GirlieOnThe Edge gets all, well, girlie….

What does heavy metal, ie.  Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest (no, they’re not hard rock!) Michael Schenker, Scorpians, and the like, classical, ie. Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, Vivaldi, a modicum of Mozart and songs with heartbending lyrics sung by sultry songstressi have in common?  Yes!  You are correct!  They are a vehicle of self expression.  Of emotional catharsis.  clarklike females are prone to this sort of thing:)

The metal music.  The old folks of old would say it was “angry” music.  How funny. For me, it always put a smile on my face, gave me energy, allowed just one more rep., guided that cue ball just where it needed to be.  The classical music.  Same. Who can resist not turning the volume up to 11 while listening to Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons?!  No, don’t get me going on the Beethoven, my classical musicman crush. (sigh)

Back in the day it was Bonnie, Chrissie, Billie or Etta.  In those younger days (feeling like I do), there would be times when I knew, it was time to wallow.  Away in emotion, drinking it all in…until there was no more to swallow.  Today?…  

There was always the pick of the poison be it sad, angry, stupid crazy. I’d listen to all hours… until the emotion turned hazy.

Back in the day, no computers, no youtube, no single song – any song, available in a single key stroke.  Just my collection, vinyl and cd, from which to choose….damn! I wasn’t even close back then to the kind of emotional indulgence today’s technology provides. LOL

Weird Sunday post.  Don’t know why, don’t really care.  Call it an indulgence of another kind.  A stepping stone across a very wide stream.  Sometimes you just need to wander a little, hide out, find your way back to middle C.



  1. I like the wander…I’m still not good with the emotion.

    As you’ll see from my nominees yesterday – music there was much more eloquent, but with a few exceptions, they were hard videos to post.

    It’s…too much.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 28, 2013

      Wandering is good:D…I don’t know that clarks can ever be “good” with emotion.
      As to that “good” thing. You either meant: tolerating emotion or you meant: handling, processing and otherwise expressing emotion. (See what a clark I am. LOL)

      Doing a thing that is difficult one time is to make it easier the second time:)

      Emotion is to a clark what…. paint was to Picasso? LOLOL

      Can it ever be too much for a clark?


      • (I love that your ‘map ticker tape widget’ just pegged me as ‘The United Kingdom Has Arrived’)

        You’re quite possibly right. Certainly I am rather more pragmatic in my outpourings (well, to adults – very different with kids)

        ‘good’ in both those senses.

        I need to WD me a little more roger before I am confident with it.

        Emotion is to a clark what the dream of being at work, and suddenly naked, is to most anyone.

        Yes. Being vulnerable….is challenging. Not generally vulnerable, not ‘on my terms’ vulnerable, but genuinely so.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 28, 2013

          I can know how you are with kids….’cuz I’m probably the same way:) How easy for us to step into their world of wonder, innocence and such.

          Yes, the practice of accessing the rogerian aspect. A challenge worth the effort.


          And so you touch on the crux. Vulnerability. It is a Pandora’s box. But one I have opened. The question now, is are you ready to open the box?


  2. Depends on what level and to whom. Mostly I’m screaming “Noooooooooooo” but you can’t hear my heart. Shutters going up.


  3. pictimilitude · July 28, 2013

    Okay, so I like all three videos and I have such a weird, eclectic and varied taste in music. I think I have 42 stations on my Pandora account, ranging from Mexican cumbia music to native american flute music to the Moonlight Sonata to Harry Belafonte. HAHAHA


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 28, 2013

      Buenos noches amiga =D
      Am I surprised by your “weird, eclectic and varied taste in music”? No, senora!
      Ah, the Moonlight Sonata. My favorite of all. It was my go to piece when I was feeling kinda down. A wonderful bit of music if you play piano. I’m glad I did once…..
      Harry Belafonte – now that is a surprise. LOL


  4. That would be progress.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 28, 2013



      • FML! Progress happened. Not a feeling, but an explanation about wanting to share a feeling….and now the parameters of my world are quaking.

        And in a way I feel comfortable because (as a clark) I know you (as a clark) know what I mean when I say this:



        • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 29, 2013

          1st: Hurray! 2nd: of course it was an “explanation” first:)
          Hope you know I find it very heartening to finally connect with so many clarks (she says with a smile). My world prior to the Wakefield Doctrine and blogging and such did not include nary a clark! Now, well you know….and it’s great!

          Yes, I do know what you mean. Our challenge(s) as clarks is to learn to re-express (ask Clark about the conversation on last Saturday Night’s Doctrine Call In ) whatever we are experiencing at the time from the worldview/vantage point of….here you fill in the blank. Yes, easier said than done but not impossible – eventually! As a matter of course, all that we as clarks interpret is from the vantage point of our own worldview. Which is to say we process everything first on an intellectual level. (Which is not to say we don’t ever have emotional reactions first to certain things and or immediate physical reactions.)

          Clark had a good example Sat. night – in a work environment/office setting, a list (on the nature of “things to do today”) is given to a clark by a rogerian manager. A clark reacts quite differently at being given such a list than, let’s say, a roger. The list represents 2 entirely different things. Think of what your reaction would be. Now hit the pause button. With what you know about the worldview of rogers, how do you suppose a roger would react receiving this same list?
          Herein is yet another piece to the giant jigsaw of life that we like people can and will put together. For us everything is an understanding first(on an intellectual level). The challenge you’ve undertaken, I’ve undertaken, is to develop the flexibility to (more) easily step beyond an intellectual interpretation first and make the leap to an emotional or physical reaction first.

