A Steak Is Not a Steak. An Edge-y Perspective

Last night, I made the mistake of turning over the styrofoam package of the chuck blade steak-lettes I’d just bought. This, mere moments before retrieveing my tiny steak-lette from the tiny frying pan and placing it next to (what a coincidence), a tiny sweet potato. lol Damn! If I wasn’t having a proper dinner even if I did eat standing up.

In the spirit of full disclosure,  the last time I ate red meat was….holy shit! I can’t remember! And that, my friends, is one of the reasons I stopped into the grocery store. It had become abundantly clear yesterday afternoon that I was suffering from a severe case of the “stupids” with just a tiny bit of residual moronitude. Answer? Meat!

It’s true. If you’ve ever cut back substantially (deliberately or not), on protein, especially in the form of red meat or even tuna fish, you know about the “dullness”. Let’s just say the cogs in cognitive functioning begin to s-l-o-w down. You start getting dumb people. Simple as that.

This may not be news to you but it sure was to this Girlie….here’s what it said on the bottom of that styrofoam package:

Born: USA
Raised: USA
Harvested: USA

This. Totally. (did I say “totally?!”) Freaked. Me. Out. First of all, who the hell reads the back of meat packages?! I mean, what in Sam Hill possessed me to flip it over?!  In the words of Cartman,”dammit!”, if that didn’t kill my appetite. I better start feeling smart, real soon……

Let me begin the return to a “smarter” place in the world by sharing some thankfuls. I know there are some. There always are….

1) Stay with me on this one Frank…remembering to remember the things I remembered I forgot.

2) Thankful the preciptation that began this week was NOTHING like that which began the week prior. Snow flurries at best. Hurray!

3) A week at work that wasn’t totally deadline driven crazy. Deadlines were there, just not the  “quick Denis, turn the valve!”.

4) Speaking of work. Having folks walk with me at lunch. I walked several times this week and let me tell you it was not warm. I have special thanks for my work partner in crime who bundled up with me yesterday to brave the cold and wind. Invigorating!!

5) Opportunity. There is always opportunity, every day, populating the space around us. The key is first being able to recognize it, second step is embracing it. Embracing opportunity in spite of fear, in spite of the lack of confidence.

6) Decent traffic for this week’s commute. Although I must admit that last night, for the brief bit of highway approaching and passing the exits on and off for Dulles airport….thought I was driving in a scene from Death Race.

7) the Wakefield Doctrine. Haven’t mentioned it lately in these thankful posts but I surely am. Thankful for having a life tool that gives me what I need to live better. Not always easier. But better.

8) A computer and access to the internet. Yeah, everyone thinks this is one of those “really? a thankful?” Yes. I feel lucky to have both. In fact, it is critical, crucial I have both. Why? (see #9)

9) I’m thankful for being able to have access to people, and they me, via the internet. There is so much going on! There is so much to do! There is so much potential! There is so much self challenge! Isn’t it great?!

10) This, another day.

Enjoy this day, the only day. Be present. Be good.





35 thoughts on “A Steak Is Not a Steak. An Edge-y Perspective

  1. Jen @ Driftwood Gardens

    I stopped eating meat last May and I feel smarter than ever! Stick it out and get your protein from veggies, nuts and beans (chick peas especially)! Good for you for getting your walk in despite the cold. I am so looking forward to walking again after I recover from surgery later this month. And this, another day, is always a good place to start or end the day or the TToT. Have a great week!


    1. Really? You know what you’re doing Jen:) I say I have a “balanced” diet but I guess I stretch it a little lol. I don’t eat processed foods, try to limit sugars and the bad fats. Those are good things but I know there’s plenty of room for improvement in the “veggies, nuts and beans” arena.
      Yeah, it felt really good to walk even in the cold. I have a “desk” job but I am so not a “desk” person! I bet you can’t wait for surgery. Well, maybe not the surgery but the fix afterwards. I will send all positive energy for a quick recovery!!
      Agreed:) You have a great week as well!


  2. ah the power of protein. It is not necessarily meat.It is protein. The kid has a high protein requirement when she doesn’t get enough her symptoms are very much like hypoglycemic. Eggs! Cheese! edamame! theses are staples in our house.

    Number one. Totally get it.

    I have learned that better and easy often do not go hand in hand. I think they don’t like each other.


    1. True. There are many forms it comes in. There is one thing certain in my mind, I can tell the difference in myself if I’ve gone too long without it. Is she aware of her diet enough to know before sypmptons hit that she needs some protein? I have heard of this edamame. Supposed to be very healthy and good for you.


      You’re absolutely right. Somtimes they don’t like each other at all!


      1. She is aware of it but she does not eat it soon enough. I try and make sure her meals are high in protein.

        Edamame is a double edge sword. It is soy so therefore a natural hormone. Its best to eat in moderation. The main danger is triggering early puberty so the kid is restricted on it.


        1. I had no idea it was a natural hormone. Wow. Kids seem to be reaching puberty a lot earlier than when I was young so you certainly don’t want to push the envelope even more. My friend at work brought in some edamame in a little package – like a dried snack or something. I tried it. Tasted a little weird:)

          Liked by 1 person

        2. dyannedillon

          I love edamame and veggie burgers made with soy, but I have to limit them because of the natural hormones, since my tumor was estrogen-fed. Doesn’t it figure the one thing I eat that’s actually good for me is, in reality, bad for me?!


        3. I think I might like edamame but not so sure about veggie burgers:) That’s a shame. Usually, we like the “good” bad things that are bad for us and here you are Dyanne liking the “good-good” stuff. Damn figures, huh? lol


  3. Im with those guys…. That little notation on the package would have freaked me too if I ate meat. Protien comes in tons of sources and is enough to chase the brain drain. Havent eaten meat since college when I ran a cadaver lab… and that was at least 25 years ago. I can be an idiot at times but I dont think its because Im a vegetarian.


