5 x 2 = TToT GirlieOnTheEdge style

No. We don’t need to know the square or pie of  5 x 2. Just the answer to this one simple equation. 10. Yes. This is a Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop entry.

“You may ask yourself”, why? Why does she have to go and, and….change the format?! Everyone, well almost everyone, adheres to/follows the universally, heretofore accepted format/rule of this most wonderful of blog hops. What makes her think she’s special, huh!?

Well, I’m not special. Just a clark.  My predominant worldview is that of a clark. The world/reality I wake up to every day is that of the Outsider. A noun that attempts to convey as accurately as possible what a clark feels about themselves in relation to the world. ‘Cuz, you know, it’s (the world) “out there”.

The Wakefield Doctrine is not a new thing. It’s been around for a couple of decades at least. What is new is the sharing of it on a mass scale via the Wakefield Doctrine Blog, secondarily through the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call in Show and 3rdly via the increasingly popular Wakefield Doctrine International Video Brunch.

Hey! Without further ado, here’s my 5 X 2 of Thankful:

1) Quentin Tarantino: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, the Kill Bills, From Dusk Till Dawn, Grindhouse, Django Unchained. And others….

2) Richard Linklater: Slacker, Dazed and Confused, A Scanner Darkly, the Before movies (Sunrise, Sunset, Midnight), The School of Rock and for having such a clarklike smile!

3) Robert Rodriguez: El Mariachi, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Sin City, Planet Terror, Machete and… Spy Kids.

4) John Woo: The Killer, Hard Boiled, Bulletproof Monk, The Replacement Killers, Paycheck.

5) Michael Mann: Heat, Collateral, Last of the Mohicans and Miami Vice (’80s TV series)

Heads up people. clarks tend to do things differently. We do not mean disrespect,  we  do not intentionally wish to draw attention to ourselves, we simply have a creative drive that compels us to express ourselves (more often than not) in a manner that contrasts somewhat to the norm.

That’s it for me. There’s a bajillion other TToT Blogs to visit this weekend so I had better put on my best hat, most rugged boots and skidaddle. btw, anyone got directions to TToT’ville?


30 thoughts on “5 x 2 = TToT GirlieOnTheEdge style

  1. You’re back!!!! Lizzi and I were just talking about how we could convince you to rejoin us. You add some legitimacy to Clark, as now he isn’t the only “rule-breaker”.
    Interesting choices for the list. Of all of them, I’ve only seen Pulp Fiction (loved it, despite the gruesomeness) and Last of the Mohicans. I don’t get out much. 🙂
    I’ve been thinking about following you clarks’ lead and doing something different, but this scott is having trouble coming up with something. Maybe next week…

    Thank you for linking up with us!


    1. I’m back! For now. LOL
      All good movies. I think you would like Dazed and Confused. I was a teenager during the 70’s and so totally related but really, it’s a fun movie for everyone:)
      Well, whenever the “novelty” bug hits you upside the head Christine…just run with it!

      No, thank you, for stopping by!


  2. All are great and by far my favorite is Richard Linklater with Dazed and Confused. Seriously have watched that movie so many times and it never gets old. Loved your list though and thanks for sharing (definitely worth being thankful for!).


    1. Cyndi! I have to get over to your “house”. I love your pictures. Unfortunately, I’ve got to head out to work. But I’ll be by soon!!

      Even though I’m working this weekend, I’ve carved a little time to slip in some fun stuff:) Hope weekend is going well also. 3 days off for you, eh Teach? LOL

      P.S. Don’t forget to let us know when you’ve instituted the (Espanol, por favor) Cyndi Sing-a-Long hour at your school!!


    1. “not a huge movie fan”….I have seen a lot of those”

      Why not a huge movie fan Zoe? I’m thinking, given you’ve seen many of the titles listed, that you at least have exceptional taste =D

      Thank you!


      1. watch out for her! that Kristi (demonstrates) so mad simpatico …clarkistically-speaking, serially! I’d be like minding my own business writing and such on a a very cool take and then I turn on the electric reader-machine and I’m staring at the idea executed with a ‘joie et, comme la luxure, pour vivre’

        ya know what I mean?


  3. lol… and and good list!

    Janine!! Dazed and Confused! (not surprised as this is the more accessible of the Linklater oeuvre…) He is such a credit to our people! (of course his first movie, Slacker is a totally reliable detector of rogers (and scotts)…

    Hey ho y’all Cyndi is suggesting a After School Special this week for Thursday at 3:30 EDT sounds like a lot of fun… I put a ‘sign up’ sheet on the Post (at the Doctrine) tomorrow.

    Christine… good to see you, scotts are not only fun but they can, in concert with a clark, can result not only in creative…but *forceful*

    (I have fun with a scottian friend of mine in social situations where I suggest the joke and he tells it… works for both of us… I know tons of shit (being a clark) and he is able to present it to the people in a forceful and compelling manner (it helps that he has a secondary clarklike aspect).

    ..as you would have.

    Considerer… what a nice little extra forward step on the Test Project! the Pie Factor!! ( I quickly suspected from everyone’s slight inconsistency in answering the questions that it might be a useful indicator of secondary and tertiary aspects) but Lizzi’s step to not only put that (new information) in concrete terms…. but attractive and fun concrete terms…v cool yo


    1. Thank you sir.

      Yes, the Dazed is an everyman kind of movie. lol
      Heed Clark’s warning Miss Janine….you do – not – want to watch Slacker =D

      Cyndi! Teach! My schedule comes out Tuesday. Shall be able to reserve seat or not at that time for the ASS HA! It stands for After School Special!

      Christine. No one believes that you’ll show up at Brunch. But I do. One day you’ll be the tumbleweed that comes blowin’ off ‘o the prairie…

      Damn Clark! I never thought to have a scott do the joke for me. Penn to my Teller or is that the other way ’round? LOL Cool. I , in fact, have never had the pleasure that you describe:)

      Hey Considerer! Stand up Girl and take a bow. What? You already did? Good!

      OK Clark. Work ahead. the Wakefield Doctrine moves forward. Establishment of a “test” as a fun way for folks to assist them in identifying their predominant worldview is a good way to try and reach the “masses”. Include a simple and fun “explanation” via pie and heck, you be the guest of honor at your damn party.


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