Standing At the L-Edge of Tomorrow

Ever feel as if it’s too late to catch up? I”m thinkin’ (cause that’s what I do first, being a clark) it’s too late for me. I was always up on the latest….everything. You name it, I knew about it. Maybe not everything, but pretty darned close. This Girlie was always current with movies, books, fashion trends (not that I’ve ever dressed totally by what’s in ‘cuz, ya know, clark), electronics,….technology. I knew the “buzz”.

You see where this is headed, don’t you? Yeah, I’ve known for quite some time now that I’m woefully behind in the ways of smartphones, computers and tech gadgets. *sigh* For some reason, it hit me Friday morning. In the form of an e-mail from Pinterest.  I don’t go to Pinterest. Don’t know anything about Pinterest. I just pin my and other people’s blog posts. ‘Nuff said.

OK. So the e-mail wanted me to meet my “Pin Twin”. WTH? What is a “Pin Twin”? And why after all these years I’m being told of this?! Shouldn’t I have been made aware I had a twin a long time ago?! Dammit! According to Pinterest, my “pin twin” is none other than Kristi Campbell! This made me smile. Sure, she and I like a lot of the same music. She’s a clark, I’m a clark…got to wonder. Hey Kristi! Did you get the same e-mail about me? LOL

This brings me to my first of 10. The internet. (Bite me. I can list the internet again and again or every week if I want to.) But it’s not simply the wonders of the web. It’s the reminder that my world is as large or small as I make it. I’m continually amazed when I find myself at a new blog, don’t know how I got there, but see someone I know who has left a comment. The sentence that comes to mind? “Wow, it’s a small world”.

Segundo. The love of small humans. And them inviting me into their world. Last weekend I once again got to enjoy the company of my niece’s 2 little boys. As a testament to her and her husband, they are without prejudice, 2 of the sweetest, thoughtful nephews an aunt could have.(go ahead, give me an “aww”) The coolest part of this is that I know how these little guys relate themselves to the world! The oldest, a roger. Through and through. His younger brother? A scott. So very, very scottian, lol

Numero tres is an odd one. The fact that my work week did not end on Friday. As a result, I need to quick hurry this post so I can get to work! (sorry, got to leave you hanging on the why of this. suffice it to say, it’s an opportunity to change my world)

4.) Learning new things on the computer, about the computer. Which allows me to include a post from ivywalker fka zoe

Cinco de mayo. That it’s not going to rain today like predicted. Of course that remains to be seen but it’s not raining now and that’s all that matters!

Six and counting. Weekend work commute is not the hell that the M-F commute is!

Sept. Sales on fruit. A girlie thankful I suppose, but I love when everything starts to come into season:) Sure sign that non winter weather is imminent.

8.) Cereal! As in cold, breakfast.

Nine. Pepto Bismol. The original. No generics. The real deal.

Zehn Another day.

Later people. It’s off to work. See you on the flipside! Make today count. It’s your choice.


15 thoughts on “Standing At the L-Edge of Tomorrow

  1. I dont have no stinking idea about no pinnin… however I am enjoying IMMENSELY living vicarious pins through Dyanne this month on her A to Z challenge! Thanks for the shout out… that I can swing… doesnt require anything of me to learn! lol! FRIST!


    1. It just appeared LOL. Honest 😀

      You should have one!! Why, tell me the names of the Pinning Authorities and by golly, I’ll get them to tell you who your pin twin is!!

      It’s a stop, go, try it again. Progress, not, a little forward, slide a teeny bit….but dammit! I’m a gettin it:)


        1. 😀

          I love getting encouragement Lizzi. I appreciate it immensely. Thank you!

          Lately, I’ve had to work at acknowledging accomplishments without a backdrop of “pre-conditions”. There are times I find it extremely difficult to view the stand alone, 2015 version of me. Life didn’t turn out as expected/planned/anticipated and there was no “back up plan”. It’s an adventure, I can tell you.

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  2. Christine

    I’m so glad you got to spend some time with your niece’s kids. It is abundantly clear that those two bring you all sorts of joy.
    You didn’t sound annoyed about going to work on a Saturday, so this must be a good change possibility? I hope so…
    I have thought the same thing when blogging. It is such a small world, made even smaller by the internet. Yet, at the same time, it proves that the world is gigantic, with people living all sorts of lives in circumstances very different than mine.


    1. 🙂 Thanks Christine. They do. Big time.
      No. My “partner in crime” at work retired. She is supposed to start part time soon but until she does, the work load has not doubled but quadrupled! Seems to me:) I like to look at each change as a challenge. Not get bogged down by the negative aspects but look to see what advantages are lurking in the corners lol


  3. I want a pin twin! How cool that you and Kristi are a pair!
    I love in-season produce. I lived most of my adult life having whatever, whenever, but since we started with our local CSA, I’ve learned the beauty of local in-season foods. The only part i don’t like are the occasional bugs that hitch a ride home with us…bleah.
    Happy week!


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