Hey wait! Now I have some questions!

Here’s what I think. rogers are the best of the 3 (clarks, scotts and rogers) at asking questions. The “herd” people are naturals are procurring information. Yeah. Really. Most of them anyway. clarks ask excellent questions. After the fact. But on the fly? In the moment? The “johnny on the spot”  asking questions during an event, class, meeting, appointment, is your roger. Gimmee, Gimmee.

I left the my dr.s office yesterday….pondering. Absorbing. Swearing out loud. The 2 utterances of mine in the last 3 days has been “dammit” (channel Cartman lol) and “fuck me” (it’s all in the syllabic inflection) During the 40 minute drive “home”, is when my questions started to percolate. A slow bubbling of “huh?, wait a minute what about?, what if?, how long”?”.  The pot had been set on the stovetop but I’ve got electric heat, so it took a little longer for the information to transform into question molecules.

I have spoken (yes, yes I have) about the affinity between scotts and clarks. Then it suddenly occurred to me that no one has talked about any sort of affinity between rogers and clarks. I see it now. It’s there. Under a haze of cognitive puzzlement, it’s there. The link? Information. Both clarks and rogers value information but for 2 highly different reasons.

For rogers, it’s about placement. In the herd. It’s about knowing a thing so that they can be viewed as part of the collective. And when possible, use that information to enhance their own position within the herd. rogers are big on referential authority. RA is the final word baby. If a thing has been universally accepted (merely by force of number, the majority) then that thing, concept, idea holds validity for them.

The world is a quantifiable place for rogers therefore there has to be an answer to every question. And it has to make sense. Further, The answer must be found within the accepted purviews of the “popular thinkers” be they Dr. Oz, Dr. Laura, or any one else who is a household name. An “authority”. Do not misunderstand. I’m not saying that Dr. Oz or Dr. Laura or chef Ramsey (whoever the hell he is, maybe Emeril is better?) are not in possession of valuable information and/or solutions and/or answers. They merely represent a couple of the current, popularly accepted “reppers of intelligence” otherwise known as referential authorities.

There is much to talk about with this Wakefield Doctrine. For me, as a clark. With the drive to understand:) How each of us relates ourselves to the world. One world. Same world. Very, very different worlds. Action, thought, emotion.

My 10 ‘tings of thankful, yeah?

1. A beautiful day today. Cool. Perfect Spring weather. Nice Breeze. Blue sky.

2. Perspective. Maturity. Death as a consultant.

5. That I’m getting caught up at work. Mostly.

6. The opportunity to work on a collaborative story even though I don’t know what the heck I’m doing!

7. To have found (I’m pretty sure but he hasn’t done any work yet) a trustworthy and reliable mechanic.

8. To find I have put on almost 2 pounds in 3 weeks!

9. I finally put new strings on my bass.

10. The Wakefield Doctrine.






28 thoughts on “Hey wait! Now I have some questions!

  1. as to your conjugations about the ability of rogers to ask questions… I semi-agree they are the more comprehensive of interlocutors… they will ask questions to know better about the thing in their focus is it, ‘of the herd’ or not?


  2. I liked this but I’m not really sure if I LIKE this, because it sounds mighty like you had some doctor-related news which lead to the “fuck me!” and “dammit”s, in which case I will think of a question after the fact, to determine if you’re alright, and come back later to ask it…


    1. 🙂 Thank you my friend Lizzi. As a fellow clark, think of the process we clarks utilize in situations like this and why. Then, tell me that you do not see it as an opportunity. For we like people, there’s a point of self-development where any challenge, be it medical, economic, etc defines itself as another vehicle, tool or path by which to further define ourselves, our lives. In essence, to live better lives. To be impeccable.

      P.S: I love that you are on WP now! but….always the “but” lol, the link up thing for the hop is not as user friendly.
      I miss seeing everyone’s little square box right there in front of my mouse’s nose. Just sayin’ 😀


      1. That ‘but’ was the only thing which made me sad about the switch. I loved seeing all the little boxes. DAMN YOU WORDPRESS!

        Thinking. Thinking. There’s self-development to be had, sure, but at what cost? If it’s ultimate cost then I shall not consider it worthwhile, but if it is only to be an ordeal, then yes – Clark advocates those – you could learn much, and come out the other side a changed (?better) person than you went in.



        1. Always a trade off, eh? lol But glad you made the switch just the same.

          What this, “however”? Nothing is free. There is always a cost. Always a price. Even when one chooses to do “nothing” there is a price to be paid, no? No “however”.
          How we approach anything in life, be it illness, disease, job loss, loss of spouse any of the “bad” things there is choice and opportunity. Being relative, how we choose to respond has the potential for tremendous benefit. Life is an adventure is it not?

