Today Sounds like GirlieOnTheEdge

100_2660I really can wait “’til tuesday” next.  So I’m gonna put it out of my mind and focus on today. Tuesday prior. Speaking of Tuesdays, today’s musical vid is one of my alter egos from the 80’s, the clarklike female, Aimee Mann.  Even you neophytes to the Wakefield Doctrine can’t miss this one!  You don’t need to watch an interview to figure her out!  Hair, clothes…faraway look..

Talented.  Damn.  Loved the band back in the day.  In between my metal mainstays was Aimee.  Big as life, looking cool, doing what my fantasy brain dreamed I’d like to be doing.  It’s fun to pull out the old stuff once in a while. And listen to music that, once upon a time, lined the shelf I called life.

Hey! That reminds me. Need to hit all the Twisted Mixtape Tuesday bloghop posts today. You should too!  They’re cool and you get to listen to music from all over the decades.  Any and all genres.  Need a little time travel?  Go to Jen’s place.  She started it all.

Tuesdays in the 80’s were sort of the beginning.  ‘Til there was an ending.  That might have been the beginning of something lifelong.  Relationships….  Sometimes destiny pivots on the drop of a dime where they’re concerned.  A twist here, turn there – kaplunk goes the tender.  No worries.  Youth recovers.  Allows for new beginnings.  Time marches steadily on.  The life soundtrack continues to grow, evolve.  Such is the nature of youth.

What if you’re not young.  Any more.  New beginnings.  Do they ever go out of style?

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