It’s an Edge-u-cation…Awards and Such.

A couple of weeks ago Lizzi Rogers, the Considerering Queen of all things sparkly-twinkly nominated me for a Sistahood Blogging Award. It really made me feel good. And I had every intention of responding in kind. And nominating others and answering and sharing and such. And! The draft sits almost completed in the dashboard.  Why?

Then! I was reading the always delightfully written The Meaning of Me by, newly to the FB, Lisa L. (psst… reading – if you want to call it a “habit”, autombile – more control…how sad I was the day my older sister got married – there’s a family famous pic of 8 yr. old Girlie cryin’ her eyes out as her older sister left for her honeymoon) and discovered she also nominated me. Man, I was feeling great. Warm and fuzzy like.

Surely, as I reflect on my week I may count these 2 events. I so wanted to write the “acceptance” posts. I so wanted to read so many, many posts written by Zoe Ivy and Lizzy and Jen and Joy and Lisa, Christine, Dyanne…. No writing, no reading. It’s been all work and no play. 

Lizzi and Lisa. You guys. My first thanks.

Next comes my little men. 5 & 10. I stopped by their house on the way back from work last weekend. We spent some time playing football, playing with Legos, some nintendo and watching a tiny bit of Cars 2. At some point 5 asks “Aunt Denise? Can you spend the night?” Yeah, that’s a thank you:)

No snow. Man, that should count for all 10 Thank You’s!

I don’t normally share in the certain personal stuff. However, in the spirit of full disclosure, my biopsy came back negative. Thank. You.

Hey, I got this. We’re up to #6. Which is…I’m thankful my co-worker received and accepted a job offer. I was so happy for May. She deserved the opportunity. Although I do not know her well, I know she is very intelligent, creative, and most deserving of this opportunity. I wish her well. I’ll miss her.

In spite of dragging my feet, I’m extremely thankful to be co-writing a story over at the Secessionist Rag. I’m “up” for next chapter. I know what it is I want to write, just not sure of how to write it lol.

You know, it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have the internet and computers. It should be a re-cycled “Thank you” on the circuit. Just think! What would life be like without computers and access to all our new friends we’ve made because of technology? Yeah. Technology is my #8.

Music. I can’t ever not be thankful for music in my life, daily. It’s what keeps me going, what keeps me sane. It bolsters my mood, makes me smile, gives me joy, expresses for me that which I cannot express my own damn self. Sometimes:)

Another day.

Be present. Be good. Do not let fear dominate. Today. It is both the first day and the last day. It is the only day.


32 thoughts on “It’s an Edge-u-cation…Awards and Such.

  1. The positives in the negatives… biopsy yes…and effing WHEW!….but also in the things that may be overwhelming you a bit….all are parts of having a life….which you really appreciate. …being a clarky girl and all….

    Uh yeah….that little girl is so Scottian she should be playing bagpipes! Hahaha snort!


  2. valj2750

    Jack Nicholson is a favorite of mine. No snow counts for 10 of mine. Good news about the biopsy, and feeling comfortable enough to share it.


    1. He is a good actor. The kind you can love to hate lol
      I wish more people I knew could share in # 10 but alas, a good bit of them live up north!
      Yeah. Had mixed feelings. I generally don’t share on that level. Breaking new ground this year:)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jen @ Driftwood Gardens

    Negative biopsy – counts for at least 10 right there, and I’m glad to hear it. I am also thankful each time it doesn’t snow here (NJ) this winter. So far we’ve been pretty lucky on that front. Love from the nephews – how sweet! I love your list this week. It’s a true and genuine picking out the good from the bad kinda list. Have a Happy Valentines Day and a wonderful week to come.


    1. Thanks Jen. Yes, 10x over forever!
      I’ve got relatives/friends in RI and MA. They are not so lucky!
      Oh, they are. I treasure this time when they’re small and still don’t mind hanging with their Aunt:)
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! Hope you are mending at lightning speeds!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Christine

    You Clark’s can be so maddening with your holding back. Little bits of info here and there, but never comfortable sharing personal things. I’m glad you are finally starting to open up. YAHOO NEGATIVE TEST RESULTS!!
    Glad you got to have some time with the little guys.
    I always smile when people say things like “what would we do without the internet?” Funny how so many of us forget that we didn’t have the internet most of our lives. It would be horrible now, though, to lose it. We’ve all become such integral parts of each others’ lives.
    NO SNOW! That photo of Ivy’s view sent shivers up my spine. SO thankful I don’t live that direction!


    1. I know, but we don’t do it on purpose! Honest! Yeah, one of those times when “negative” is good lol.
      They never cesase to surprise me.
      Funny, as I wrote that I was thinking the same thing and yet….I’ve become so used to being able to communicate with others at any time of the day without making a phone call. Times have changed in a relatively short time. I’m witness to a cultural shift in my lifetime.
      I know, right?! She does live in an idyllic spot so if you have to look at snow it should at least be pretty!


  5. Time with the little man sounds perfect and healing and making-things-whole (or as close-to as damn possible). I’m so glad for that.

    GLAD GLAD for your negative.

    And I echo so much the bit about music. It feels, when I’m not able to. It breathes for me, sometimes.


  6. dyannedillon

    I think a negative biopsy result is worth 10. I’d still like to have enough snow for a snow day or two, but it’s not looking good.
    Like the Til Tuesday song. I don’t think I’ve heard it before.
    How quickly the internet has become entwined with our very beings. And in all honesty, I’d rather spend time with my internet friends than most of the IRL ones.


    1. For sure. Winter’s not over yet. Maybe there’s still time for a special Ms. Dyanne Snow Day! I’m sure the kids would be in support of that. LOL
      Early 80’s band out of Boston. Band eventually broke up. Aimee went solo.
      Damn! Well said – “entwined with our very beings”. So true. I believe it!


  7. Great news on your lab results. I am in agreement with you and so many others here about the internet. I like my blogger friends and FAcebook people more than I like most of the people I see everyday. Maybe there is a story here? Hope your next week is a filled with thankfuls.


  8. Well I’m so late to the party this week that pretty much all has been said and I ditto those remarks. Most especially, the negative biopsy is a huge HUZZAH!
    I am so with you on the sharing too personal stuff. Hard. So very hard. I do that much more easily on a one-to-one basis once I know someone.
    Thanks for thinking my blog is ‘delightfully written’ Shucks.
    Have to tell you I am continuing to enjoy your incorporation of “edge” into your titles. Always clever.


    1. But you made it. That’s what counts! HUZZAH!
      To say I’m a “private” person is to say, “yeah, the surface of the sun is hot” LOL As I age, it becomes easier to realize that it doesn’t matter. I agree with Clark – everything is important, and nothing matters. A little Sunday zen on this frigid, thankfully snowless afternoon!
      I’m with you Lisa. I’ve always needed to feel I knew someone for awhile before I shared anything “personal”. Since being online though, I realize that sharing can have great value. For myself and for others – a building block of community.
      Thank you! When I began my blog years ago, that was something I did all the time. Then I stopped. Now, it’s time to get back to my roots:)
      Have a most excellent week Lisa!


      1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

        I agree wholeheartedly on the value of sharing. I’ve shared more through my blog and offline with people I’ve met through the blog than I would ever have imagined. This is quite a good little community – many communities. And I am fascinated by how they overlap.


        1. It’s amazing actually. I’m not very socially adept IRL and not much better online lol however, it is that very sense of community and the overlapping ones that somehow makes sharing a little easier:)


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