It’s the TToT Train. Hold up. I’m comin’…

It’s a long time since this morning when I had all the “ideas”. When the creative words were like morning coffee perking in the pot. But I let them sit. Let them simmer all damn day. Until now. Now? They taste like shit. What’s up with that? If you don’t write them right then and there, they simply go away? I can’t help asking, is it the words that go away or the feeling(s) that produce them?

“Ole’ blue eyes”. He was “it” for my Mom when she was a young girl. Born in Jersey City, NJ she felt a kinship with Frank simply for the fact he was from Jersey too. She knew Hoboken. Now everyone knew Hoboken. When I was young she’d tell me stories about life, her life. As I got older she’d tell me more stories about life, her life. Today, I remembered her telling me about about how she once had a huge crush on Frank Sinatra. “What girl didn’t back then?” she’d ask me.

It’s an anniversary this weekend. An anniversary I don’t necessarily mark the same way each year. Some years it comes and goes like a whisper. Other years, it comes in like a stormtrooper. This year? This year it arrived guerilla style.  I was not prepared. rogers will tell you the horrors of not being “prepared”. Don’t believe me? Ask Kristi. She will tell you straight away I speak the truth.

I am most grateful, not simply for the existence of the TToT, but rather for the fact that the “rules” allow for posting any time of the weekend. Any time. No pressure. And on top of that, people will stop by and visit even days after. Nice. Count that as No. 1.

2. For the rainy day yesterday. For the overcast skies. It was a light rain. And just overcast enough for my mood. Suited me just fine.

3. For the sunshine today. For the “calibre” of light shining. There is a seasonal change to it’s hue.

4. Other clarks. More specifically, for being able to read, speak with, correspond with, witness (to use Clark’s term) other clarks thanks to the wonder that is the “sphere”.

5. Thanks for music. What would I do without it? How would I express myself? How empty I would be. Incomplete.

6. Another day.

7. The Seccessionist Rag. For providing a platform to practice. You know. The writing thing. If I’m not going to read about how to write, might as well just “do it” and have fun.

8. A good job. Most important.

9. A reliable vehicle. Very important.

10. Faith. The ability to believe. In anything. In Everything.


Here’s to us, Ma….




16 thoughts on “It’s the TToT Train. Hold up. I’m comin’…

  1. secrund…Mom had good taste… THat’s Life… a favorite.
    I know what you mean about writing it when you have it and not waiting. Its like trying to remember a dream in the morning… its there but its not complete or the same or nearly as satisfying. Have a great week, Denise.


    1. 🙂 and there’s nothing wrong with that! Yes. Yes, she did.
      Kills me. So often it’s the choice to wait. There are those days that threaten total hibernation if you don’t stop yourself and put the computer away. Sometimes that’s good. Sometimes. Not.
      Thanks Zoe. You too. Haven’t been by your house is awhile. See you over there a bit later?


  2. Do you know how many emails I have to myself that make absolutely no sense. I often voice to text my percolating thoughts… Sometimes I can mold those emails into some semblance of writing…..sometimes.

    Also….Frank always knows what to say.


    1. I believe it! I tend to grab little pieces of paper and scribble notes then proceed to lose the little pieces of paper lol.
      I like your idea of e-mails much better. Voice to text. One of these days when I get a phone that’s not from the “dark ages”:)

      Yeah, doesn’t he? Haven’t listened to him in years. Until this weekend. Glad you enjoyed.


  3. Oh how it annoys me to finally sit at the computer to write the fabulous post that was in my head earlier in the day, only to find that the words and tone and idea was crap. Or my mood is. Either way, no fabulous post.
    Thanks for the music from Frank. I have never really sat and listened to any Sinatra songs. Now that I am, it’s no wonder that everyone swooned over him.
    It is nice when the weather fits your mood, isn’t it?


  4. I somehow missed your TToT this weekend – so I’m in the “days later” contingent!
    Ah, Frank…especially young Frank. Like the others said, not hard to figure out why all the girls swooned. My Hub doesn’t understand it…but maybe it’s a girl thing! Frank was such a part of growing up in my family. My Grandparents loved him because he was theirs and it trickled through the rest of us.
    Sorry your anniversary sneaked up on you – that happens, doesn’t it? Hope you’re feeling well.
    I know what you mean about those posts that get away and when you go back later…pffft.
    I’ve been working on my WD “studies” (laughs). I’m going to have to read you more regularly and connect with that Clarkness. 😀


    1. I hear you Lisa – I seem to be doing the same “days later” myself:)
      Think you’re right. It is a girl thing. My mom liked Frank when he was just starting out and still liked him even after he got old.
      Yeah, sometimes it does. Thank you, much better now:)
      Glad to hear it! Imo, the Doctrine is the coolest thing since sliced bread lol.
      I’d love to have you stop by. Any time:)


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