TToT Con’t….Back in the Day…. there was “Stand In Line”. I did.

Damn! Back in the day, yes folks, the 1980’s (T-ful #8), I bought this album brand new. Yes. Album. Today, this day, this 7th day of September, 2014 I’m watching the VH1 vid for the very first time. Back in the day, I didn’t have cable. Didn’t see any MTV vids. Nothing. Back in the day (ok, still am), I was all about metal, young “guitar gods” and the energy that was the music of the day.

Back in the day for me, there were no visuals except those that came from seeing a band or musician live. It was left to my imagination. Point in case, until today, I did not know what Graham Bonnet (his voice could be T-ful #9 but isn’t) looked like. Back then. Back in the day. I don’t want to know what he looks like now because that would wreck it. It would wreck the image. The energy. I still get from listening to certain music. From back in the day.

It’s all about the energy. If someone planted a camera to catch moments of me enjoying certain music they would see a head nodding, sometime singing ( at times loudly lol) 50 something caught up in the energy. It is the be all and end all. Music. It is my “expression”. I borrow this term from Clark over at the Wakefield Doctrine. rogers are known to possess certain activities which are referred to as their “expression”. Being the polar opposite to a roger, as a clark I like the term. Fits.

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah. Music is my aeroplane (yup the Chilis are T-ful #9), music is my aeroplane, it’s my aeroplane….oh, man. Got so interrupted. Lost the flow. Lost the….impetus here. What can I drag up from the vaults to inspire and otherwise catapult me to the finish line? Where do I look? To what genre? What am I now feeling?

That music can be transformative? That it is a time capsule? That it is an expression? That it can catapult, comfort, cajole and without fail communicate that which singular words cannot? As much as I love the bass guitar, it is singularly the six string that pulls, tears, heals and otherwise allows me to feel to the fullest.

This has turned into a ramble but I committed to a continuation from yesterday’s words…I’m thankful for “back in the day”.  I’m strong enough to carry her bags (T-ful #10). My music “library” is vast enough there will never not be sufficent energy for today. If we cannot use the past, what use is it? If we do not move forward, there can be no future. Once upon a time in the future, there will always be a “back in the day”.

It is with sincerity of strength I post this vid. And the second one. Don’t think I need to explain why.




  1. zoebyrd · September 7, 2014



  2. LauraALord · September 7, 2014

    Love this! Back in my day, MTV actually played music videos lol.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 7, 2014

      I remember back when MTV was new. And still never got cable.
      Missed a lot:) People would always ask “did you see the video of…” Nope. Never did lol


  3. zoebyrd · September 7, 2014

    Two posts!!!!! Yup not a music girl….gets too lodged in my head….like to the migraine heaving point….


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 7, 2014

      Yes! Isn’t it novel for me? LOL
      Damn Zoe. I’m trying to figure that out. Really to the migraine point?
      Tell ya what. Will try and do the next few posts with movie stuff. Been in a movie mode lately anyway. Even though I haven’t watched many:)


      • zoebyrd · September 7, 2014

        dont change on my account… Im a nudge when it comes to media in general… I dont go to movies either… brain stuff leaves me dizzy… missing some depth perception so it affects my balance to watch big moving pics in the dark ( you damn kids and your new fangled movies!) … what an effing weirdo huh?


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 7, 2014

          🙂 .. media nudge, eh? Hey! Thanks for thinking of me as a kid! LOL


  4. Michelle Liew · September 7, 2014

    Ok, Roger here……so I guess my expression would be…well, we can shake hands….music and poetry! Glad to share both with ya!


  5. lrconsiderer · September 7, 2014

    No, I’m stuck on ‘transformative’….


  6. Kristi · September 7, 2014

    Music definitely communicates better than words alone.


  7. Pattie Thomas (@pattie_thomas) · September 8, 2014

    Music and the original MTV from back in the day videos are some of my favorite things. I like tha tyou say back in the day to refer to the 80s. Me too.


  8. pictimilitude · September 13, 2014

    I think you were a musician in a famous band in a past life. 🙂
    I love how music resonates so much with you – that is very cool!
    Please tell me you play an instrument…like…guitar? Cuz OMG…I think you would “rock” it. Literally. 🙂


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · September 13, 2014

      Hey! I was just writing you a message over at the FB and thought it would be better to just e-mail you. When I opened the door here to get your address, poof! I had just missed you:) Psychic baby. Si-kic. lol

      Maybe. I’d like to think so:) I played classical piano once upon a time as well as classical guitar for a very much shorter time. As of last year I had made quite a bit of progress learning to play electric bass. I could really rock me some Ramones, Priest, Cheap Trick, Grand Funk….Since moving? Not so much. But I plan on getting back into it most def! It is so much fun!

      So here’s what I was going to say over at the FB – if you call in tonight, remind me to ask you about reading a “part” for me. I’m co-writing a story with Roger at the Secessionist Rag. I have zero experience at such writing. I’ve been developing my character and introduced another, “Bobby Giancarlo”. Roger is developing his character. Occaisionally, we write for each other’s character which can get a little tricky. Clark suggested having someone read the other character’s lines with me while I read my character’s lines. Would you be up to that?

      Btw Cyndi, thanks for stopping in this afternoon:)


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