Reciprocity. Yes! There is a recipe.

Wow! Long time since I changed my blog theme. LOL In the old days you had to pretty much put it together for yourself. Last time I had to figure out how to get the code right just to install the Feedjit! I am liking the advance in technology. Easy.

Me? I’m still with the free versions from WordPress. Much to choose from and until I become more knowledgable about HTML and such, I won’t  be building any websites too soon. In fact, I was thinking of a topic that a lot of folks out here have been batting around off and on for…a long time. And that’s the idea of leaving this blogging thing. Just putting it on the ground and walking away. What an excellent exercise!

To be honest, I’ve not fully invested in thinking about the ramifications of shutting down GirlieOnTheEdge. Not really. I’ve been touting this horn for going on 5 years come October. It’s been a process as they say. Ups, downs, practice, not practice, fun, challenging. That’s it. It is a challenge. And the challenge is still sufficiently present that I cannot yet throw this thing down on the ground. In fact, quite the opposite.

GirlieOnTheEdge requires, demands, insists that I pay more attention. That I find words and write them. Out here. For people to see. But not just any ole words. They must be meaningful. Helpful. Amusing. Insightful. Educational. Entertaining. Illuminating. Inspiring. Uninhibited. Truthful.

But there is one more part of this thing. Reciprocity. Life is about that ya know? It should be anyway. I only need ponder for a moment life before blogging. No, not a bad life. Yet, once I took that first step into space, everything changed. Little by little, slowly, I emerged from a world of more or less finite components and stepped out and into an arena filled with endless possibility and opportunity.

I have met an awful lot of people via this medium. More than in real life! That almost sounds impossible but it’s not. I’ve met people who share their lives unselfishly. Who offer their creativity, their art, their compassion, themselves, to anyone. For anyone. To enjoy, learn from, commiserate with, find comfort.

Reciprocity. It’s a good thing. Sounds like a great name for a brand:) It makes an excellent adjective….and it’s a thing to be worked at, practiced until it’s a normal part of living. Life. It is reciprocal.


18 thoughts on “Reciprocity. Yes! There is a recipe.

  1. Oops…forgot….a really stupid addition…but must tell..remember the old group men without hats? One of my friends started a womens group called women without fallopes because all the members had had hysterectomies….stupid but compelling….I guess this is where the bit of obsession comes in….just HAD to tell you…dunno why.


    1. LOL Yes, I remember the band!
      Yes. I’d say that is a most compelling bit of info…and quite unique! My androgynous side takes off the hat to them:)
      You know zoe, you can tell me anything:) We be sistas you and I even if you do have a rogerian secondary lol (I know, you know that I know you can take the kidding!!)


  2. good song…watched the photos (not sure if he was in the band there, but….with the exception of Joe Walsh..) what a bunch a fuckin rogers!

    “hey! beagles!! you guys are awfully intense!! I, for one, stand in awe!”


  3. I would submit that the rogers are responsible for the well-crafted harmonies and the pretentious lyrics and the scott (Joe) is responsible for the music making out of the girls dorm

    (not denigrating the rogerian aspect for…. popular appeal, which does require a certain degree of the personal quality of taking oneself terribly seriously…. (I mean, serially….did you see those pictures? now, to keep germane to the topic, consider any of the photos associated with Joe Walsh albums….lol)


    1. Point taken. My favorite Joe album from back then, talkin’ high school days…the title for goodness sakes! The Smoker you Drink the Player you Get. Yeah, Joe’s a scott alright lol

      There is that. What is it, how is it, that rogers are so good at popular appeal? I know. They’re rogers. And yes, it has to do with evoking/drawing out emotion. But in a way different from a scott.

      Aha! Identification. Gotta be it.


  4. their reality (aka worldview) is that of the herd…the medium is emotion, ‘everyone’ wants to feel a part of… ‘cept for scotts and clarks, but then most of the world is comprised of rogers… which does not exclude (scotts and clarks) but we do not have the stamp on our hands


    1. Thank you:) I like it. More homey. At least for now. Yes, many miles. I am a bit jealous of Christine! I would love to be a tag along and have a good excuse to show up at your house one day with cake:)
      Damn double talk! Believe it or not, I have worked on the “short answer”, “direct answer” thing irl. Perhaps I shall practice a tad more out here:)


      1. You could but try. I’m jealous of Christine because she also gets to meet DYANNE next week. And of you because you got to meet KRISTI and she got to meet YOU. And I know vidchat but WHATEVER!

        *sulks. A tiny bit*

        Practice is good 🙂


        1. But wait! When you come here on your Lizzi takes America Tour, then you shall meet all of your friends and favorite bloggers:)
          And ahem..that’s WHAT-EVA! lol

          Yes it is and there’s all sorts of stuff I want to start practicing!!


  5. jny_jeanpretty

    You want to know what? I love the Eagles! I am serious! However I first heard them via my Rogerian husband I divorced years ago.
    here is something funny: My friend managed a hotel in NYC years ago, and they used to stay there when they played MSG when they were young, She told me that they were the only band who were polite, left the rooms untrashed, called her by name, and had a …CURFEW.!!!!


    1. I believe you! I love the album Desperado, probably my favorite:) Wouldn’t call myself a huge fan but I like a bunch of their music.
      That is very refreshing to hear. Bands had such a bad rap back then. Curfew?!! Wow!


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