If it’s the last thing I do at the Edge, I’ll FTSF…

Thank you.  Thank you ladies, and you in particular Janine, for another FTSF.  This is only the second time I’ve participated in the blog hop that is famously known as FTSF.  I was determined to get mine in early (Thursday night? No, not that early LOL).  Of course early is subjective.  Here I am at…6:28 am. I am ready- to- write. (coffee? where is my coffee?!)  The question is:  when will I complete this post?

The sentence to finish this week, as per our estimable Hosti: Janine, Dawn, Kate, and Stephanie, is:  “My favorite movie of all time is….”

But what an impossible question for a clark to answer!  I mean, it depends.  It depends on what mood I’m in.  I can tell you this:  I don’t like movies that are sad, where people die, leave children and spouses and oh, man isn’t that so awful, look at how they deal with the shit life gave them kind of movies (crying movies, the “tearjerkers”).  For some reason, Terms of Endearment and Steel Magnolias come to mind.  Never saw these movies.  Never will.  I will leave these types of movies to the rogers for them to comment on how strong everyone turned out to be, after they showed their human frailties, overcame life challenges and such.  Get me?

As a clarklike female, the movies I’m attracted to run the gamut.  Often they are considered (by rogers) to be offbeat.  Or violent.  Or too…girlie. (why yes, I do enjoy a good rom-com with happy endings).  I’m all about happy, just take that bad guys, endings.  I do not disqualify any film on the grounds it is not “realistic”.   It’s the movies man!  Anything can happen, anything can be achieved, dreams can come true.     

clarks, as a group, have difficulty committing to a single favorite movie because the concept of singularity is foreign.  As recently discussed at the Wakefield Doctrine, the worldview of clarks consists of an infinite number of possibilities.  Always.  All the time.  We do not think in traditional finite terms.  You know, like scotts and rogers.

Ask a clark to be succinct, ask a clark to choose a single thing and you instantly pose an internal conundrum.  We are all up inside are heads as they say.  Unlike the here and now scotts and the emotionally enveloped rogers, for us to name a singular, favorite anything is conditioned by the moment.  Difficult to describe.    

Alphabet anyone?  That’s right.  Just like a clark to ignore the rules, not do a thing like everyone else, like you are supposed to (clark).  And you wonder why you never fit in?  Why you are always the outsider?  We make ourselves outsiders.  Stop it, dammit!  LOL  But not today.  Today, alphabetically, are some of my favorite movies of all time:)  

A’s:  Above the Law, Angel Heart, Annie Hall
B’s:  Back to the Future, Bloodsport
C’s:  Casablanca, Collateral, Christmas Vacation, Casino
D’s:  Desperado, Day the Earth Stood Still (original), Dogma
E’s:   Enter the Dragon,  
F’s:  Field of Dreams, Fight Club, From Dusk til Dawn
G’s: Godfather (when I finally see it), Gone with the Wind (because of Clark Gable)
H’s:  Harold and Maude, Heat, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (yes, the original with Mr. Legosi narrating)

Geez, this is taxing my brain and look at the time!  I am now 3+ hours past my self-imposed deadline!  Never mind what happened, quick!  How many other favorites?….It’s a Wonderful Life (believe it or not, some rogers don’t get it), Lethal Weapon (all of em, why not), Pulp Fiction, Reservior Dogs, Road Warrior, Scrooged, Slacker, Sleepless in Seattle, Terminator, When Harry Met Sally, any martial arts movie with Jet Li (yes, including the “foreign” ones. rogers aren’t inclined, in general, to watching films they have “to read”.  scotts either) 

Man, this is one long assed FTSF that didn’t have to be.  I made it this way. I made it more complicated than it had to be.  Why?!  Never mind that now.  Here is the post I might have/could have submitted:

Thank you.  Thank you ladies, and you in particular Janine, for another FTSF.  This is only the second time I’ve participated in the blog hop that is so famously known as FTSF.  I was determined to get mine in early (Thursday night? No, not that early LOL).  Of course early is subjective.  Here I am at…6:28 am. I am ready- to- write. (coffee? where is my coffee?!)  The question is:  when will I complete this post?

The sentence to finish, as per our estimable Hosti: Janine, Dawn, Kate, Stephanie, this week is:  “My favorite movie of all time is….”  I have no singular favorite movie of all time.  There are too many variables to consider.  There is no single film I can name that can encompass all that which goes into why a movie is one of my all time favorites.  

Evolution (yeah, that wasn’t bad. David Duchovney is in it and he’s one of my favorite actors, yes a clark) is a continual process (self-evolution/development to be precise).  To make a statment relating to “all time” would limit myself to a point in the past, or a moment in the present and ignore all that might be…  I would have to qualify “favorite”.  I cannot!

The reason I’m still writing is because the counter says I’m over 800 words!!  Eegads, I don’t think I’ve ever written a post with that many words.  If anyone is still reading, this ends with a trailor from one of my all time favorite movies.  btw, I promise never to write such a long ass post again. LOL  


22 thoughts on “If it’s the last thing I do at the Edge, I’ll FTSF…

  1. ooh, I love Sleepless in Seattle, Big, Forrest Gump – Tom Hanks is my hero. 🙂
    I couldn’t name just one. It’s so funny that you said you don’t like tear-jerkers. I LOVE them, lol. My husband? He HATES them – he’s a clark and when I make him watch them, he gets all traumatized. Ha! Poor guy. Me? I like sappy movies and I movies that are tough to watch because they make me think. Like “A Time to Kill” (came out in late 90s with Matt McConahey – I have no idea how to spell his name). It was heart-wrenching, BUT my mom and I drove home from the movie theatre the first time we saw it and discussed it until we pulled into the driveway. haha.
    I love “It’s a wonderful Life” – one of my favorites, as is To Kill a Mockingbird. Then there’s Dances With Wolves, Last of the Mohicans…omg…these movies I could watch over and over. LOL


