GirlieOnTheEdge does another FTSF?

The Women, you know who I’m talking about right?  No?  Ah, you don’t because I’m not a regular on the circuit.  Yet.  I’m not giving up on this FTSF gig.  Nope.  Not.

Today is Friday and as suggested by Stephanie, Kate, Dawn and Janine, this is the sentence to complete…….  “My bucket list includes…”  

Playing bass.  For myself or just to jam with somebody else.  Doesn’t matter.  I simply want to learn the theory stuff.  The theory stuff I never learned when I played piano. When I played classical guitar.  This time I’m going to do it.   I’m insisting for my own damn self. Why?  Because I can’t rely on anyone else to encourage and otherwise motivate me to do it.  

The desire is there.  I simply need to secure sufficient push, drive.  Me.  I need to be the Nike commercial.  Fuck present life circumstance.  “Just do It”.  Now, after living most of my life, I’ve come to understand that there is no single person to help, motivate, encourage or otherwise secure this thing for me.  

To those folks who have such people in their lives, go for it!  Friends and relatives who encourage and push and motivate regardless of  the “practicality” or the “reality”  of pursuing a particular career, or line of work ….cherish these people!

There is a reason I’m not a sound engineer by profession today.  Yes, I can cite the well-meaning folks who cautioned me about moving to the Big Apple all by myself (w/ 2 felines)  The well-meaning folks who did nothing but point to the negatives (“they meant well”).  Bottom line?  I opened the door and didn’t step over the threshold.

Hey, this was fun and uplifting no?  Damn, if it doesn’t make me want to do another.

See Ladies?  This simple challenge, this FTS shared with who knows how many people is quite useful, helpful and otherwise cathartic.  It’s helping to put my brain front and center this morning. Motivating me to get off my ass, outta this chair and away from this computer!  Thank you!

All you folks stopping by today?  Go read the blogs of these prolific writing women and all who are participating in the FTSF Bog Hop.  There are so many excellent writing people available 24/7 who inspire, motivate and encourage me simply by doing what they do.

….nice way to end a week, eh?


18 thoughts on “GirlieOnTheEdge does another FTSF?

  1. I always find that I need people to encourage me in my life. Fortunately, my husband has the gift of encouragement, otherwise I would give up daily. No lie. When the going gets tough, I give up, unless someone is there to encourage me. I’ve never learned to play a musical instrument. I have play piano on my list and I took lessons for a year, but my teacher quit and I never pursued it anymore – I was in my 20s when I did that.


    1. I feel the same. It’s definitely a challenge at times to go it alone, without someone in our corner:) Aren’t husbands special! My own man is teaching me to play bass. He’s not always the most patient of people, but I’ve got to admit he’s been great. I don’t practice as often as I should and when it comes time for the theory stuff….I’d pull out my hair if I was dealing with me. LOL

      Piano is a wonderful instrument. Glad it’s on your list:)


    1. What? Come on! You don’t think a female sax player is cool?! You might be too young to remember when Candy Dulfer hit the scene. Check her out Stephanie, I guarantee you’ll change your mind:)
      There seems to be an amazing number of bass players, including some of my idols, who played guitar first. Bet you’d pick up quickly. Add to the bucket list?*)


  2. I agree that those who have motivating people in their lives should cherish them because they have no clue how lucky they are. Dude. You lived in NYC w/ 2 cats? One of my best friends lives there now, is single and has three cats (she’s also an exec at a big company). I tell her ALL THE TIME. Time to get rid of a cat. 2 is okay. 3? Not so much.
    And you so have to move to NOVA. I can’t even sing Itsy Bitsy Spider without fucking it up but I can appreciate the shit out of people who are actually musical.


    1. Luckiest people fo sure.
      No. I almost did. Long story short, after I decided I would do this thing I started talking to friends/family about it. I didn’t exactly hear “cool, go for it”, etc. I heard more “do you know how expensive it is to live there?!”, “are you sure this is what you want to do?”. The seeds of doubt were planted. If I was a scott I would have told them all to fuck off. But I’m a clark.

      3 of any animal is too much LOL I know. We’ve always had 2 labs. When we lived in VA, there was a short time we had temporary custody of Man’s other lab (taken by his ex.) Walking them was often times hilarious since they pretty much walked us!
      Hey, just because they’re cats and small doesn’t mean your friend has it easy! In some ways cats are worse. They can be rather mischievous*)

      If one day I can get my fingers moving properly and consistently, I’ll consider myself musical! I’ll die trying dammit!! Psst…my other half is a roger, therefore he doesn’t have any interest in GirlieOnTheEdge and so never reads it. That’s why I can say here, in black and white, he doesn’t want to move back to 24/7, overly populated land. Me? I think I’m ready to get back to civilization. I’d miss the ocean and living in a beach town but how lucky am I…. I’d already have a lunch date in Oakton =D


  3. I have never learned to play anything more than “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the piano. Instead, I spent my youth participating in sports. No one told me that someday I’d be old and unable to do most of the sports I learned. Now playing an instrument? That you can do well into retirement. Why didn’t anyone tell me?? Maybe once the kids are in school I’ll take piano lessons.

    Probably won’t. A nap will probably sound better.


    1. Somebody holding out on you Christine? LOL
      Hey, the older you get you’ll be thanking your body for having done all those sports:)
      Luckily music is one of those things (unlike sports) you can participate in at any age. Piano is an excellent choice! And you get to sit down while doing it =)


  4. Sweet. I learned to play the piano and classical guitar…and somehow I never progressed past the “maybe if I play by ear, no one will notice that I can’t stand keeping time or reading music” stage. I drove my teachers crazy that way. Oh well. I should have learned, though: it would have been SO useful to my teaching the little ones. I mean…I can play cords, but…
    I have a bucket list that gets longer everytime I cross something else off. LOL


    1. You are a girlie after my own heart Cyndi LOL I so didn’t want to bother with the theory stuff then, that’s why I insist on learning it now. And why it’s on my do until I die list!
      Chords are cool. I bet you could dazzle the kiddos with them no problem… and presenting this fall semester – Morning Music and Sing-A-Long with Cyndi!!

      The nature of lists. They are indeed never-ending for clarks:)


  5. Well, I’m not a musician, but I think all “creatives” are similar in the way that it has to come from within and someone telling us to go for it only makes us move more slowly. But maybe that’s just me. 🙂
    And I have an issue with the bucket list (I still have one anyway). When you check something off – something big – sometimes I feel a little lost. So then I just have to move on to the next item on the list without taking the time to deeply enjoy the satisfaction of the accomplishment. Maybe that’s just me again! 🙂


    1. I agree Amy, it does have to come from within. Often those doing the “telling” aren’t quite familiar with the “creative” drive:) There’s a certain disconnect that happens when someone says something to me like, “well, why don’t you just write it…”. Sure, I turn on the word faucet and words just pour out. LOL
      Or when I’m playing a song on bass w/ my significant other and he’s waiting for me to improvise. (He wants to know I’ve been absorbing all the stuff he’s been showing me!) The thing is I have to keep playing a song for awhile until I kind of get lost, until something just hits me. It’s not a functional thing in the sense of simply applying a pattern. Like you say, it just comes from within.

      Damn, I’m wordy tonight. Tired and not very coherent.(I know you can tell when a clark starts babbling LOL) But I am glad you stopped by =D
      As to bucket lists. Not sure when they became a “thing” but next time you’re lucky enough to make a check mark on the giant piece of paper take a little extra time just for you:)


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