GirlieOnTheEdge Reissues the Ruling: “What’s Done is Done”

Doc Marten BootsReally? Are you absolutely certain of that? Is that why today is such a “rage against the machine” Monday? Resplendent with volume, decibel and energy?  I speak of course of things I intend to line my day.  At the moment however, I sit in semi-darkness, the needle on my caffeine juiced mug hovering at the red line.  Almost empty…

Who says you can’t do anything about the “typical” Monday?  For example, if I were to insist doing just a little extra on the physical exercise front and you know, grunt a little while forcing those last couple of reps, I could potentially set the stage for a very good day=D

Blood pumping, oxygen to the brain, mind alert: check.  Now here’s the tricky part. Does the clothing or the music come first?  Is how I present myself to the world today, this Machine Monday, determined by intent or reaction? If I focus my intent on deliberately insisting I achieve a particular goal, is that not the first step in achieving that goal?  Is it really about supporting accoutrements? How much of any day is simple habitual response to our immediate environment?

Circle back to the concept of energy.  A real thing.  A “not real” thing.  Don Juan Matus would say that “energy that is not being redeployed, is as useless as not having any energy at all.”  And so I would intentionally put on the Docs.  What better symbol than wearing a boot that screams I mean business? LOL

I don’t need to quote a specific source to support the premise life is energy.  We, the universe, are made up of energy fields.  It is no surprise then that the flow of this energy is tantamount to a sense of well being.  It’s not an Eastern religion thing or ancient Mayan thing or mystical European thing. It simply is.  And “all that it is, is what it is.”

Since it’s the first day of the typical “week” for many of us, I challenge you to take a moment today.  The earlier the better.  Stop. Reflect.  Ask yourself: have my actions been infused with energy, with intent?  Has there been anything deliberate in what I have done. Or is today moving along in an easy going, comfortable habitual and safe series of behaviors?

There’s nothing wrong with easygoing and safe.  Trust me, recently I would revel if all was easygoing and safe.  But haven’t you ever wondered what would happen if you changed the EQ?  What might happen if you tweaked the dial on your perception of the world around you just a tad.

Machine Monday question:  Have you engaged the world today?  Sometimes it really can go to 11. Turn it up…



  1. christine · August 19, 2013

    I don’t think there’s anything easy going or safe about my days. I just spin from one thing to another. Plenty of energy is used, but whether it is thought out much before it is used…no.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 20, 2013

      You be a scottian tumbleweed across the desert floor Christine! The fact you have “plenty” of energy makes you the envy of many! LOL
      As a clark, my internal dialogue very often will suck the energy right out of me.
      I envy the ability to roll over the day like a tumbleweed =D


  2. pictimilitude · August 19, 2013

    I. Understand. I. Need. To. Go. To. Bed. – since 7 pm I’ve been fighting sleep, haha. First day back – trainings and cleaning and setting up…so….tired. Come on, Tuesday, haha


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 20, 2013

      Wake up sleepy head! Glad to hear your 1st day was….such a challenging Monday!


  3. Kristi Campbell · August 19, 2013

    Crap. No. Mostly, no. I went to my job because I feel guilty and like I”m supposed to. I want to write a blog post but it’s midnight and I haven’t started. You. Are Awesome. My actions (that took time) have NOT been fueled with love. Sure, intent and energy….but begrudgingly…which is not love, right?


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 20, 2013

      s’OK my friend 🙂 And thank you!
      Your post will wait. Until the time it needs to be written. Or when you decide it must be written.
      You tell me….


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