Baby Blue and Blank Space…

Greetings from the homeland after the holiday. Today, day 2 of the post Thanksgiving, thanksgiving weekend blog hop. It’s TToT time.

First up! Thanks to our estimable Hostess Lizzi, can’t hold you down, Rogers. For turning me onto Van Morrison’s rendition of (no, it’s not Mick Jagger), It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue. Thank you Lizzi for sharing your “go to” song:)

Second! Smooth driving going to and returning from Florida. I left later than planned on both journeys but traffic was amenable just the same. The cops pulled over plenty of people. But not me.

Third! Finding that time has not eroded aspects of my relationship with Man. Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. Sometimes it shores it.

Fourth! Said Man providing me with foodstuffs I do not ordinarily eat. Many cinnamon buns and potato chips and dip and cookies and M&M’s and coconut cream pie! I’m one of those who welcomes the extra, holiday pounds. I broke 110lbs! Yippee!

Fifth! This should have been at the top of the list. I’m extremely thankful for a safe, uneventful trip. I was witness to a couple of car accidents in both directions. (sure, this really is part of #1 however, I got a free pass from the 7 GVs to make it a stand alone. see Rule 1122, Sub. Para. 29 in the Book)

Sixth! I’m actually thankful for not developing anxiety attacks over not having convenient access to the internet while I was away. Which is to say no access. I trust everyone is well. I look forward to catching up.

7th! Weather. Good weather. For driving. Can’t say I had the best weather while in Florida but it wasn’t hateful. I’m thankful that there was one good, sit on the beach day. That was Monday. Thursday was a beautiful, chilly day and the afternoon walk on the almost deserted beach was gorgeous and wonderful and rejuvenating. It was the best day.

8th! the Wakfield Doctrine. For providing a tool for my “self” journey. In the receding wake of not so good life circumstances, after arriving on the shore of a new beach, it has been invaluable. I was able to travel from this, my new TimeLine, to my (threads still attached) former TimeLine. The one where my other half still resides. In spite of it being a Tholian Web, I found that who I am here traveled freely and did not get “sewn in” by who I was there.

9th! Dogs. They are wonderful and giving.

10th!! Another day.

[Apparently this really will be Blank Space.]


43 thoughts on “Baby Blue and Blank Space…

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    I think safe travels to and from is worthy of a whole post, really. People drive so carelessly anymore – makes me think of Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby. Anyway, people are just so careless and distracted when they drive that you have to be really terrified about being on the road. Add any kind of weather anomaly to the mix and it’s worse. So having good weather for the drive is really terrific.
    And yay for you for maintaining your composure in the absence of Internet access. How easily we become hooked, right?


    1. I agree. Nowadays with people texting and on their phones – it only takes a second of not looking at the road. You know, I have neither read nor watched The Great Gatsby. Now you make me curious!
      Yes, I had good weather most of the way down but hit rain in Georgia. It wasn’t too bad. By the time I crossed into Floriday it wasn’t too long before the rain let up and was just misting. No complaints from me. I’ve driven on trips in blinding rains. Now that is the absolute pits!
      Oh yeah. I was jonseing for some wi-fi. But I got over it:)


  2. valj2750

    Safe travels and being stuffed with holiday treats (and that’s a good thing for you with no regrets – I’d be real thankful for that) and wonderful things to be thankful for. You’ve got the Wakefield Doctrine all figured out. I think I do, but too shy to come out and say it. Have a good week.


    1. Indeed Val. I do have much to be thankful for.
      Well, I don’t know if I have the Doctrine “all” figured out, but I’ve got enough working knowledge that I’m able to apply it. I look at it like a practice thing. The more I “do”, the more I learn. There comes a day when more than one light bulb comes on:)
      It can be intimidating. Frankly, when it comes down to conversing about the Doctrine, I still struggle with the vocabulary – don’t quite always know how to express what I know, what I’ve learned and observations and such.
      You have a good week also!


    1. Interesting perspective – the idea being worse than the actuality.
      It’s funny Stephanie, I wasn’t so much worried about my not writing (I should have been, I’ll never improve unless I keep at it!). It was more about not being able to read what everyone else was writing, and what might be new. And access. Just having access to the “world”. I envy you not having time to miss it. I’m sitting here trying to remember how it was for me in the “before time”. Nope. I’m hopeless LOL


  3. missed you on Fri. but glad you got home and back with some sense of ease. Nice to get home and find it great to be there too! We had no wifi for a few days… jonesing a bit here too!


    1. I wouldn’t have added much to the conversation. Was so tired after the drive. Not a fan of night driving.
      I was forced to drop to 70 mph once I hit Fredericksburg, VA:)
      So glad you got your wi fi back. Must have sucked for those few days!


  4. BEACH! Perfect 🙂 I’m so glad you got that day 🙂

    Glad you like my song. More glad you didn’t die driving.

    And it seems like you’re managing your timelines well, even though they crossed over. Onwards and Upwards, my friend.



    1. Oh yes, it was:) I spent most of my adult life (except for now and the last time) living near the beach and it was most wonderful.
      You’re very lucky to live as close as you do to the beach.

      It’s a very good song. Bob is quite the songwriter. You and me both!

      I knew TimeLines were colliding. There were some weird things that happened where that was the only explanation. In spite of them, I’m not thinking there were any casualties:)

      Thank you, Lizzi.


      1. No casualties – that’s a cause for celebration indeed. I always worry when timelines cross over, but yaknow what? We’re good at resilience and we’re probably the most capable at that kind of situation because of our innate ability to believe almost anything and retain a healthy scepticism about it all, entirely at the same time.

        Bob’s incredible and I’m grateful he wrote.

