Time to Get back to Basics

“It’s Friday night. I’m sitting on the bed,  back against the wall (what? again? lol), legs stretched out, a glass of vino on the “side table”. Metallica plays on the you tube. Goin’ a little old school with Kill “Em All. Yes. Full album. This morning, as if awakened from a grizzly’s, soundproofed, winter slumber, I listened attentively as I asked myself “where did the edge go? When did I lose it?”

Welcome. It’s Sunday morning at GirlieOnTheEdge. Yes. I woke up again today. That is always a thankful when I participate in Lizzi’s Ten Thing of Thankful Blog Hop. To wake up to another day. How could that not be on my list?! But back to that Friday morning question: “Where did my edge go?” Short answer? I don’t know. (You guys don’t want the full length version right? Ya sure?).

I’m smiling, reading this. Of course the vid no long plays. (This is that vid) Been too long. Leave something too long, not do something for too long a time and what happens? Nothing. Yes, that. But it’s worse than that. The ability/talent not only disappears but you get “stupider”. Trust me. One day it all simply stops working. Don’t play your bass? You forget how to play. Don’t write? Duh, you never learn how or improve your skill. You simply lose your “edge”.

Last night on the Wakfield Doctrine Saturday Night Call In Show, Cyndi of Pictmilitude fame, who last week walked the aisle of academic accomplishment and now holds a Master’s Degree, called in. I was a few minutes late to the show, but not too late to listen to her speak of her journey and what it was like to have accomplished a goal set long ago. I’m at once proud of her and also jealous! She is an inspiration. The fact that she is a clark makes that all the more significant.

In talking about journeys and such, writing and blogs and people came up. We were pretty much in agreement – by joining the blogosphere, by writing, sharing, participating in the virtual life we have all come to know, we all have become richer. Become better.  And then it hit me.

In order to get some, ya gotta give some. Life is not static. Life is not one way. Life is movement. Life is creativity. Life is all we make it. Regardless of circumstance/event/challenge. I once had an “edge”? It’s not gone. It may be buried under the crap that always piles up once you throw that first sweater on the chair but one day…you decide to put things in their proper place. In the closet, the drawer. You hang it on the wall, take it out of the case. Fold it neatly and put it where it belongs. You know. So you can find it when you need it.

This is a different sort of TT0T this week. I caught onto that a little late lol. Nothing wrong with switchin’ it up every once in awhile. Keeps us on our toes and reminds us…we all got an Edge. Let’s not waste it.



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  2. Christine · December 21, 2014

    The crap that piles up after that first sweater thrown on the chair…Brilliant! That is exactly what happens. Here’s to clearing off all the damn sweaters to unearth our edge. Well, I don’t know if I ever had edge…perhaps my mojo? Who the heck knows. It doesn’t matter. My first step has been to get my butt back in shape and my knee back to normalish. It’s amazing how much better I feel and more energized I am after making that first step. Removing that first piled up sweater if you will.
    Have a merriest if Christmases, Friend!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 21, 2014

      Here! Here! Mojo it is then!
      I was happy to read you were feeling more yourself Christine. Knees are a tricky part of the body to get back into shape. I know from experience. So glad you are on the mend. Isn’t it always about the first step?:)
      You have a wonderful Christmas your own self and a happy and very healthy New Year!


  3. zoebyrd · December 21, 2014

    Love the sweater analogy. ..perfect really…
    edgy even! Struggle to regain or find a new edge has gotta be one of the most frustrating things in life until the day you’re just ready to move on it….hate the struggle but then again. ..no pain…no change.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 21, 2014

      Thanks. Although it could just as easily be a pair of pants…no. More sweater:)
      Ah. The F word lol.


  4. lrconsiderer · December 21, 2014


  5. Jen @ Driftwood Gardens · December 21, 2014

    My own edge comes and goes too, like a knife that dulls over time until someone sharpens it. It happens over and over. You’ll get to the bottom of that pile and find yours when you’re ready.


  6. pictimilitude · December 22, 2014

    Girlie, you haven’t lost any edge. You’re as edgy as ever. 😀
    I’m thankful for you!
    And so thankful to have time to write!
    You’re right about the giving and getting. I’ve learned that lesson time and again. Sometimes it’s all too easy to hole ourselves up in a cocoon and hope that life sweeps us away on a big boat with a sail to sunny and warm skies ahead. Alas, then the waves come and we have no choice but to become a deckhand and move forward.
    So glad to know you. You’ve become such a dear friend to me – and all because of blogging!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 22, 2014

      Thank you Cyndi. Truly:)
      Yes, we do do that sometimes. Wonderful analogy! There are moments when I feel as if I’ve been swabbing the deck for too long and that really I do need want a big boat to sweep me away lol
      Me too. I feel the same:)
      I look forward to all your unwritten words!!


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