It’s Sunday. Thank God for Ripple Effects.

Aack! A catchy post title eludes me this morning. I’m a moron today. Vocabulary playing hide and seek. Oh, welly, well well. I shall plunder, plonder, plug on through…..plod. I like that one – “plod”.  It’s Sunday. And here I sit in bed writing a post on a Sunday morning. I’ve almost consumed my second and last cup of m-dil-e-i-cious coffee and wishing I was starting with the first all over again.

My posts have been few and far between *reader(s) begins to yawn*. But it all makes perfect sense, writing this today, Sunday, in the morning. It all “fits”. See, in my younger years and when I was a single individual, I lived in small, cozy apartments with 2 cats. Madeline and Jamaal. In those days I was in the habit of writing a journal of sorts. Mostly when the mood came upon me but I never didn’t write on Sunday mornings.

As I’ve done for decades, I rise and zumba into – what?! no! – I zombie into – yeah, more like that – the kitchen to put grounds of sheer bliss into a basket so that H2O can flow over them and force from them the goodness and gold I call the “go-go” juice. Yup, don’t function all that well unless I consume at least 8 ounces of the “juice”. If  forced to, I can at least leave the house. Please note-16 ounces is the preferred amount for full functionality. But I digress.

Once upon a single Sunday, coffee in mug, I would sit in a round back swivel chair.  I’d have my paper and pen. The pad, yellow legal. The pen, blue. Always blue. Oft the color of my self when I took to the pen. At some point, usually when I had barely begun to write, Madeline would jump up into my lap. Damn! How am I going to write with a cat sitting on my legal pad. She was telepathic and got the message. Only now I had a cat draped over my right arm. I am right handed. Trust me – writing with a feline draped over the arm is…a challenge. But it can be done! She wouldn’t stay the entire time I wrote but sometimes she did. Perhaps to insure that I did? Stay and write? Was she trying to help me? Huh. Maybe so.

The swivel round back chairs are now in storage. Madeline and Jamaal (named for Jamaal Wilkes, back when he played for the Lakers. No! I am not a Lakers fan. I used to be a huge Celtics fan back in the day when those 2 teams were always in the playoffs. Ah, those were the days.) are long gone from the planet. But tradition is tradition it seems. Habit begets habit. Routines are tough to kill

This is not, I repeat NOT what I was going to write this morning but now that I’m here I will continue. For the gazillionth time, but not recently, I remembered how single, seemingly small events can trigger: emotion, action, reflection. It can be as simple as a conversation. That sets off a chain of discovery, re-discovery, reflection, self-reflection.

This is what happend for me. Why? Because Jean, jenah, genay, called into the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call In last night. Thanks to Jean I got to searching the web for images. They were New York related. I happened upon an image of an article that appeared in the New York Times on July 22, 1962 about Rachel Carson and her book “Silent Spring”. The woman pretty much single handedly took on the chemical industry by writing what was then an extremely controversial, well documented expose on the use and effects of DDT on our environment, our selves. Had Jean not called in last night I would not now know about Rachel Carson and her incredible work to educate about and preserve our planet.

I’m “going long” as they say in football parlance. But that’s OK. It felt important this morning to write an acknolwedgment to the small, seemingly insignificant things in life that, given the chance, have the potential to lead us places we never may have ever thought about otherwise.

Yes, this is a TToT post because I know up there in all those 750+ *gasp* words are more than 10 things I am thankful for. As always, thanks to Lizzi for this, her brainchild. And thanks always to all who contribute to the Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop. Perpetual reading material. Can’t get any better than that!

One more thing! Jean contributed to my understanding about the worldview of scotts! Most chillin’.




27 thoughts on “It’s Sunday. Thank God for Ripple Effects.

  1. lets try this (for a Comment)
    2 Comments (neither one overly-appropriate) your choice to delete one (or both) not such a bad thing!

    Comment A:

    (adult languages*)

    Comment B:
    excerpt from a Doctrine Post!

