Ten. Do I Hear Ten? Sold! To The Most Thankful!

Hey! It’s GirlieOnTheEdge and man, am I.. on… edge. Why? Well, thank you for asking. Did you happen to read my post from October 20, 2013?

So, imagine you are living a life. It’s going alright until it doesn’t. A shit storm comes rolling over the hills. You’re on your own. In a foreign land with no help. So what’s a clark to do? Well, glad you asked. It’s about the summoning. About going to a place clarks are familiar. You know. The place. Where the ultimate challenge lies. The impossible.

Nothing is impossible to clarks. If we can imagine it, believe in it, it can be real. But I digress. I’m here to join in this most awesome of blog hops, the Ten Things of Thankful. And since I’ve run out of the vino, let’s get to this thankful list:

1) I’m darned thankful I now have heat in my car!

2) I’m grateful to have the capability and gumption to be guided by phone by my Man to flush out the hoses in the coolant system in my car to repair whatever the problem was so that I could drive around  in toast-eey warmth.  Pain in the ass doing the job. But worth it.

3) As to #2 – thankful for my niece’s husband who helped me to release a most resistant clamp on one of the hoses (and put it back on) so that I could work my mechanical mojo.

4) Very, very thankful that the weather here in Northern Virginia has been, for the most part, pretty reasonable for this time of year.

5) the Wakefield Doctrine.

6) That I’m a clark.

7) Have I mentioned how thankful I am for this laptop? Yeah, I am.

8) the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Call In Show.

9) For Cyndi. An inspiration to all clarks.  She called in (as she does pretty much every Saturday night to the Doctrine Call in Show) and once again contributed to the ongoing discussion that is the Wakefield Doctrine which is to say a conversation about life and self development and…life.

10)  The internet. Don’t think I’ve mentioned this one before. The world at a mouse click. A world of people. Are there. In person, in writing. Comforting.

11) That’s right. Eleven.



26 thoughts on “Ten. Do I Hear Ten? Sold! To The Most Thankful!

  1. Good. I’m glad the mechanicking went well 🙂
    The heat must be SO much nicer. Glad it’s fixed.

    YAY! for the internet, and for the people on the other end of it 🙂

    …and for the music it has in it – thanks for this one! Utterly, hauntingly beautiful. In fact, I’m going to risk losing first comment so I can listen to the end of it before posting.


    1. It’s most helpful Zoe…most helpful:)

      clarks stupid? Naah….as far as the Doctrine is concerned this is how it goes: clarks are crazy, scotts are stupid and rogers are dumb:) You know that clarks are crazy, surely you have been called crazy, non? LOL


  2. I can’t tell you how impressed I am that you fixed your car using only directions being told to you over a phone. (and muscle from one guy to get one part off) I didn’t even know what half the words in those thankful points meant. Very impressed.
    I’m also glad someone was smart enough to invent the internet. So many funny, good people all over the world get to visit me in my home on a daily basis.


    1. clarks need to to be able to put to use some of the massive amount of information we keep squirreling away. LOL
      I so do not want to ever do it again!!


      Oh, the internet. It is most wonderful. As a clark, being on the net is sometimes feast or famine. I’ve been starving lately and a tad on the thin side. Gonna start feeding myself better:)

      Glad you stopped by today!


    1. Thanks!
      Yes, she is fun to talk to. I enjoy hearing of her work exploits and how she uses the Doctrine to deal with (no, I’m not going to name them, shh..you know….the rogers:))

      Having said that, it was a great Brunch today with Michelle. I know she has perspective on her people:) so my comment about rogers won’t bother her!


  3. When my husband and I bought our first car together, my two requirements were: 1. seat belts and 2. a working heater–neither of which were found in his little Ford Anglia. I’m impressed you were able to get your car toasty by following phone directions!


    1. But of course! I would make heat the first thing lol

      Thank you. I will admit to having watched my man do this thing before but still, it was at first glance a little intimidating.
      SWTF is it with we like people, huh?! We can go and do a thing like that but can’t do other more simple things like say, talk to strangers at a business meeting or attend a family function where we don’t know anyone…..:)


  4. Glad you rcaf is fixed and seriously nothing worse then having no heat in your car as it is indeed getting cooler now. And yay also to the laptop and love that you had more then 10 things here, too! Have a great week now ahead 🙂


  5. Here’s my ten things of thankful in ten words:
    I’m thankful for:
    1. YOU. 2. Breathing. 3. Clarks. 4.WF Doctrine. 5. Blogging. 6. YOU. 7. Dogs. 8. Hopping. 9. Saturdays. 10. Computers.
    11. Thankful that I can make my own rules and break them, too.
    I hope Virginia continues to work out, the car cooperates, that the laptop has a long life, that great conversations continue over at the Doctrine, that we keep dreaming the Impossible Dream. 🙂


  6. You fixed your car and messed with coolants and claps and crap like that? AND you did it with over-the-phone instructions? I bow to you! (I have fixed both a toilet and a dishwasher the same way, but they were simple repairs. You flushed lines and made your heater work!)

    I love Emmylou Harris. Love her. LOVE her.


  7. Holy cow you’re mega-talented! I don’t think I’ve fixed anything on my car. Like, ever…
    We need to get together!! The next couple of weekends are crazy for me but what are you doing the weekend after thanksgiving?


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