Thankfuls and Cupfuls or is that Cup Full?

Gee. I’m not used to beginning a post this way. How? Did you say how? With music blasting  at me a out of this here latptop. In front ‘o my face. What am I listening to? One of my favorite band’s greatest hits cd. I daresay I never would have thought they would have a “Greatest Hits”. Yes, I am being judgemental. In reality, why shouldn’t they. Personally, I love the idea of “greatest hits”. Here. Take a listen. Excellent. Except for the commercials. WTF?! A commercial after every other song?!? Really youTube? You gotta go and wreck the cd?

Most of the folks I know on the net wouldn’t care too much for these guys. Yes, Christine. It is an acquired taste but I bet I could come up with some “heavy” music even you’d like! Since you have an aversion to bleeding ears, I suggest you don’t click that link up there.

Queen Lizzi I, Host-Ess of the TToT bloghop (of which this is an entry. promise) is someone else who would not appreciate the link of excellent music. As much as I have come to adore her, Cyndi over at Pictmilitude is another who I know would not care for….the link.

Enough! My friend Zoe at Rewritten has been writing an extraordinary blog for – um, you know, I don’t know! I will have to ask her. I’ve lost track at how long it’s been since discovering her blog, which I found btw, after reading some comments she left at the Wakefield Doctrine. Has to be a year or more ago. The Bread Crumb Syndrome. I love it. One can literally follow cyber bread crumbs forever!

Man, wandering is my mind. It’s the music. Yes, it is music! Just ask Laura. Anyway, Zoe’s post today is about the SBOR/BOSR. Why it is so very important. And thank all that is good that Zoe is now the official Emissari-Ess of the 7GVs and overseer of…the Book. It’s in good hands.

No. I’m not stalling. Yes. There are thankfuls preceding these words. And if I count correctly I’m already up to well, more than 10! At least 10. Specifically? More? ….New battery arrived for lapbaby! Now I have the capability of dragging said baby around with me. You know, in case there is a sudden tsunamic wave of creativity that threatens to overcome me and I quick need to find some free wi-fi.

Hey, there’s one other thing I’m pretty thankful for. Having a place to practice writing. The kind of writing I have no clue about how to do! LOL So-o-o… I promise I’m going to read up on how to properly form a sentence, use tense, set up dialogue and, and! develop characters and all that other stuff. For now though, I’m just having fun with my friend Roger at the Secessionist Rag.

We’ve been alternating chapters pretty consistently lately. I published Chapter 22 last week and look forward to Roger’s Chapter 23. It’s a detective story hopefully in the style of Robert B. Parker. Hopefully, getting some legs. Check it out. Leave some feedback if you’ve a mind to. I have a feeling if Roger doesn’t htfu with Chapter 23 I might have to write it myself!





28 thoughts on “Thankfuls and Cupfuls or is that Cup Full?

  1. I meant to get over there and read that co-authorship project….glad you reminded me…its 22chpts already? Damn I gotta get reading…roger can hold on htfu!!! Thanks for the shout…I had to look up howlong its been…this blog was feb2013. Huh…who knew? Other than possibly regaining my own virginity retroactively, I dont know that im good den mother material for a bunch of ornery virgins!


    1. It is already although I didn’t come on board I think until chapter 11. Was doing the odd numbered chapters then ended up doing 2 in a row and wound up at an even number. It’s a different writing experience. Roger and I have no communication with each other except to comment at the blog. Otherwise the story is literally unfolding each time we write a chapter.

      February 2013? For some reason I was thinking longer. What?! Of course. You are the perfect den mother for said virgins. I can think of no other to keep them in line!


    1. I did! It’s in the link. Click “Take a listen”!
      You do have eclectic tastes. Just not sure if you’d like (click the link!). I know there is much music of mine that you would like. I do have a “softer” side ya know. LOL AND! Despite appearances, there’s a bunch of happy music I like as well.


  2. I went against your advice and clicked, because every once in a blue moon we do agree on a song or artist. Well, after listening (to 55 seconds), I can tell you, the moon is not blue today. You were right. 🙂
    I don’t know how I missed hearing about the book you are writing with Roger. What a fun idea!


  3. I don’t mind Rage Against The Machine sometimes, usually when I’m on the elliptical or my bike. Other times it makes me feel like I drank too much coffee! What a great idea, your writing project. That would not only be fun but I would imagine a bit of a challenge. I’ll check it out.


    1. For sure they would get you through that last mile lol
      It really is a challenge since the story line has only loosely been established. It’s kinda/sorta like “24” in the real time aspect. Each of us doesn’t know what the other will write next.
      Thanks, Sandy. Hope you do:)


  4. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    A commercial after every song makes me go away every time but OMG a place to practice writing? That part, that part sounds amazing. What are you guys working on?


    1. Couldn’t believe it. After the first 2 songs…an advertisement!
      It’s a detective story that Roger started a little while ago at the Rag. Think I came in around Ch. 11. Clark put ouy the link a few times with the challenge to identify the roger and the clark….who wrote which chapters:) Kinda fun. Anyway, while I think about reading the book about character development and such, I’m just having a little fun:)


  5. You’re getting along quite nicely with that whole practicing the writing. 😀
    As for the music? I didn’t click on the link – more because I’m in a hurry – but, BUT I wanted to say how fun it was at the Doctrine call-in last evening. I got off the phone with a veritable lightness and eagerness. I just adore you guys.
    I hope you have a great week! Take care!!


    1. Sort of! This is last week’s post. I had one all ready to go this morning, was on the final edit and blam! out goes the internet!
      Thanks for stopping by though. Yeah. Last night’s call was fun. You always bring new insights and prompts to the conversations that are enjoyable and enlightening. I love that you call and we get a chance to talk.
      Have a great week also Cyndi! Sending massive positive energy your way:)


  6. Christine, Lizzi and Zoe are pretty amazing. Zoe did say she’s been blogging a while but hasn’t kept count once on a comment she left on my blog I think that was last week. I’m celebrating one year of blogging this month so I think that’s how that came up. You’re writing a book. How wonderful is that!


    1. They are a creative, fun group of women. Good writers. Good people:)
      It is tough to keep up sometimes. After I read your post this morning and stopped by a couple of other blogs I decided to write a post myself. As I was saying to Cyndi, when I was almost finished a final edit I lost the internet. Couldn’t believe the timing! I only got the internet back about 20 minutes ago. I was happy to see you stopped by Brittnei.
      I don’t know about it being a book but I am co-writing a story. But who knows? Maybe it will turn out to be a book. That would be cool:) And most wonderful!


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