25 Weeks of Thankful x Ten = Amazing

I’ve been away.  So very away. Timeline manipulation is not an easy task. And not for the feint of heart. The energy consumption is phenomenal. If I survive this, if I succeed and prosper, then there will be words more often and always here, within this blogspace. As long as some words appear here every now and then, there is hope. In the meantime, I’ve been missing the party!

Huh. Imagine me, a clark, sorry to have missed the party. LOL But I am.

The indomitable Considering Lizzi began a blog hop. 25 weeks ago. A hop that has spawned all kinds of fabulously good things, scintillating conversations, the coolest of connections….she has been instrumental in growing a community. No small feat in cyberspace. No small feat in any space! So you won’t be surprised that I list the Lizzi as my greatful No. 1.

You know, that’s enough today. There are 9 more “greatfuls” (read this at someone’s blog today, hope you don’t mind the lift) but seems they’re occluded by….more mechanical issues. Having just said that, I am extremely GRATEFUL for not having broken down completely on the side of the highway several times this last week. Came close and got scared as shit but managed to get back to safety. OK. Make that #2.

Huh, well, here’s to a potential, future #3 – that Gargon, my new mechanic (I hope) can put a fuel pump on my car tomorrow morning and not charge me a gazzillion dollars and that I can get to work by the afternoon.

# future 4- would probably be that the new fuel pump (installed for a reasonable going rate) solves my car issues.

# future 5 – that the weather is perfect for another 800 mile drive down the highway to see Man & Dog on Thanksgiving Day.

# future 6 -I’d like this one to be that I get back up here next Sunday without any car problems, weather events or “surprises”!

# future 7 – that I finally started writing regularly at tube tops, tattoos and TimeLines.

# future 8 –  that I found my way back to writing consistently at GirlieOnTheedge again.

#future 9 – that I “mastered” the concepts contained within the Wakefield Doctrine before I died.

#10 -I am grateful for today, and each day I wake up.


21 thoughts on “25 Weeks of Thankful x Ten = Amazing

  1. I am glad you didn’t have to sit and rot on the side of the road. It can be quite scary to be stranded alone like that.
    I hope the (economical) fuel pump quickly solves all your problems and you get to enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving. I miss seeing you around!


        1. No! I began my journey at 5:20 am. I’d been having some car problems earlier in the week. Thought they were behind me. Long story short, I turned around outside of Richmond at Exit 83 and proceded to drive back to Alexandria in first gear. Couldn’t get over 20mph. Rode 95 in the breakdown until a state cop pulled me over. Luckily the exit he told me to get off at led me to Rt 1 and a direct path back to the apt.
          It was a rather stressful day. No Man, no Dog, car gone bad. But hey, at least I didn’t break my hand! Love the new cast:) Green is one of my favorite colors.


  2. Whoa! I’m loving that STILL there are new ways to do this – our first ‘greatful’ (and thanks so much for including me there; you’re a dear *hugs* and you TOTALLY belong in our party and we’ve missed you) and our first set of ‘future’ thankfuls! Very clever. Though #9 better be a LONG way off.

    I hope your mechanical problems get sorted effectively and cheaply. What a pain! Especially with that big drive ahead – that sounds like a whole load of stress, and who needs THAT?! Sending you stress-be-gone vibes.

    Gratz on the new writing gig. Hope it goes really well – and yes, definitely write here more, too 🙂


    1. Why thank you friend;) I have missed everyone tons. But I shall return!
      Yeah, I’ll be finding out in a few hours whether it can be done today, how much and…..if it takes care of my car problems.

      I will write again. You are definitely one of my inspirations Lizzi.


        1. When I picked her up 2 hours ago she was good. The real test comes tomorrow on the long commute:) I’m so paranoid now, stranger in a stranger land.

          It doesn’t matter how it happened and you shouldn’t worry if you’re any good. Forget that! You are and that is all that matters.
          Yes, continue and I will return. Have to say I’m disappointed that the vid I posted for my maiden, and to date only, post at tube tops, tattoos and TimeLines is no longer viewable. Damn those copyright police!! It was a good clip. A clip from the movie Harold and Maude.
          Thanks for stopping by Lizzi:)


  3. You are awesome. We always miss you round here in these cyber parts. 🙂
    I hope Virginia is treating you well.
    I’m thankful for Lizzi, too. Because I have met a lot of cool people in that hop. 🙂
    I had the Wednesday one going for a long while, but then when life crops up and steals your time, then you gotta fight back and do one less thing, lol.
    I hope you have a great week! Will try to call the Doctrine on Saturday. 🙂


    1. Thank you Ms. Cyndi:)
      She is except for the weather!
      I couldn’t agree more. I also have met some amazing and wonderful folks. What a wonderful by product of venturing out into space.
      It is about fighting back!!

      Hope you can call in on Saturday too:)

      I love your emoticonos!


  4. HEy Denise… I don’t have your email so I guess here will have to suffice… I just read Clark’s post and wanted to say I was thinking of you … so sorry about Zoey… What a heartbreak. I am so glad I got to actually meet you in real time the other night … sending you peace. Z/Lydia


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