Watch Me While I Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat…

Aging and accomplishment. Conflict and creativity. Early morning thoughts last week as I raced to get out the door to work. No! I can not stop to write a post, I’ll be late to work! “Just jot it down” I told myself. Those words will be sufficient to jog your memory when there’s time to write this post. NOT. No. Why? Because those words jumped out of somewhere in relation to whatever it was I was thinking at the time. At. That. Time. Not now.

I figure there’s 2 schools of thought on writing blog posts. Folks from the 1st (or it might be the 2nd) would say “hey, ya got two viable topics to discuss. Go ahead and write when you have the time. Not like the topics have an expiration date or anything.”

The 2nd (or it might be the 1st) school of thought would say “shit damn. Lost it. The emotional content of that moment, the moment that produced the thoughts that briefly translated into those 2 topics, is gone. So whatever may have been written then can never be replicated now. Poof! What might have been…..”

Got a clothesline worth of pieces of paper, drafts, I could hang from here to kingdom come. So what’s a body to do? Maybe I should gather all the fragments, piece them together and see what comes of it? No need to worry about all the “lost”, potential posts. I’ll just do a word/post collage! lol.

Guess that means I don’t have to expand on aging and accomplishment, conflict and creativity today? No, but I do have to participate in the weekly bloghop internationally known as the TToT. Bullwinkle?

In no particular order, Rocky….

* Gifts from the Cat

** Employment

*** My basic 5 senses

**** the Wakefield Doctrine

***** A sunny day yesterday for my nephew’s Soccer All Star Tournament

*x6 Warm clothing to wear at said Tournament

VII Family. In whatever form it takes.

**x4 Music

5+4 The generosity of people in my world – for guidance, compassion, encouragement & support.

********** Another day.

You know, it’s been established you can turn it up to 11. I reserve the right today to one day, come to this hop and turn it up to 11:) Now it’s time to bundle up, head to the soccer fields once again and on to work. Have a good week everyone!




  1. Vanessa D. · November 16, 2014

    Employment is such a crucial thing – I hope I live to see the day when our economy recovers enough to be grateful for good employment instead of just any employment.


  2. zoebyrd · November 16, 2014

    I think Jackson Browne is enough of an expansion on the aging thing… Wow… Im not a kid anymore huh?
    Cant tell you how many times THIS WEEK I wished I had stopped to write something down that I was sure was going to be brilliant… at. the. time.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 16, 2014

      No kidding, huh? That’s why I don’t like to watch interviews or see pictures of all the musicians I’ve grown up with:) I mean, I don’t look all that much older…do I? lolol
      You’ve gone from kid to, I don’t know, mature young adult? 🙂

      I think I like FB1″S method, only I’d have to get a new phone. Which I keep saying I’m going to get. And I am!


  3. fangboner1 · November 16, 2014

    gifts froom the cat… Yes… I get that one.

    Also my favorite way to write blog posts… I use talk to text and email myself my thoughts. Then I don’t have to stop and write..I can ramble and then kinda shape it later…. and wait what was I saying. …….. oh yeah I can walk around finishing up my little tasks…talking to my phone which is writing to my email. Then hit send. I often have ten to fifteen of these as Neil Degrasse tyson said this week on NPR brain droppings.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 16, 2014


      I remember you writing that once! And it’s a good idea. Better than the written jottings. Like you say, you can kinda just ramble and shape it later. At least hearing yourself you’ve got another dimension to draw from.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Kristi · November 16, 2014

    I don’t dislike cats, but I am generally a dog person and I am a bit puzzled that gifts from the cat made your list. I read that and think of hairballs or dead rodents. Am I missing something?


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 17, 2014

      Dogs are most wonderful:) I was never a cat person until I had 2 of my own and even then I think I “trained” them like dogs. lol
      No literal interpretation on this Kristi:) Pure representation. Think “cosmic”, “mystical”, “magical”.
      Difficult to describe…”gifts from the Cat” are rare. They are there, around us always… and for me, to be seen/appreciated but for my own (self)limitation.