  4. What WAS the steak then, if not a steak?

    Need to get more beans in my world. Screaming eggs? Nice touch.

    And I really feel like in spite of all the ideals we hold for making ordeals worthwhile events, ‘invigorating’ is a tad…light in spirits…to describe such cold.


    1. Ah, beans. I’ve become a big fan of them. When I cook rice I will usually open a can of black beans and dump some over the rice (brown). I try to alternate with the red ones and even some other type I can’remember lol (see!, see?!)

      Glad you liked them. Made me laugh:)

      I was shocked for one L wanted to go. We were supposed to have a warming trend – mid to upper 40’s w/no wind. Boy, were the weather people wrong that day! Ah. If I could turn the walking into an “ordeal”, then surely the “ordeal” would be a piece of cake:)


      1. Today I will walk and it will be a delight. The weather has lifted its chilly, damp claws, and is allowing some sunshine and blue skies.

        Beans I love. Rice I do not. It was ruined too many times for me as a child, and now I really struggle to enjoy it. But beans are wonderful. And chickpeas. And NORMAL peas, which are one of my favourites. Next to broccoli and carrots (which I just had for lunch)

        I went to youtube and having watched your eggs, have an ENTIRE SECTION of recommended irritating fruit *sigh* GOOGLE IS ALWAYS WATCHING!

        Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep walking!


  5. the internet is an interesting place with far away people from fascinating places!
    someone said last week, ‘well. I believe it’ (the context: she was writing about some memory impression from a time ago and my own memory differed. But, since the memory was a certain way for her, who’s account is the true representation of the reality. yes, I am a clark, lol)


  6. Christine

    Opportunities to do all sorts of things really are everywhere. We just need to keep our eyes open, and then have the courage to seize those opportunities. Basically, I agree with you. 🙂
    Well, being a pig farmer, you probably know we eat plenty of meat at my house. No foggy brains from lack of protein around here! Doesn’t mean we don’t suffer from the occasional foggy brain, though. Get that protein thing worked out, Girlie. I don’t care how you get it.


    1. Right there! How you said: “then have the courage to seize those opportunities”. Your perspective Christine (as a scott) is such that of course it’s a matter of courage. As a clark, it is always hoping that I can quell the fear enough to avail myself of opportunity.
      That’s right! How convenient to have a constant supply:)
      I’m workin’ on it:)


  7. One more weigh-in on the protein issue…
    I was vegetarian for several years and then…not. Most of the time, we go meatless here. But we do get chicken and/or fish in once or twice a week. And we eat red meat very occasionally. It wasn’t really intentional as much as it just happened. But we do watch that we are getting plenty of lean protein, no matter where it comes from. All three of us have some variety of ADD/ADHD and protein, as Erin mentioned, is key to keeping the brain in line. Key.
    I love these words from your post…opportunity and potential (which may have been more idea than specific word). Those are great things if only we reach out and seize them!
    Have a great week. Watch out for screaming eggs!


    1. I tend to eat more chicken than red meat. Again, not nearly enough though. A friend of mine tried going vegetarian some time back. She’s a runner and after about a year went back to eating chicken and every now and then red meat.
      I agree with you – protein is key. So many issues can be helped by mere dietary changes.
      Thank you Lisa:) We should always be on the lookout:)
      Have a great week also. I will!


  8. amycake76

    Oh fabulous sign-off. Fabulous! I can be hyper-aware of some causes and effects, but I don’t believe I have that link between diet and behavior down.


  9. Thanks Sarah! It can be tricky. When I was younger I lifted weights. That’s when I began to change my diet, trying to eat better. Lifting weights, I needed to eat a lot more protein and that’s when I started noticing the connection.


  10. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    MMMM Steak. I didn’t eat red meat for years and it still sometimes grosses me out but when the moons are aligned, I love it. Also the ending. Perfect. Another day. Be good.


  11. dyannedillon

    #1? Yeah, I totally followed that.
    I don’t like to be so personally acquainted with my meat. For years, we have eaten beef that my dad bought at the county youth fair livestock auction, with kids showing steers they had raised. I had to erase that image of a 4-H kid showing a steer (occasionally crying over it being sold) and the food on my plate.
    The egg video is something else!


    1. Aw. Must be why I always skipped the 4-H part of those fairs…we used to live across the street from 80 acres of semi-wooded/open fields. And what (who!) roamed those fields? Cows! Couldn’t look over there the nights I was putting burgers on the grill LOL
      That whole series was hilarious. Check it out – the Annoying Orange. Freaky 😀


  12. Just a-stoppin’ by. Hope you’re well, my friend! Here? Well there’s ALWAYS things a-brewin’. (OMG…I’ve been livin’ in the South for too long. LOL)
    I hope to get a chance to call in this evening. It’s a good day to stay in, stoke the fire, and…read. (the writing isn’t coming so easily the past week…just so many things going on and I need to get my eyeballs away from the screen some more).
    Love your words here. 🙂


    1. Hey you! Was thinking about you today too:) Yes, I am, thank you for asking:) Wrote a post this morning. Will post it shortly. Saturday interruptus pour moi!
      I hope you have the chance to call in too. I always enjoy chatting “real time”.
      Your “silence” is noticable but we’re all familiar with the writer’s life. Sometimes the words simply aren’t there. I for one am willing to wait for the right ones. You will dazzle us all soon, no doubt:)
      Sounds like a wonderful Saturday for you – fire, books, comfy-cozy. Relax, detach. Enjoy!
      Thank you my friend:)
      Hope talk to you tonight and hey! if a nap knocks on the body door, I say go for it lol


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