Roll on roads…to nowhere…it’s the Edge

“I know we’ve come a long way. We’re changing day to day… One who will take me for myself. One who will make me do my best…. Now that I’ve lost everything to you. It’s hard to get by on just a smile…. Tell me what’s making you sad, Li. Her eyes like windows, trickling rain…. Miles from no where. Not a soul in sight…. I don’t want to work away. Doing just what they all say…. Longer boats are coming to win us. Hold onto the shore, they’ll be taking the key from the door…. Tables of paper wood, windows of light. And everything emptying into white…. Well, I left my happy home. To see what I could find…. Why, think of everything you’ve got. For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not….”

My ten things of thankful are there. All 10. What? Yes. Yes, there were 11. “Seagulls sing your hearts away…”



30 thoughts on “Roll on roads…to nowhere…it’s the Edge

    1. Nice that you would reconsider 🙂 I was never a “fan” per se. I liked this album and most songs from Mona Bone Jakon. If you ever saw Harold and Maude (on the all time favorite movie list), his music was the perfect fit for the score:)


  1. I haven’t seen a record player in yonks! And I like the music! Actually, I like your taste in music in general because it’s varied and eclectic. You should see my Pandora list of stations. LOL. Everything from Harry Belafonte to Latin Hip Hop. LOL
    I should write a music post some time.
    Just not now. Dear god, just not now. LOL


    1. LOL I’m glad you like it. I know that you, of anyone Cyndi, would drop the needle before reading the post:)
      I like that word “eclectic”. Sounds much better than “all over the place!”
      Actually, I would love to see your Pandora list!
      Now ya got me muy (o es mucho?) curious. Lots going on with you. Lots.


  2. I just really love that the image showing was a vinyl playing. My parents had an old one when I was still young. CD’s and MP3’s are just nearly as much fun although much more travel friendly


    1. Oh man Erin! You’ve just made me officially an “old” person lol.
      I was such a hold out when CDs hit the market. I was managing a record store at the time and we’d get all these free CDs from the label reps. For the longest time I let my employees have all of them. Then I smartened up!
      So true! Vinyl was never “portable”:)


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