          Making sense or am I being too much of a clark today? I seem to be rambling. Thank you for making me use my brain this a.m.! There is much the Doctrine offers as a tool to knowing self and others. In all seriousness, it takes a strong stomach and requires the mirror be held up not only to ourselves but to those around us. It is simple but not necessarily easy. Bottom line for me is, it’s worth it. It clarifies and simplifies(life/relationships). And now here comes the man stage left with the staff (Girlie is pulled off stage)


  5. Yes. Very worth it.

    Worth stepping away from the overly-analytical to ‘just feel’ or ‘just act’ without getting so cripplingly hung up on all the possibilities at an intellectual level.

    This is what I hope to achieve.

    But it’s challenging.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 29, 2013

      Stopping the internal dialogue for a clark is extremely difficult. It takes a concerted, conscious effort to do so. And…it never lasts for long:)

      clarks are the only ones of the 3 to embrace the challenge.


      • So far, it would seem that way (though I dread to think the energy required to kick-start a non-existent internal dialogue!

        I’ve occasionally mastered the art when it comes to acting. Never yet with feeling. I’ll get there – keep plugging away and I’ll get it in the end 😀


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 29, 2013

          You are a lucky one! I don’t need a lick of energy to get mine (internal dialogue) going these days. LOL

          This will serve as my reminder to ask you about your acting experience. As a clark, I have always thought it a most wonderful profession. I never entered that arena because of shyness and….fear.


    • RCoyne · July 30, 2013

      Sorry to insert something here, but; what if the manager’s list were simply based on reasonable expectation, and well within the parameters of the actual employment? Is there really a need for all the extrapolation?


  6. Clark Scottroger · July 29, 2013

    “Emotion is to a clark what the dream of being at work, and suddenly naked, is to most anyone…”
    Nice line.

    Think about the trap we are setting for ourselves! We have a perspective, one that *permits* an insight into all three worldviews.
    For us (clarks) this perspective is: useful, makes sense, a great tool and is understandable…
    For a roger:
    For a scott:

    As Cyndi ( got us started using the term ‘fluency’, our challenge is to stop using pidgin English and start trying to speak rogerian and scottian.
    …I am not being as un-realistic as I am making it sound. We are not able to simply stop thinking and start feeling…or acting. The time for that (as with language acquisition) was back when we were chilluns but, the intent was stay…’available’.

    Which is a long way of saying that we need to be constantly reminding ourselves that we if we think about it… it is not rogerian and if we think about it, it is not scottian. Having said that, there is the possibility of a common language, frickin esperanto for the three worldviews.
    Good discussion, yo


  7. Kristi Campbell · July 30, 2013

    I. Love. This. HUGE love it. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming has to be a favorite of mine forever ever ever. Fuck the haters. Talk about a vehicle of emotion for us Clarks!!!! (yes I know they are not on your list but you mentioned them in the intro and I am paying attention because well awesome)…
    Also totally got sidetracked in your comment back to Lizzi about a Roger boss. Fuck. This Doctrine thing really works and I’ve recently experienced the whole GD list thing…I think…from what I suspect is a Roger….

    Crap. Got completely derailed. Awesome post though and I ÍO have to go to bed…


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 31, 2013

      ‘Morning Kristi. Trust you slept well:)
      You made my soon to start day for sure. As a fellow blogger and clarklike female, you know the doubt we sometimes give in to…the is anybody listening, anybody there pink floyd moments.

      I’m with you. I find myself saying “fuck you!” under my breath(and not) a lot lately. LOL

      Yes, the Doctrine thing is valid. It’s awesome in fact. And one of those things that once you catch on, only gets more and more fascinating. The main perk for me is it totally reduces so many of the surprises in life. This is a good thing.
      Since you brought up rogers, lol, knowing the Doctrine allows me to deal s-o-o much more effectively with them in particular. I know for a fact Kristi, that you as a clark, will also find the Doctrine a most valuable tool in dealing with the rogers in your life.

      Thanks for stopping by and remember: ‘s OK to go off the rails on the crazy train here =D


  8. Clairepeek · August 1, 2013

    Hello Girlie,

    I am butting in… long time no see :)… my fault!

    Metal: cannot have a day without my dose of Kamelot, Shinedown (not too metal though), Evanescence, Dreamtheater, Europe… without forgetting, the Metal of that time, Vivaldi, Mozart and too many other strings experts

    About the internal dialog of we the Clarks… we do not have the option of switching it of anyway (no switch button), so problem solved 😀

    Emotions… not later than yesterday evening, I watched an anime called Clannad and I weeped like an old gall… so did my husband… those who made this Japanese anime are certainly Clarks because there is no other way they could manage to make us feel like this (every time we watch the series).

    In other words, ART is emotions and emotions are its essence.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 1, 2013

      Hi Claire. Glad you stopped by today =D No worries!

      I agree – clarks and internal dialogue. It’s rare to have a moment where it is ever off completely! In my younger days, believe it or not, I would vacuum my apartment, get into housecleaning to still my mind. Crazy huh? LOL But it often would work. What we won’t do to silence the words constantly speaking in our heads:)

      “ART is emotions and emotions are its essence.” Beautifully said.:)


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