The “youth” of the Edge-nation, we are


I happen to know the 2 children in this picture are siblings.  I also happen to know they are both clarks.  Knowing this, how is it they have the same kind of look on their faces?!  Precisely!  Because they are clarks!  Anyone who: 1) knows a clark, or 2) is familiar with the Wakefield Doctrine, will tell you we like people simply do not like posing for pictures. LOL

Obviously there is more to identifying a clark than noticing a characteristic dislike of having his/her picture taken.  Still, ya got to admit – how weird is this pic?  Which brings me to another oft used word to describe clarks.  “Weird”. 

It’s true.  Of the 3 personality types, clarks are the “outsiders”.  Referred so to describe how they relate themselves to the world which is to say clarks see the world from a distance, as a thing out/over there.  We do not feel, never felt, part of/members of the herd (everybody else).  Translation?  clarks will tell you they feel, have always felt “different”.  And while growing up had a desire to “be like everyone else”, to be “normal”. 

clarks live inside their heads.  we are a creative people, we see and concede the possibility of virtually anything because, after all, if you can think it then there must be a way to realize it.  Whatever “it” is.  clarks often appear reserved, polite (do not be misled. LOL) and….nice.  We hate that adjective.  Why?  A good question to ask the folks at the Doctrine.  As children, clarks were reluctant to raise their hands first in class. Not because we didn’t know the answer but rather we did not want to be wrong.  In front of everyone. 

By now you’ve noticed I’m a proponent for the Wakefield Doctrine as a life tool.  As I continue to learn how to express the immense value of the Doctrine, I find myself still wondering how do I say, as a clark,  “here is a view of the world from the perspective of a roger, a clark, a scott.  What is the language I can use to express/describe what it’s like to be a clark, scott or roger?”  Want to spread the word man:)

Since it appears to be trying Thursday, I’ll try and keep it simple.  There is no other self-help guru, book, program, workshop that comes close to the Wakefield Doctrine.  It’s unique, effective, simple, (sort of) and challenging.  What can it do?  Things like answer questions we all ask at one time or other: “why did he/she do that?, why did I react like that and not like that?” or “how is it I can achieve ____”, why did they treat me like that?!” 

It can often be heard/read that “the Wakefield Doctrine is for you not for them” .  Those of us who set down the road of “self-improvement” are aware that to do so is to take responsibility for our own selves.  For example, I accept the notion that  if I change my clarklike nature in a relationship, that itself changes the relationship (from my clarklike perspective).  This is a key concept.  And not everyone has the stomach for it.     

OK, OK! I get it!  See?  See?  Here’s another way to figure out if you or someone you know is a clark – if people “yell” at you/them to get to the point and stop making it so damned complicated, you probably have a clark on your hands. LOL.  (rogers are also quite verbose and are famous for telling stories that take forever. One inherent difference?  rogers need to be sure everyone has the back story or history of a thing.  clarks are about facts, rogers are about the emotion)

Hell, this is a mess.  If you feel like it, are inclined to, are curious, have nothing else to do this afternoon then call this number today at 3:30 EST 1-218-339-0422.  At the prompt enter this number 512103.  It’s self-explanatory.  The Lady will connect you to the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Call In Show, Thursday style.  Ask questions, listen, participate or not.  It’s usually fun and informative, friendly and non-judgmental!  Yo clarks!  It’s a no fear zone! LOL



  1. pictimilitude · May 2, 2013

    It’s such a relief to talk to other clarks – and be able to say what I feel without feeling weird. Does that make sense? I love the WD, too, because now I understand my family better, too. My immediate family is a bunch of rogers, I swear. My mom is a scott, but everyone else is a freakin’ roger. LOLOL…I’m the ONLY clark – and this is why one of my sisters used to call me “stuck up” – I was too busy studying, and in my own head, to be interested in what she was interested in, so she labeled me as “stuck up” – oh well, lol, that was years ago. The older I get, the more comfortable in my skin I get. 🙂 That call was awesome today!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · May 3, 2013

