clarks. Such Self Centered Bastards…(What? This is the TToT?)

OK. Fine! I’ll write that post another day. I mean, why would I talk about clarks being self centered bastards here in a 10 Things of Thank-full post, right?

My song of the week. My “happy” song is this one, the one at the bottom of the post. “Aw, yeah..” And no, that is not Led Z. No riff rip going on here. Nope. Dontcha love that cow bell. lol. Love this song. This song from what, 1986?!

When I was young I would listen/hear music from when my parents were young and think “man, that’s such “old people” music. Well, what in the world is She’s Crafty? Would a teenager listen to the Beastie Boys today and say “man, what old people music”? I think music in general has evolved to the point where the music (some lol) of my youth transcends the “old people” stereotype. It’s often accepted by today’s youth as still relevant. (how’s that for old time “relevant“?)

I resist putting up a formal list of 10 things today. No, not simply because as a clark I do things “differently”. It’s just that I know there are at least 10 instances this past week for which thanks could be in order but I feel inadequate in my ability to describe them. I can’t color them brightly enough for them to shine for you as they do for me.

Quandry. I will always, each day it happens, be thankful I wake up yet another day. Practically speaking that would qualify as 7 thankfuls. No! I am not making light of it. It’s just that I find it difficult, more often than not, to express that which touches me on an emotional level. I live in the world of the rational unlike my rogerian brethern who seem to be able to craft words out of nothing to express their feelings. Or the scotts who slam their words together with such impact you can’t help but read them!

This week there have been simple things for which I am grateful – the touch and feel of the wind on a beautiful day, the sight of a gathering of geese by the side of a pond….I tend to put all my thankfuls in the same basket. The one sitting on the fireplace hearth or on the top shelf of the bookcase. The basket that contains the promise of another opportunity at making a go of it.

I’ve been up for quite some time now. Literally waking with music in my head, more specifically a line from a song. After putting the coffee on, I got back in bed, turned on the laptop, opened the page that holds my “morning words” and started writing. Only my usual morning words started to write like something else. Seems I was writing the 3rd post for tube tops, tattoos and TimeLines. Huh. Go figure.

I’m thankful it’s not now 5:00 pm instead of…holy shit! 11:40 am but I still have the Saturday morning errands to run before I head into work. So…thank you for stopping by and if I don’t return for awhile it’s for not having access to the internet. Sometimes that’s a thankful. Sometimes not.

Here’s to another day. May it be all you want it to be. Enjoy.


34 thoughts on “clarks. Such Self Centered Bastards…(What? This is the TToT?)

  1. I”… be thankful I wake up yet another day. Practically speaking that would qualify as 7 thankfuls. No! I am not making light of it.
    …not to speak out of turn (I believe zoe is our ’emissary de SGV’) but something tells me you might do well to not try the ‘7days a week gambit’


      1. It was all assumption! On Clark’s part LOL. Because you have been revealed to be the emissary-ette, keeper of the Book, I think he assumed you were also the Overseer of the SGVs:)
        Now, if this happens to be true……


  2. Ah I keep loosing my internet connection mid reply…

    ANYWAY.. I find when I try to convey why I am thankful for something I fail but when I just list it… It speaks to the person who needs it. I am always surprised by what impacts on people. It is that pesky perspective thing again.


    1. I hate when that happens. It always seems to happen at the least convenient times. lol

      That is beautiful in it’s simplicity:) “…It speaks to the person who needs it.”

      It is perspective! Sometimes I am over analytical with a side of over-complication. LOL


  3. Each day is a thankful, isn’t it?
    Your comments on music are interesting. I tend to agree with the universality of music, but then I think of Joan Jett and the BlackHearts lyrics, “I love rock ‘n roll, so put another dime in the juke box, baby,” and I think maybe there is still an age gap. 🙂


  4. Loved your post. I’m still trying to figure out exactly which I am but I’m leaning toward being a Roger. Music, I love music so intensely. I grew up on Hank Williams Sr., and all the oldies, my grandparents raised me. I admire any music that makes me feel. I can feel the gap though with my 12 year old. I think it’s because I push her too much too. But if she is going to love Eminem singing Berserk, than to me she should understand the importance of the video, Rick Rubin, The Beastie Boys, and so on. lol


    1. Thank you:) Have you tried the process of elimination? Sometimes it helps to narrow the field. Even if it’s only by one LOL
      I absolutely can relate to that. Music that evokes emotion. That is what it’s about. How music makes me feel.
      12 is a tough age. That inbetween time. I bet she’ll be a little more receptive to your musical suggestions in a couple of more years:)


  5. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    Music is a great and powerful thing. Some I think is perhaps more great and powerful than other choices, but you know there are just as many people out there who would think precisely the opposite. That’s what great about music – or art, literature, etc. There is enough to go around to suit everyone’s taste.


    1. Ola Michelle:)
      I laugh at the title because clarks by nature are not self centered. And we need to be. For our selves. I hope that I do write a post about it. We’ve talked about it at the Doctrine and I may have touched on it somewhere in the Girlie archives. rogers, your people lol, are the true self centered of the 3. In a very practical sense. Everything begins with you, the roger, and extends outward, and is built upon. When I speak of being self centered or being selfish it is with the understanding that the term(s) represents something entirely different to a clark, scott and roger.
      Thank you stopping in:)


  6. Morning breeze and gathered geese and the waking up each day and remembering to be thankful for having woken up…those all sound beautiful and very worthwhile things to include.