  5. lrconsiderer · November 17, 2014

    I subscribe to both schools of thought re the blog posting bit. But I think that’s okay. Something to do with horses for courses and having time to train them anyway…

    Aging…accomplishment…dangerous words if you decide that the measure of success is anything more than being one day better than you were yesterday, perhaps.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 17, 2014

      You know what Lizzi? Just tonight I’ve decided that maybe, I can go back to a topic conceived in pure emotional content and successfully write about it. Perhaps I should not so easily discard that which cannot be given life immediately:)

      Aha! You tease with the dit dit dit. It is open for interpretation, non? It is a most subjective topic. Food for thought.
      Geez. Now, I have to start keeping track of those topics that deserve to be given a chance at literary life! And I have you to thank!!


      • lrconsiderer · November 18, 2014

        To be fair though, who better than a clark to transport their emotional memory back to the point of initial feeling, and to write from within that moment?

        Start carrying a notebook or dictaphone 😉


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 18, 2014

          True. But by the very nature (of being a clark), and by the “momentary” nature of emotional content, the thing being written about will be “different” later than at that very moment. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can be a challenge. To use that which might have been to create something new. Waste not want not! Aha! I have stumbled upon a new perspective. IRL I try to conserve/recycle everything, not to be wasteful. Why not apply that same principle to ideas? I mean, who am I to say ‘aack! that moment is gone, done is done”.
          If Dr. Franenstein can do it. So can I LOL

          It would have to be a dictaphone:)


        • lrconsiderer · November 18, 2014

          Dictaphone it is, then! And yes, by its very nature (you never step in the same river twice) it would be different BUT the essence might remain.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 18, 2014

          Yeah, like maybe a parallel universe! Why not!!
          It may seem as if I’m making light and I am but….you’re right. The essence. The challenge for me will be to capture the echo of the essence of what almost and might have been.
          Thank you:)

          Liked by 1 person

        • lrconsiderer · November 19, 2014

          I have every confidence in you 🙂


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 19, 2014

          Thank you Lizzi. That means a lot to me:)

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Clark Scottroger · November 18, 2014

    (If I may)…. yeah, (to Lizzi’s Comment)… of the three, clarks have that capacity to consider emotional involvement to ‘simply be’ a perspective! (While we know it’s not as simple as that), what one might describe, in the process would be both telling and resonant to all three.


  7. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me · November 18, 2014

    I think not only those two schools, but many others are viable posting processes. It’s really up to the writer – no one else. Ultimately, the writer is the only one who can decide whether what is written holds any value, the emotional impact it was intended to, etc. Sometimes I think they work just fine later. Others, those half-scrawled words or drafts languish forever. I figure what’s mean to be, will be. What isn’t…simply isn’t. I try not to stress about it because then writing becomes a chore filled with angst. I never want it to feel like that. I did that when I worked on deadline. Hated. It.
    Warm clothes when the weather is cold. Always.
    Employment and thus income. Yes. Definitely.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 18, 2014

      ‘I agree!

      “…the writer is the only one who can decide whether what is written holds any value, the emotional impact it was intended to…”

      For me Lisa, there’s a distinction. When I use the term “emotional content” I mean it to describe a state that I’m in at the time. A state, for lack of better adjectives (and agility of mind at this hour lol), of heightened energy/creativity. Often, for me, the writing that comes out of this “state” is often the writing that evokes the most emotion from my readers. Guess it makes sense. Me getting excited about something gets someone else excited about that same something! Well, if I write about it well enough that is:)

      You’re right about half drafts and stress and that writing can feel as if it’s a chore. I hate that feeling. I went through my dashboard last weekend and counted 8! drafts. I will not have 8 clumps of word jumbalaya cluttering my dashboard ever again! LOL


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