    1. You bring up something very interesting:) About movies that are difficult to watch. I have seen “A Time to Kill” and agree it was a good movie. But will not watch it again.
      I have watched “To Kill a Mockingbird” several times. Heartbreaking, yet a movie I could always watch “again”. “Dances With Wolves”. Was just talking about this movie with my roger. He watched part of it the other night and hadn’t remembered the ending. I, on the other hand, will never forget the ending. We both liked this movie but unlike D, I will not watch it again. Ever. “Last of the Mohicans”. I remember watching it and thinking it was a good film….
      So, tearjerkers have limitations with me. You, on the other hand challenge yourself to deal with (the) strong emotion that comes from watching these movies. I say you go girl!!
      My question is this: do you think it is your rogerian or scottian aspect taking the lead when you watch “difficult” movies?


  2. Totally understand and the Clark in me couldn’t just name one either, but you named quite a few that I love, too. Seriously who doesn’t love Christmas Vacation and I truly does fill the need to laugh by a ton. And once again I am with you on wanting to laugh not cry if I can while watching a movie. And I want to thank you, too for linking up with us again this week and hope you will keep coming back!! 🙂


    1. I love Clark and Ellen, Audrey and Russ:) They always make me laugh.
      I’m going to give it my best effort to participate more Janine! It’s a great idea and a wonderful way to meet other writers. I love the access the hop provides to so many blogs!
      Thank you for stopping by today:)


  3. Stephanie Sprenger

    Girlie, how on Earth am I just not learning of your existence? Consider me floored. And we share a few favorites- Christmas Vacation and Field of Dreams were both referenced in my post, but I didn’t mention Harold and Maude. I simultaneously love it because of the nostalgia factor and its inherent darkness, but it scared the hell out of me when my grandma made me watch it as a child. Shudder.


    1. I don’t know Stephanie! But I’m glad you stopped today. Thank you:)
      Your grandma made you watch Harold and Maude? Think I like your grandma. LOL
      Funny you mention that movie. I have a post draft from a couple of months ago that I just couldn’t tweak. I was able to find a halfway decent video clip from Harold and Maude I wanted to use in it… Think I might have to revisit that draft:D


  4. Fascinating. So I shouldn’t have been able to answer it so easily! I wonder where that leaves me, in relation to a secondary aspect which is utterly, completely poleaxed by the nostalgia of The First Movie.

    Admittedly, as an adult I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite, but that one, childhood beacon shines above all others.


    1. Thank you Considerer. Why shouldn’t you answer so easily? You are a clark, yes? LOL The thing with clarks is we often find the easy things difficult and the difficult things easy!
      I have got to quote you to you where you said this about your “First Movie”: “watching it feels like walking in through my own front door and sitting down with a cuppa.” Beautiful.

      So. I take it you haven’t quite identified your secondary aspect? Can be a challenge indeed. There was a time I thought mine was rogerian until I realized there was a stronger preponderance of scottian “characteristics” than rogerian that seemed more… natural to me.
      Thank you so much for stopping by today!


      1. I think I just need to examine them both more – every time I try to, I guess my clark-hat gets jammed down over my eyes and I can see aspects of both.

        I’m glad that my response was still clark-valid though 🙂 What you say makes total sense.


        1. It does take time but you know well that we like people have the patience of Job. Most of the time:)
          The whole figuring the secondary is a lot like putting on a hat. But with feeling. If it’s a rogerian hat. lol Being able to/getting caught up in the emotion of an event or situation or encounter without the familiar self-conscious thing(of clarks) – that is when you’ve made some inroads into accessing the rogerian worldview. For a long time (and I am still working on it, (as my tertiary is the rogerian aspect), the whole “social comfortability” had it’s limitations which is to say my pre-dominant worldview stopped me at the door.

          Yes, yes it was:)


  5. As sad as Steel Magnolias was, it was also VERY funny. I highly recommend it – the original anyhow, haven’t seen the re-make. I didn’t think of Desperado, but I do love that movie – and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I still haven’t come across the first one in the trilogy – El Mariachi. I found it in Spanish once but wasn’t up to trying to translate. I haven’t used Spanish since my high school days! [#FTSF]


    1. You might have me sold on watching it Chris, since you qualify funny with “VERY”:)
      I didn’t even know there was a re-make!
      Ah, most wonderful. I haven’t seen El Mariachi either and though I am partial to Antonio as the lead, I would watch it simply because of Robert Rodriguez.
      Thanks for stopping by:)


  6. findingninee

    Love that you used the Wakefield Doctrine for this! I’m part-clark and part-scott I think. I do love a tear-jerker though (but absolutely NO babies or little kids hurt sick or dying – then no way).


    1. Happy to hear that Kristi! I often “talk Doctrine” here at GirlieOnTheEdge. The Doctrine is my go to life tool:)
      Then we be sisters…as my secondary aspect is scottian.
      Add animals to the list of the no dying, horrible sickness or abuse administered to.
      I don’t mind crying under the right circumstances. LOL You know, the good crying.


    1. Yes, they are. Well, good luck on that one. LOL
      I’m thinking I brought H&M home years ago and my own roger promptly fell asleep!
      Hint: do not tell your husband (if he’s a full on roger) ahead of time that H&M is the movie you picked to watch:)


    1. Calm down buddy:)(you’re as bad as me) It stands for Finish the Sentence Friday. It’s a blog hop. This is my second go at one of these.
      Nice to “see” you again. It’s been awhile. Glad you stopped by.


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