          I’ve been thinking long about the next post at tube tops, tattoos and TimeLines


        2. As long as life continues, I shall schtum. As long as it continues LONG INTO THE FUTURE, I shall schtum.

          As long as whatever made you say “Fuck Me” is nothing which will imminently endanger either of the above statements, or intermediately or otherwisely challenge them, I shall schtum.

          Otherwise I shall ‘However’ my heart out and leave ALL SORTS OF THINGS HANGING.



        3. You make me smile! Did you make this up, this “schtum”? Is it like “schnookered”? lol
          Funny. I was saying dammit all day when I realized that something was up. Test results that are normal are usually dispensed in a more casual and leisurely time period. The old “24 to 72 hrs.” When a drs office calls within 2 hours of a test then alright, dammit. The non medical voice told me what the test revealed and only that I needed to make an appt. with the dr. Hence the dammits:) Then I had to wait 2 days to see what all the dammits were about! Naturally there’s a build up. Because of my not having any way to know what I would be hearing, the dammits turned into the fuck me’s. Which then began to alternate with “fuck me, man”. All in that spirit of “it figures”. I’d had a full physical a few weeks back and all the blood tests were quite normal. Needless to say this last test was quite a disappointment. Ruined the perfect score if you will.
          If I hedge, it’s because I resist getting all specified out here in public. I know! I should have kept it to myself but honestly, I had a day last week where no one, that’s in 0 number of people showed up at the Edge. So I cathartisized myself on a rather grand scale.
          To allay your automatic concern (at least for me if I were you) there is no chemo involved, no drips, nothing of the awful nature that seems to come with hearing of unpleasant news from medical folk these days.
          I will not let you hang here.


  3. I’m hoping whatever made you say “fuck” and have questions later turns out better than it sounds.
    We have a trustworthy and loyal mechanic. They are a jewel to have! Hope yours turns out to be just that.


  4. what they said about the “Fuck me” s… Wont intrude… just “fuck me” if it progresses to ” fuck me hard” I hope you will forgive me if I become concerned …until then I will trust your take …

    meanwhile… as a clark with a secondary (oft despised) Roger, it must be clark that also despises the experts of our culture and leans toward actual research … I fucking hate the Oprah spawn like Drs. Oz and Phil….

    many days since moving my blog that I have 0-1 visitors max and the one is me at work… argh… sucks days like that , yes?

    wrote an open letter to my mechanic this week… so grateful to have an excellent mechanic… good luck there!


    1. Forgiven:)
      Research though has it’s dangers! Distraction for a clark!! Actually, I kind of like Dr. Oz. Sometimes. I have never watched a full episode but have caught bits and pieces of the show now and again.
      Yes, I read that post! You are very lucky indeed to have such a mechanic:) My fingers are crossed. Will let you know how it goes.


  5. Count me in the group (in true roger fashion) of roger/clarks. I’ve got to say, that my ability to ask questions falls more in the “after the fact” realm. I hope you get your questions answered, and that all will be well.


    1. Counted! I work closely with a roger and she has said the same thing. She always asks very excellent questions but by her own admission is not “quick on her feet” with them. I guess that is something we share in common:)
      Thank you Kristi.


  6. I am sorry you are having health issues. I have that same problem of not coming up with questions in the moment, which is why I keep having to call back my daughter’s neurologist, bless her heart.


    1. Thanks Sarah. I never think of the good questions while I’m there. LOL
      Well, you just keep calling until all your questions about your daughter have been answered. That’s what drs are there for, right?


  7. jny_jeanpretty

    wow! so pleased to meet you. I am jean of jean-ness. I use a blog normally and I just read your comment there. Once again, I am amazed at the incredible intelligence of the people who have been brought together by the Wakefield Doctrine, the TToT or Zoe and Skip.
    I got involved after 2013’s A to Z blog challenge, where I met Zoe. Then I met clark. Then I noticed they did this thing on a weekly basis Lizzi’s) which was not great timing for me as I have a blog hop every weekend already, but which turned out to be really gratifying and helpful to me. So I have tried to make it a priority and it has helped me so much, Nice to meet you, as I said.

    jean xox
    loved your cool post following this one as well!

    OH now I know who you are–you are my new friend on FB! You are wonderful! (just saw your photo! xoxoxoxox!!!


    1. Same here Jean! We have been “talking” over at the Doctrine on occaision for a while now:) My “real world” name is Denise.
      So glad you decided to stop by. I loved your guest post at the Doctrine last week!
      Yes, I also feel fortunate to have met Lizzi and zoe and Skip and all the others. A talented group of people for sure.
      Thanks for reading my other post too!


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