“Bringin’ Me Down”? Shit No! It’s Grand Funk

When I started learning to play bass (yet again) this was one of the first songs I played. Although I have my own bass, one that I hold close to my heart, I always coveted Man’s ’70’s something Thunderbird. Nice action, easy to play. I always felt as if I “really could play”. I sounded good all the time when I played the Thunderbird. LOL.

I’m in a Grand Funk kind of mood tonight. Ever since this morning. Don’t ask me why. btw, I’m breaking with “tradition” by posting a 10 T’s tonight, Friday. It’s been a hell of a week so why not? “Re-cap?” Did I hear someone call for a re-cap? Ok!

Monday: weather nice, sunny, brisk. On the road relatively early, driving to work. 1st leg of commute, on the parkway. Driving in left passing lane. Cars decently spaced, (’bout a car length). I see in front of me, in my lane slightly right of center, a squirrel. Laying on what appears to be it’s side. Not moving. Not bloody. Still fluffy. I’m thinking “got to make sure I straddle the poor thing. Last thing I want to do is run over a newly dead squirrel.”  MFer. Just as I came up on him, Rocky very suddenly, very quickly jumps up!, shaking whatever stupor he was in, off, and makes a run for it. (like he had a chance, except he may have felt he did). “Tha-ump”. What an awful sound. Welcome to Monday morning. Thankful?: I only had tears in my eyes. I didn’t get hysterical and start crying. I’ve shed my fair share of tears over dead wildlife. (shut up! this is my post and I don’t care what yer thinkin!”)

Tuesday: memory tells me it was more or less “typical”. Nothing exceptional, busy. Lots of pressure. Been a bit of a blur this week. Thankful? That I didn’t run over any more animals, brutally snuffing out innocent lives. Not exactly a positive “start to” or “end of a day”.

Wednesday: this one really sucks. I work in a law firm. Deadline driven. I’m a “QC” person. Basically, I give the OK for product to “go out the door and/or to an attorney”. Ironically, this hump day, I caught one of my own mistakes. Someone else caught the other (double whammy as they say). I’ve only made one mistake of this “magnitude” since taking this job. Today there were 2. Fuck me. But… No one is perfect. I cost the company beaucoup bucks and I felt really bad. Thankful?: I didn’t beat myself up to the extreme (as clarks will sometimes do). I’m a professional. I made the necessary “notes”. That error will never happen again.

Thursday: exhausted. Trying to catch up from having taken time off at the holiday. I was late to work. Thankful?: In spite of mounds of work, I was starting to catch up!

Friday: Not going to be late. Gonna get caught up today! (or so I think) Get in car, turn the key. Nothing. So I rented a car. After a little confusion about picking me up to bring me to Enterprise (we all have bad days apparently, even rental car reprsentatives). I finally got to work. At noon. Thankful: that I got to work and that although many “tasks” were continuing to accumulate, there were no deadlines for today.

5 Days in the week listed. Surely there are 10 thankfuls. No, really. I know there are:)

I’ve gone from Grand Funk to Cindarella. Wrote the last half of this listening to Still Climbing. Good “album”. So, how ’bout this one. No one’s ears should bleed (too much?) Christine.

So there ya have it. Good, bad, in between. As long as we’re all vertical, we’ve got a chance.



23 thoughts on ““Bringin’ Me Down”? Shit No! It’s Grand Funk

    1. I know you do Zoe. I know you do. I will!
      Sorry I haven’t been over to Re-Written:( Work has consumed all since getting back.
      It will. No more squirrels:)

      Hey, tried calling in to the vid chat last night around 8:45. No one picked up. Early night?


  1. OH MY GAWD squirrels really! We have a few on our street I am quite certain are suicidal. I hit a racoon years ago and it is the most awful feeling and sound in the world. (Not to mention the stupid thing cost me 300 in car repair because it went up)

    Well learn from your mistakes and move on. Easier said than done I know.


      1. Unfortunately for this guy. He flew up into the under carriage and actual scratched some lines and some other things had punctures and what not. It was pitch black out on a fairly poorly lit road. I didnt have time to slow down.I barely even saw taht it was a raccoon I hit


      2. um I swore I answered this.

        Anyway yes It was too dark to see him in time and he went up. cut lines and popped my turning signal out and a couple of other things. Apparently bone fragments and the undercarriage of a car don’t go well together.


  2. dyannedillon

    If I had hit that squirrel, I totally would have felt horrible. But I have to admit I laughed out loud at your telling of the incident and read it to my husband. A couple of years ago, he was driving sedately down our street, probably going 15 mph, when a squirrel fell out of a tree and landed on the windshield,spread eagle, right in front of his face. They both screamed, he stopped the car and the squirrel recovered from his horror and ran off.
    Everybody makes mistakes at work sometimes. although it completely sucks when it happens and I’m someone who beats myself up over things like that, too. Hope you’re nearly caught up and next week is a better one for you!


    1. It’s the worst feeling. Oh, man! Squirrels falling out of trees and landing on the windshield! I would have totally freaked too lol So glad your husband stopped to let the flying squirrel disembark and high tail it to a safer place!!
      Thanks Dyanne. Went in for a few hours today and feel more “in control”. Next week will be better!!
      Have a good weekend:)


  3. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    That distinct ka-thump when one aids a squirrel in his demise is an awful sound. Sorry that happened to you!! Glad it wasn’t a total meltdown!
    Hope you got caught up and sail into the new week stress and error free!


  4. Ugh to dead squirrels and costly mistakes at work. I work in an Engineering firm and hold basically the same ‘QC’ position. Thankfully I work for very understanding partners! Hope your coming week is exceptional!


    1. Ah, so you know how it sucks when you let one “slip by”:) No room for error!
      We’re both lucky to have understanding partners. The managing partner in my office is an exceptional guy. He wasn’t happy but he knows it’s a rare occurance.
      You have a most wonderful week as well:)


  5. ‘Monday’s Squirrel’ I like the sound of that! (Either a song title from the late 70’s or haiku from the early 80’s)

    the most difficult insight (and therefore possibly valuable) afforded us by the Wakefield Doctrine is that all the people in our lives are perfect for who we are.

    (Yes, cryptic Sunday Comment)


  6. Sorry about the squirrel, my dad’s girlfriend was the same way. There were many times she was late getting somewhere, once never arrived, because she was FEEDING stray animals she saw while driving, or trying to see if they had ID so she could return them, etc. They’re lucky to have people ambassadors such as yourselves!
    Sorry about the car, too, that’s always a bummer. I hope it’s an easy fix.
    Sounds like a productive week despite the obstacles, can’t ask for more than that!


    1. A kindred heart:) But don’t get me going on the stray animal thing! As soon as we moved to FL our house seemed to have this huge sign that only dogs could see (sure, they can read too lol) that said “Lost? You’ve found the right house!”
      Fingers crossed it’s looking like just the battery. Put a new one in yesterday and drove her around.
      It was. May we all have an excellent week this week!


  7. I always straddle anything that’s met an unfortunate end on the road. Those squirrels are kamikazes when they decide to cross the road, I’m sorry you started your week like that, but at least it wasn’t a skunk.


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