Sticks and stones may break my bones….

So may getting out of bed. Upon which I had this thought: there is no tomorrow until tomorrow. Makes facing today rather simple doesn’t it? No, no it doesn’t have to be pressure filled and difficult. All it requires is a choice. A choice of how you spend the day. It’s not about the what, it’s about the how.

As a clark, I’m always reminding myself of this. Why? Because I’m one of the many clarks whose lives didn’t quite turn out like I thought it would/wanted it to/dreamed of. No, I do not mean to imply this is the purview of clarks only. Simply, that there are more clarks in the world having this thought right now than scotts or rogers.

What does that mean? It means being on the cusp of the life dreamed and then….ya didn’t close the deal. There are always circumstances surrounding the events in our lives but the key factor to remember in all circumstances: there is/are choice(s).

Yes people, this is one of those posts. What of it, huh? Can’t help myself. (no, that”s not true either!) Of course I can. What this is all about I suppose is finding a message for others. A message for those younger people who still believe they have time. Still have an opportunity to “go for the gold”.

I’ve had the opportunity recently of observing a young person struggle with the decision to leave her present place of employment for another job. To be witness in a casual observer kind of way, the process of her decision. The unknown is a frightening thing. More frightening the younger you are. The one constant, the one commonality is the choice to face that fear head on. The choice to embrace the unknown for the possibility of better.

The unfamiliar, the unknown represents different things to different people. Which is to say it means something different for a clark, scott or roger. The “unknown” for a clark represents challenge and the possibility of anything. scotts are alright with the unknown because they rely on their base instincts to carry them through.  rogers have the most difficulty with the (concept of) unknown. For all the obvious reasons. (go read the Wakefield Doctrine ‘cuz today is not about them, it’s about me! LOL) 

It’s true. I’m struggling with the stupid writer’s block. When all else fails, go to the self -help drawer. Which is to say myself. Look to myself for ways to help someone else: avoid the pitfalls, the too long way around, the bad way, the silly way, the fearful way, of navigating life.

You know, today is Sunday. The second day of the weekend. It is also the last day to participate in the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. A hop created by Lizzi and hosted by the following: Christine, Sarah. Kristi, Michelle, Dyanne, Sandy, Zoe, Kristi, affectionately known as K2, Clark

Lizzi and everyone who participates is doing what I hope to do. Which is to share not only in the struggle that is daily life but in the joys of daily life. To share the finding of those joys in spite of and amidst the challenge of individual circumstance.

It is quite apparent when navigating the many blogs of those writers who choose to participate, that no one is exempt from life’s challenges. They represent a community that holds enormous strength, encouragement, warmth and genuine concern.

I hope in some small way this post qualifies for a Ten Things of Thankful entry.



  1. lrconsiderer · June 15, 2014

    I saw Ten. How could I not?


  2. Clark Scottroger · June 15, 2014



    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 15, 2014

      You are sir. For a second time.
      Now come back and leave a damn comment.


  3. Kristi · June 15, 2014

    How could it not count? You wrote a beautiful post that had “Thankful” written all over it!


  4. Clark Scottroger · June 15, 2014

    I wasn’t so sure I wasn’t being obtuse!
    if you would be so kind as to translate that thought/sentiment/idea into the native scottian language and the patois of the rogers, I would appreciate it muchly.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 15, 2014

      LOL Kristi’s a roger and she knows exactly what I’m saying!

      I’ll indulge you for your own self education and say that would be “more than 90° and less than 180°”. As opposed to the more unflattering definitions as provided by the Webster Merriam.

      See, when a clark gets the writer’s block, all sorts of obtuosity occurs. No telling what might, could, should or won’t happen. Ya know?


  5. zoebyrd · June 15, 2014


    Okay, one more time! (third actually)….

    Ouch to the writer’s block… I dont usually like movies so I often dont see them… for some reason I saw this one… “They call me Mr. Glass!”

    I can buy into the choice thing to an extent… the choice of how to spend time, how to react… but dont necessarily buy that choose to be happy crap that Oprah and her groupies are always trying to stuff down people’s throats… just as everyone does everything at some time (or however the hell it goes) Not everyone is gonna be happy at any given time… and sometimes its an organic thing…and that’s not a choice… but I dont know … I gotta- and do- give it way to much more thought than it warrants!

    Either way this definitely fits the TToT bill! I loved this post, and while you may think its about you I reference above…ahem) … once we all realize its about me we will truly all be happy! LOL! Yeah, right.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 15, 2014

      3rd times a charm right?
      Oh man Zoe. Now I’m gonna have to go back and read my post. Did I mention happiness? LOL
      I love your comments! You always find something in there I wasn’t noticing:) And!!
      You make me smile (that’s almost a laugh but at times better) making fun of your 2ndary rogerian aspect:)
      I’m glad you liked the post and that it fits the TTot bill. I was feeling like it was crap. Ya got to start somewhere right?


      • zoebyrd · June 15, 2014

        actually you did NOT mention happiness … its just such a sore spot with me now that whenever I hear the word “choice” I think of some idiot mem ( how do you spell that? Thats what we call our french grandmothers in these parts!) saying something like… “If you would just choose to be happy…. “


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 15, 2014

          I know I didn’t:) Was making joke. lol.
          Yeah, bothers me also. Plenty of those you know whats preaching “choice” as the path to happiness. Nothing in the world says we have to, will be or perhaps can ever be, happy. The same meme(s) that espouses “it’s the journey not the destination”. Fuck that shit! I be in a hurry for my destination!
          Ahem. Now that I’ve composed myself and sealed the sailor mouth. Always, I use the word “choice” to define my/remind me of responsibility to my self. For my self. Make sense? I don’t think that happiness is anything more than a momentary thing. It is the taking of joy in a simple action or interaction or witnessing another’s “happiness”. For me, happiness is found in a moment. Hopefully for you and everyone I know there are more of those moments than not:)


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