    “Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) (Hey!!! it’s really the theory, screw that it’s about the scotts and them others) (‘how quaint, the ‘theory as you call it really is rather presumptuous, anyone will tell you that! but not those scotts, they are so un-imaginative and certainly not the clarks, god you’ll never get them to shut up)

    Well, that subtitle pretty much sums it all up!
    Isn’t it nice when a Post can present both thesis, explanation and justification, all in the first sentence! Guess that means you are all free to go about your Sunday! …go to church and find an often overlooked social context that provides a welcome support for your desire to reflect on the part of your life that you think there is no language for… The day is Sunday!! so the normal constraints have been supplanted by the more enjoyable ones…no! you still can’t eat your meals outdoors, you certainly cannot decorate your body with paint and put fake animal parts on your head! and no screaming!! however… the tailgate party is at 11:00, plenty of time before the game… Sunday is a day that you know used to mean much, much more and you still have that sense and can see how, if they just leave you alone, you can get back to a time when people appreciated the finer things in life, the consistent and predictable fun of an afternoon of skillful reassessment.*really upset clarks or normal scottian adults”

    *adults in the sense of upset clarks or average slightly frustrated scotts


    1. You realize Clark that by leaving in your comment A, I am assured that every single roger who might visit here will….run screaming: “you’ll never believe what that GirlieOnTheEdge posted on her blog! No, don’t bother. It’s weird. Sure, I’ll let everyone else know too”. Except of course for all my special rogerian friends:)

      Comment B – see above. ’nuff said dontcha think? Having said that Clark, I welcome further commentation and clarification. That’s OK. I’ve got all day….


  2. Ripples get all over the place. Sometimes the effects are not so good. I got rippled over the edge this week. I’m glad yours were constructive and informative.

    Way to go with positive habits.


    1. hold that thought, Lizzi… ripples are, (I believe) in nature, a thing that is non-rational, which should immediately make you think, “rogers!!”* while it is futile beyond words to try to ‘understand’ ripples, it is valid (nay, essential) to note and witness them… it’s all connected.

      no, not scotts, you’re thinking of ‘irrational’ lol


      1. Lizzi, I agree with Clark. Yo, Clark. Consensus of 2 on the witnessing. Multi-step process that doesn’t always occur simultaneously. At least at first. Everything can be used. Everything is a lesson. To better walk the path.

        Hey man! No insulting the scotts! They be our special friends. No, I did not say special ed!!!


      2. Ahhh but scotts can be infinitely rational.

        C: What a lovely sunset – we must be going west
        L: You know, I would *never* think of that!
        C: *laughing* what would you think of?
        L: Well…which way the sea was from here…


    2. Unfortunately this is true. And I am saddened you got “rippled over the edge”. Your choice of words tells me much. You share the sceptor as Queen of the SubText:)

      Yes. Now if we could only keep them…..


      1. Thank you. Not to mention the ability we share to be cryptic. But…ahhh…I went to find beauty today, and it was FOUND, and having found it, I feel better. I buried my face in flowers and kissed them and did handstands on formal lawns and immersed myself in a place of magic and wonder, and just KNOWING IT WAS THERE made all the difference, in a way.


        1. We do have that in common:) Hurray for beauty found! More importantly, you are feeling better. I’m all for places of magic and wonder…handstands! I could never do them, except in a pool. You know what “they” say – whatever makes you happy!


        2. Ah. The cycle. Lucky that we, as clarks, are always on the lookout for new perspectives:) And that we have the capability of moving forward often when others cannot or will not.


        3. Not quite the cycle this time…well, maybe. A whole LOAD of stuff which Has Been, and Is, and needs seriously very much to be dealt with and no longer Be in such control

          I hope I manage to move it forward…


        4. Look to yourself first. No, that is not selfish. It is however, imperative.
          here is no “control” except for your own choices. No, missy, do not roll your young, pretty eyes. Stuffy sounding or not. preachy or not, it simply boils down to what you accept. What you don’t. What you can allow and what you cannot. Took me so very many years to realize, to understand that how I look at the world simply is not how most of the people in my life view the world. Events, situations, conversations and challenges more often than not represent themselves quite differently to the ones we are closest to.


