Saturday morning cartoons, cereal and GirlieOnTheEdge

“….wh-a-a-a-t!? I’m not finished yet….the show’s not over….I have the box…..”

Saturday mornings in the 60’s = up early, preferably by yourself, bowl of Crispy Critters, TV on, Warner Bros.  cartoons a playin’ and enough milk in the fridge.

Saturday mornings in the 21st century = up early, preferably by yourself, mug of coffee, computer on, any number of sites/blogs/posts waiting to be read/written and enough milk in the fridge.

It’s also the morning of the night when I can or you can or we all can call into the Wakefield Doctrine Blog Saturday Night Call In Show.  It’s cool, comfortable and populated by people of the same description.  Like who you ask? Well, like Cyndi. She always brings the party to the party and…it’s been awhile, but we used to hear from the Crabtree “brothers” (they’re not really but what a coing-kee-dink), Alex in O-high-O and Steve in take ’em down Texas (cows, I’m talkin’ bout cows). Speaking of cattle rustling, where in the world has Molly been?! Seven! We’ve missed you!

Eventually, Doctrine stuff weaves itself into the conversation. I mean, how could it not? We’re surrounded by people, we interact with people daily. And that means the potential for all sorts of observations and questions about why we do the things we do.  Why we react the way we do to certain people and why we behave a certain way in certain situations and events, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Hey Christine! If you call in and Alex calls in we’d have 2 scotts on the line. Throw in Steve (a roger), to mix it up, douse with a few clarks and well, there you have it! That means you Kristi. You need to call in or attend Sunday Brunch.  Even busy supermoms need a break.

Get this! If you can’t call in tonight because you have a hot date or it’s date night (for you married couples) or it’s a much needed “girls night out” or you’re just hanging with your buds….you can join in and attend the Internationally famous Wakefield Doctrine Sunday Brunch!

It is most cool. I’ve only “attended” one brunch so far. I met Lizzie of Considerings fame and Michelle. I hope to meet Melanie  tomorrow.  Missed her at last Sunday’s Brunch. Hey, even the Progenitor roger showed up once via proxy (voice only) one Sunday.

Alright. Have to go. Saturday chores to do now.  Pick up the phone tonight and dial in even if you are out to dinner in a restaurant.  We won’t mind helping you choose from the menu.

If tonight’s out, maybe we’ll see you at the WDIB (Wakfield Doctrine International Brunch) tomorrow.  You’ll be able to experience time travel! Of sorts. You know, talking to people in different time zones. They be already in the future… check out Google Hangouts. It’s where the line begins.



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  2. WHOOT! Can’t wait. I’ll be there – 2pm GMT 🙂 Have a good day x


  3. Clark Scottroger · August 24, 2013

    hell! I might even put in an appearance I should go an try to provoke me some scotts in to showing up and such.

    You know what they say about scotts!


  4. christine · August 25, 2013

    While this is a great try at persuading, I just can’t imagine it happening. I have a hard enough time talking to one person on the phone. Not a chance of video chatting at my house at either time.
    I hope you all have a good chat, though.


  5. Michelle Liew · August 25, 2013

    Hey Denise, hope to catch up with you viz the brunch too!


  6. Kristi Campbell · August 28, 2013

    OMG I SO need to attend! Just to see you guys and yes. Saturday morning cartoons. I remember sitting on the floor glued to the (had to change the channel your own damn self and there were 4 to choose from) TV. Love it!!!


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