      It makes perfect sense. Kind of like “going home”, non? LOL I know what you mean Cyndi. Not only saying what we feel but saying it as close to how it “sounds” in our heads! clarks often use (or want to use) language wa-ay differently than rogers and scotts. And talking with clarks, we don’t have to worry as much that a thing we say is misinterpreted.
      I often mention in comments here or at the Doctrine how the WD is the most useful life tool I have. I’m dead serious. It has been invaluable.
      Sounds like your family can be a challenge:) But isn’t it great to know you have so much company? LOL I too have a rogerian sister. To this day, I can recall the early evening we both were standing in her kitchen when she tried to express how she felt….about me. I do not recall the circumstance that prompted her sharing her feelings but basically she told me that it bugged her how I explained things sometimes and that I made her (and I guess everyone else) feel stupid. Like I knew everything (“know it all”). Ah, if she only knew about the Doctrine then!!
      I hope there is another call like yesterday’s. It’s very helpful to hear the stories of other clarks. It’s not just the identification aspect (with another clark). It’s also about hearing how the other person in their interaction acted/reacted (to that clark).
      Point of fact? I am still writing this comment because I’m certain you haven’t scanned to the end. That you’re reading it all. Because you are a clark. Nice to let loose every now and then eh? LOLOL
      That should be the goal of us all but especially clarks – getting comfortable in our own skin.
      As always Cyndi, thank you for sharing at Girlie. You inspire me to 1) make an effort at writing a worthy blog and 2) try and get it “out there”.
      Talk to you soon!


  2. pictimilitude · May 3, 2013

    LOL, yes, I read the whole thing. When I know someone’s a clark, it’s like I “feel” their writing…I love that. 🙂 Yeah, I was often so misunderstood growing up. My mom and I would get into fights – FIGHTS, I tell you – about STUPID crap like going to the movies. As an adult, I rarely go to the movies. I prefer to stay home with a good Netflix, popcorn, my hubby and maybe some ice cream. But, my mom would MAKE me go, citing that I “needed to get out” and that I “can’t stay home all the time,” and that “I’ll have a good time.” She was right, of course, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I came to actually appreciate that; I used to resent her “telling” me what to do. She’s a scottian female, too…I would fight back when she really pissed me off…in the end, I do love her to pieces, though. 🙂


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · May 3, 2013

      Me too. I know exactly what you mean when you say you “feel” a clark’s writing. Having said that, I also know you, as a clark, put the word feel in quotation marks as a tool to insure the meaning of it would be clear. Loud and clear to me sister!
      Funny how we clarks love to use notation marks like “” and italicize, parenthesis and such. We have rather specific interpretations of our words that we somteimes fear others will not “see”. That they won’t “get it” like we wanted them to get it.
      Life is hard for a clark. So much work!!
      Understanding the whys of people’s behavior does take the pressure off. It has the ability to change the complexion of an interaction, reaction, event. And it all comes about through our own understanding and choice of behavior. I do believe that by changing our own behavior we often change the behavior/reaction of those around us.


  3. Clark Scottroger · May 3, 2013

    “It’s such a relief to talk to other clarks – and be able to say what I feel without feeling weird.”
    “Life is hard for a clark. So much work!!”

    good call… I will say privately (lol to Denise’s blog) that I really learned stuff from yesterday’s call and at the same time…felt a little of the clarklike…’careful, don’t get too optimistic…too overconfident, you know what usually happens’


    but the simple fact is that the Doctrine is a clark thing (in it’s current form)…(‘course being clarks…we’re all ‘yeah! but we can help so many people if only they will let us!’)

    in any event… lets plan on another Afternoon call next week… we will gear it to our schedules (at least those of us with schedules)…


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · May 3, 2013

      I know what you mean. Talking among clarks there isn’t the pressure of making sure that you are phrasing a thought properly. In the sense that you may offend/insult. You know, like with rogers. lol With clarks, you can always get to the core of what is being expressed….eventually:) More importantly, it’s knowing other clarks know instinctively a sense of what it is you are trying to say.

      I remember reading earlier on how the Doctrine would most likely draw more clarks but I feel in time that will change. (notice I said “feel”. my first instinct as a clark was to write I “think”. damn this Doctrine is good shit!)

      Thanks for stopping by Girlie. And let me know about the next Afternoon Doctrine call!


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