystalize the path we need to take in order to resolve some of life’s more serious challenges. 

Will the path to some of life’s answers be found in the decision to finally put Mr. CoffeeIs….Day out of his misery?  Should I keep Mr C, tend to him when he breaks in the hopes he’ll perk one more day?  Do I keep fixing a thing when I know the day is coming that it just can’t be fixed anymore?  Do I prolong what is for what could be?  



  1. pictimilitude · April 23, 2013

    I read about half this post to my husband whom I KNOW feels the exact same way. 🙂 I like green tea in the mornings not because of the caffeine (I suppose it does have some) but because of the calming, meditative effect of sipping it over half an hour. LOL Have you tried running apple cider vinegar through the machine? My hubby’s coffee machine acts up sometimes and running a cycle of vinegar through it makes it “perk up” like new. And the thing is like four or five years old. 🙂


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · April 23, 2013

      Green tea is very beneficial! I wish I could drink it straight but I need to have something else mixed with it:)
      Funny you should mention that. We have run stuff through in the past. Will try the vinegar. This last problem appeared to be the switch. “Mr. C” is over 10 years old. Not bad for an old machine. LOL


  2. RCoyne · April 24, 2013

    From having worked the graveyard shift at Foxwoods for a few years; chocolate-covered coffee beans. Wonderful little caffeine bullets. Consult your local confectioner. Just two or three will do, otherwise you have to run around in circles for a few hours. And scotts can’t have any. Ever.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · April 24, 2013

      Eegads man! I’m thoroughly impressed. Curiosity alone mighit lead me to try it:)

      re: scotts – so noted! Although a part of me would like to see what happens:)


  3. Francesca · April 29, 2013

    I know what you mean, in my case, stress takes all the sleep away, I barely get to sleep a few hours a night, and coffee is my savior, it’s a must in the morning. I don’t know if I could get any work done without having a coffee first.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · April 29, 2013

      All I can say Francesca is the days I’ve gone without coffee or had very little I simply did not function “normally” LOL
      Thanks for stopping by:)


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