  3. I accidentally read Silent Spring when I was in high school. We were supposed to read something else, but I wrote down the wrong page numbers. Anyways, I guess I was “supposed” to read that because she instantly became one of my most beloved authors and respected. I love her work and what she did. I wish literature had the same impact as today – I feel like so much information is out there, that it’s almost harder to make an impact. I don’t know…hehe.
    Awesome post as always. And you always had a blue tablet? Hmm…I actually never thought about that…I have to have a nice pen, though. I can’t deal with scratchy, or otherwise not-nice-writing pens. 😛


    1. Wow. After I read about her I actually thought of you. Of everyone I know I was convinced you would be the one who might know who this woman was:) Universe. I’m going to read some of her books. The real ones. The hold in your hand ones. lol
      You pose an excellent question. Does literature have the same impact as it once did? We have to think of that in context. Of present day culture. A culture of instant snippets of information available to peruse. Bytes of knowledge. It does beg the question, are books becoming “archaic”. Such a shift that has taken place in society since I was young for how we receive information.
      Glad you liked the post:) I always wrote on yellow legal pads and always used a blue pen:) My favorite that was lost after many years was a Fisher space pen. Advertised as being able to write anywhere – even upside down. And that was my favorite. lol


  4. jny_jeanpretty

    Lizzi, it is good to see you here! xox *** and hugs!
    Girlie: the book on my blog today discusses Silent Spring and specifically mentions Rachael Carson. 🙂


  5. dyannedillon

    It’s nice to see a reference to the ripple effect in a positive light, because, like Lizzi, I have had a bad rippling effect this year. Good or bad, it’s interesting how far those ripples can go.
    Love your cats’ names! Who names a cat “Jamaal”?!
    I often write with a cat draped over my arm, covering the mouse and part of the keyboard, causing my hand to go to sleep. Do I move the cat? Of course not!


    1. Sorry to hear that Dyanne. The bad ones do end but sometimes not soon enough. It’s amazing how far those ripples can go.
      Thank you. Why, I do!
      I could tell right away that Ruby was going to be like that. I remember the pics you posted when she was tiny. Already claiming your computer as hers. LOL


  6. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    Here’s to Sunday mornings and writing. I don’t often write Sunday mornings now, because you know – 4year old and playgrounds and running and running, but I do love when I’m able to. Jamaal. Love it. I knew a cat named Bitch once. She was.
    I’m glad your ripple effect was positive. And here’s to getting back to a time when we knew there was something special about Sunday and all the days, really.


    1. LOL Bitch. Yes, if you name a cat Bitch I’ve no doubt there’s a reason:)
      I sincerely believe that we all need at least one day of the week that is “special”. Where we switch up routines, perhaps kick back and maybe, just maybe confuse the gods of daily grind.
      Here’s to playgrounds and running. For 6 days of the week:D


  7. “Hi, my name is Joy and I’m a Scot. We’re not good for much, just a chuckle or 2.”
    Thanks for the nice image of you writing on the chair, wrastlin your cats. Sounds peaceful and fun, and eventually productive I imagine. Hence, the blog 🙂
    I love that you read about the evils of DDT. I wish we could learn from the past! I wonder how much it will take to get the EPA to act on what is happening with our bumblebees, we’re seeing massive Colony Collapse, from current pesticides. Bees are essential to our ecosystem, until it’s cost-effective to build teeny tiny drones (the mechanical kind) to pollinate millions of flowers, we’re headed for some trouble. They say they’re looking into it, but estimate it won’t be until 2016 until they’re even close to finishing collecting their data. Meanwhile, Europe has already banned the pesticides that are causing this issue. If these pesticides can cause entire bee colony to collapse, just from them flying through the pesticides, what do we think will happen to the PEOPLE that eat the fruits and vegetables that we spray this poison on to? *shudder* Sorry for that, but it totally reminded me of the whole DDT thing, which used to be legal.
    People, am I right?


    1. Hi Joy! We’ve met on the Friday night vid chat:) You might remember me by “Denise”.
      They were good times with the felines. Never a dull moment with Madeline!!
      Kind of by happenstance finding out about Rachel. She was a pioneer in the environmental movement for sure.
      I’ve been hearing about the problem with bees for years. Kind of scary. It’s amazing how long it takes our govt. agencies to “get things done”. And more amazing how advanced our European friends are as it pertains not only to the environment but medicine, etc..I’m thinking we could take a couple of lessons from them!
      Yes, yes. You are right!


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