        And YES! I am so, so lucky. Every time I’m there, I count my blessings. The beach is part of my soul.


        1. Yes, we are resilient to a fault. Our ability to adapt knows no boundaries. Both of these things not always in the positive column.
          Having said that, I’m “enjoying” a new found (thanks to the Doctrine) ability to see from above, be aware when I start slipping into “routine and pattern”. I’m much better at changing horses mid-stream:),at self correction.
          Damn we are such the allegorical, “symbolistically”, why don’t you use regular words and speak like everyone else, people LOL

          I would counter your “almost anything” by saying we can believe in anything and everything…

          He is not a talented vocalist but he has a way with words fo sure!

          In one more thing we are kindred spirits Lizzi – the beach, the ocean – is a part of our souls.

          P.S. I would tell you to embrace and face the fear, the worry, when you are in a position of timeline crossover. How else can we grow?


      2. Ah well, perhaps I need to try to live a bit more fearlessly. I’m crossing over the ocean next year, and I’m EXCITED about that, even though it will be a HUGE crossover (as in, the actual, REAL me, being there…with these people I esteem so much…and me, whom I do not.)

        I’m glad to know we have another commonality. And why use one word when ten (polysyllabic) will do? Bo-RING!

        I’ve heard the Taylor song before. It made me shudder – not because it’s not a good song, but because I know someone who felt very strongly that this was where she’s at right now. and that upset me.


        1. It is something all clarks should embrace – the facing of the fear. Placing it properly in the landscape of our worldview:)

          That is SO exciting!! You coming here. You know I hope to meet you, right? WAIT! I will meet you:) Yours will be an epic journey on so many levels. I envy you the trip!

          Aw. Sorry it was not a pleasant experience. Amazing isn’t it? The variety and number of life attachments to a single song?

          Liked by 1 person

        2. You will, you WILL! Get yer butt into that Facebook group and JOIN IN!! This WILL HAPPEN.

          You’re welcome any time to make an Epic Journey back to England 😀

          And no, it’s not. Good for TS for making it big, but…no…this song does nothing for me.


  5. damn Lizzi! nice ‘advanced Doctrine’, yo!

    Truly a double edged sword with us… (there’s an old saying*) ‘clarks can believe in anything, because they don’t believe in anything’**

    I will now return the floor to our host….

    * lol
    ** it takes a little more inflection than I can manage in print…and the further explanation about ‘believing in’…. in this case referring to belief on such a fundamental level that belief is, in fact reality…. (hey! we might be on to something there…. what with the nature of the worldviews)


    1. Yes, Clark. Lizzi is an advanced “student to school there“. How refreshing to talk with other clarks. To identify with other clarks is one of the most valuable by-products of the Wakefield Doctrine Blog.

      The believing thing. Agreed. It does become part of our worldview. It is a way to manifest those things that others procur differently. The success of which involves the level of emotional content associated with the thing being “believed”. Cryptic sounding but you know what I mean.

      While I recognize this thing, I can also now see some of the traps inherent in it. Kind of an irony – to believe, without doubt, with the body, is to increase the odds of success but at what cost? The “focus” often occludes us seeing what else may be there. Waiting for us to notice. To use.


  6. I don’t get worked up over holiday weight gain. Just more padding to endure the winter. It will come off when the warm weather and outdoor chore list hits, unless I actually get in gear and get to a pool to swim. I do love swimming…

    Glad you had such a nice trip back to Florida. I don’t need to know all the details to know this has been a rough year for you. A walk on the beach had to do your psyche some good.

    I wasn’t a Taylor fan until this album came out. Finally, she’s letting her personality come through (she has quite a sense of humor!) and not just singing about breakups anymore.


    1. Good for you Christine! Back in the day, I felt the same – there was always the “winter weight” but when Spring rolled around….it gradually went away. Until the following winter:)

      Thank you:) It has been and that walk was probably the best part of the trip. We don’t (didn’t) go to New Smyrna Beach but Canaveral National Seashore . It definitely did some good:)

      I’ve only heard 1 or 2 of Taylor’s songs but the ones I’ve heard have been pretty catchy. Hey, did you know she bought a house in Clark’s neck of the woods? Think it was a couple of years ago. A little trivia:)


  7. Glad your trip was relatively free of bad things like icky weather and speed traps and accidents and strings that are still attached. Sitting on the beach, staring at the water, is good for the soul.


  8. Blank Space is currently my daughter’s #1 so I get to listen to it all the time. It’s pretty catchy but I’ll tire of it soon. So you traveled to Florida for the holiday? Where did you go? I’m right smack in the middle but was over on the coast for Thanksgiving Day. It was really very pretty that day and thank goodness because we had some awful weather for a few days. I’m glad you traveled safely and without incident. As for the extra holiday pounds, I’ve been practicing for months so I’m all set. Broke 110??? Egads! I’m holding steady at 160…..*sheds a small tear*


    1. I bet you will tire of it:) But see! Your daughter will no doubt keep you current on all the “pop” songs of the day. Doesn’t matter, boy or girl, there’s a certain age when they seem to know all the popular music on the radio.
      I went to New Smyrna Beach. Where did you go? As you very well know, Tuesday was the pits with the storms so it was nice to end my vacation with such a beautiful day on Thursday. I’m not usually a numbers gal, I go more on how I feel but I’ve been a tad underweight. Now you, my friend, do not look at all “160”! I’ve seen pics of you at your blog so if I were you I wouldn’t get too caught up in the number, you look great:)


    1. I’ve heard of Merritt Island but have never gone there.
      Lake Mary! We used to get our pool supplies at a warehouse in Lake Mary:) No, not too far at all from NSB. Small world:)
      Sounds about right. One of my friends is 5’10” and she pretty much hung around that same number.


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