ten things. that’s right. ten. of thankful. today.

I got time. I know it. (“yeah, whatever you say sister.sure. you’ve got plenty of time”). I’m talkin’ about writing a Ten Things of Thankful post for god’s sake!  I’m lookin’ at the clock and right now the hands are wildly waving 7:01 pm. My brain, it’s screaming at me to get my ass (and fingers) moving! Fine! Fine already! Look. I’m here. I’m gonna post tonight no matter what!

Today I took the train from Alexandria, Virginia into Crystal City. Crystal City is located in Arlington, Virginia. Crystal City, from what little I saw today, is both cool and….I don’t know. Not quite real. Think it’s that undergroundness. And when I use the terms “cool” and “underground”, no. Not what you’d automatically think. LOL

The reason I took a train today was to attend the DC version of Listen To Your Mother (or LTYM). It’s part of a national reading series of writing mothers about mothers, for mothers, anything related to motherhood. I was there to support the fabulous (yes, I can use that adjective and I will) Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee. Now. Why don’t we list them. Those ten things….I’m thankful for….

1. A beautiful, rainless, warm spring day. One fit for a train ride. Even a short one.

2. The invitation months ago from Kristi to attend this event, Listen to Your Mother (or else).

3. Not finding some reason not to go.

4. Meeting Dana and Sarah who made blogging all the more cool for being there in real life and my being able to say hey! I know them!

5. Little tiny bottles. Of Absolut Rasberri.

6. My job. Which is keeping me tres employed. (which is how/why I discovered #5)

7. Cyndi. Of Pictmilitude fame. Who is a shining star for my people.

8. the Wakfield Doctrine. Of course.

9. The Cat.

10. Gestures. From said Cat.

(now what? movie clip? music clip? book quote? quick! they’re waiting! lemme see…..)



  1. dyannedillon · May 4, 2014

    FRIST? Seriously?

    So cool that you not only got to attend Listen To Your Mother, but you also got to hear the magnificent Kristi Campbell read her work as well! What a great day for both of you, actually.

    Did you discover #5 on a plane?

    I loooove When Harry Met Sally!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · May 4, 2014


      It was cool. I’m so glad I went. All the readers today were very good.

      No. I just remember seeing ads for different flavors and thought…why not?! Speaking of planes, that’s what I bought. A miniature “airline” bottle:)

      Me too!


  2. lrconsiderer · May 4, 2014



    • GirlieOnTheEdge · May 4, 2014

      I am so sorry to say not. Not FRIST Miss Lizzi. Dyanne was FRIST!


      • lrconsiderer · May 4, 2014

        *cries* Pipped to the post by a speedyboots scott!


  3. lrconsiderer · May 4, 2014

    Is that the Raspberry Absolut speaking?

    Glad you had a fab time watching Kristi. You’re so lucky to have gone and met her and Dana and Sarah *happysighs*


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · May 4, 2014

      What?! I don’t think so. LOL The Absolut was a tiny, cute miniature size. My “party” days are long gone by:)

      I did have a good time. It was great meeting Kristi and Dana and Sarah.


  4. skipcote · May 4, 2014

    Oh man…im soooo jealous and if you were a roger that would be enough but your not…thank your lucky stars!!!!!
    So Kristi was awesome right??? And sarah and dana are cool????? Im such a frickin groupie!!!!!


  5. Kristi Campbell - findingninee · May 5, 2014

    I love love love that you came, and that I got to meet you, and that you got to meet Dana and Sarah too! I’m still all a buzzed from the show high – it was such an amazing experience. Thanks for saying I’m fabulous. 😀
    And I agree that Crystal City is a bit of a trip. I’m not sure if I like it or not. I do think I’d like it a lot if I were younger as it’d be fun to be able to walk to so many restaurants and stuff. But it’s so um – concrete, ya know?


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · May 5, 2014

      That makes me feel good:)
      Yeah, it was pretty cool. I was just about to pass them when I recognized them. They didn’t know me at first lol.
      Yes. Very “MMMMM”
      Not just me then – not sure about it either. Makes me think “tall buildings in a single leap”…everywhere. I agree! The younger version of myself would be much more into it.


  6. Clark Scottroger · May 5, 2014

    #3 is truly the monumental one (for many clarks in much the same, but different situations and circumstance).

    (he is one stupendous cat)


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · May 5, 2014

      Yes. As much as we try and fool ourselves, we avoid many social situations (where the preponderance of attendees are strangers) via contrived circumstances. And plain old saying “NO”. LOL

      I would capitalize that adjective buddy. All the way:)


  7. zoe · May 7, 2014

    Hey, good morning… little shout out at my place today… nuthin big…just thought you should know when your name is taken in vain…HAHAHa….I misplaced your email… argh!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · May 7, 2014

      Good evening Zoe. Is that why my ears were ringing all damn day! LOL
      Thank you for the shout out. Always appreciated:) And actually, thanks for letting me know!
      I will send it to you.


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