    As for selfish. Hm. I discover I am increasingly jealous…I would imagine clarks are the most jealous of the three, when it comes to e.g. other people. Are we?


    1. Lizzie, Lizzie. You make me have to use my brain. lol

      Imo there is a distinction between selfish and self centered. And each is represented/manifests differently for each of the 3 worldviews. But I’m preaching to the choir.

      clarks need to be selfish. We are not. By nature we are selfless. Good thing, bad thing. But again, I preach to the choir.

      You question is a good one. My first reaction is to say yes. We are the most jealous*. We look at other people and long for their life. The life that seems to be the one “everyone” has. The one that seems to make people happy. clarks are rarely happy. This is not to say clarks never experience happiness.

      There is a longing within clarks. Always. Life for a clark is always going to happen “tomorrow”. Somewhere in that tangle lay the seeds of the jealousy of which you speak…make any sense?

      *Of course there is a counter argument in favor of the “no” answer:)


      1. That speaks of envy – a BadEnough thing in itself, but no, jealousy – of guarding what we ‘have’ and not sharing well with others. That. Again, pertaining to friends. I ask (mostly) academically, but have certainly noticed that happening in my world lately.

        (Isn’t there always a counter-argument? 😉 )


        1. I love your “counter arguments”:)
          Good point. The distinction. Envy.
          Look down deep. Find the root. Is not the jealousy based in fear? Ask yourself honestly if it arises from feelings about your own self. Are you being objective. I don’t know. It’s kind of a complicated thing, this jealousy.
          Specifically? Being jealous of friends and or not wanting to “share” them? The guarding of what we “have”. You have to ask – why the feeling of the need of protecting a thing that is not “ownable”. Insecurity?
          Fear is at the root of all things for clarks. With new friends it’s the fear that one day they won’t “like” us anymore or that they may find “someone else” to hang with. Guess it boils down to the definition of friendship (for you, may not be the same for them) – the classification of friendship*. This is an interesting topic. I was speaking to Clark recently about “friends”.
          I’m going to be late for work. Good topic Lizzie. Come back and let’s talk more about? Would be helpful to me as well. (see. there’s that damned “self-centered” ness LOL

          *friendship” is represented differently to a clark, scott and roger.


        1. Detach.
          That’s the answer for us “older” clark:)
          The how for younger folk is a tad more “multi-layered”. A key to working through “jealousy” is to not indulge. In the bad feelings, the sad feelings. Avoid the self-indugence in feeling bad.
          Each of us works through the uncertainty a little differently. Insecurity in self is a work in progress. Talking to other clarks about it is always good. I find it helpful when I’m able to identify with someone and vice versa.
          btw, your questions should be asked of clarks. Ask a roger, different answer(s). Ask a scott, different answer(s).


  7. dyannedillon

    Your writing evokes such vivid images. I see the water and the geese, your hair blowing in the breeze.

    Even though I HATED my parents’ music when I was young, sometimes, when I’m in the car, running errands and such, I will tune the radio to a local AM station that plays “times of your life” kind of music and listen to the songs my parents used to listen to. Artie Shaw. Benny Goodman. Doris Day.Kingston Trio. And also the elevator music songs my dad always liked. And it makes me happy.


    1. That is a high compliment Dyanne. Thank you. Makes me feel good:)

      Isn’t is funny how after a certain age (maturity? naah…) we seem to be a little more open to the music of our parents. I remember dreading long trips in the car – “no! no! not the opera!!” LOL

      That’s sweet, the elevator music….it’s those little things that can bring the biggest smiles:)


  8. I remember when I was younger always feeling like things had to be big. It’s nice to be older and be able to appreciate the simple things, the things we don’t think to be grateful for…like just another day. I love that.

    I listened to the Beastie Boys while typing this and have to admit, while I’ve not been a huge fan, this song is pretty cool.

    Thanks for sharing it!


    1. Guess that is the nature of youth – the world is big, wide open with so much to explore.
      I don’t know why but that song just makes me smile lol. No Sleep til Brooklyn is another one of theirs that brings the smile:)

      You’re welcome!


  9. Soooooo….isolate the relationship, perhaps, because they’re all unique and different things mean differently to different people and in that way friendships are kind of a ‘stand alone’ deal rather than something to compare? Perhaps?

    And accept that it stands to reason that it’s not possible to be all things to all people, or even necessarily best at any of them… :/


    1. You are on the right track:)

      It is necessary to understand that the value we place on friendship(s) and relationship(s) is not necessarily the same value the other person has assigned to the relationship. (thank God you’re a clark Lizzie, and I can write like this lol)
      It’s a challenge, in the absence of some sort of “life event”, to put a proper/clearer lens on a relationship. I had a HUGE self realization last year about a very long standing relationship with a family member. I “suddenly” realized I had been projecting my own interpretation of what our relationship “meant”, should mean, over all the preceding years. It was at once awful and wonderful. Wonderful in the sense that I now had a choice. I didn’t have to have the same frustrations or feelings of insecurity because I understood how she related to the world. As a roger, she had completely different “expectations” of our relationship. Friendships work the same way.

      In a nutshell – what you said:)

      P.S. I will tell you and all clarks, the relationship/friendship with rogers? They are the biggest challenge for clarks. And one of the most important to understand. scotts? We got it easy with them. rogers? They take all the work!


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