How Do You Say “Carpe Diem” in EdgeSpeak?

Pay attention kids! Just because this film is one of the best on the planet and next to Pulp Fiction, one of my most favorite movies is beside the point. If, when you look at how long this vid is and starting thinking “mmm…kinda too long, got to get going…”, fast forward the clip to 3:20. Start if from there. And listen. Closely.

It’s shit like this, in movies like this, coming from characters….like these that hits you. Hits you hard. Intense? I think so. If you have the stomach, look at your life. See it. And remember all the times you didn’t act.

When Retrospect holds up the biggest damned, mf’ing magnifying glass and shoves it in your face, you better be prepared to act. Because it’s true. One day you’re just too fucking old.

Right now, at 5:44 am I should be farther along in my “morning prep”. I took a moment to reply to comments left atΒ my post on Sunday. I need to thank Christine. Something in her comment swirled around in my brain like a 2 flavor combo soft serve and made me realize – this weekend I did not act. I hesitated. I waited. And for that, I lost out. Big time. Thank you again Christine for being an inspiration today (and making me late for work LOL).

If you do nothing today, stop and pay attention. Grab the big mirror and make sure what you’re looking at is you. Who you want to be. Where you want to be. ‘Cuz one day….



12 thoughts on “How Do You Say “Carpe Diem” in EdgeSpeak?

        1. You are most welcome. Michael Mann directed this film. He also did Heat which I liked as well. The audio is difficult to understand at times (recorded real low or something) which I didn’t care for but it’s a movie I can watch way more than once:) Just was one of those, subtly, instant impact films. Let me know what you think (spoken like a true clark lol) after you’ve watched it. OR! Tell me how you felt!!


    1. Yes, Michelle! I reiterate and echo your own feelings – accomplish today. We should strive to not allow fear or doubt or laziness to put us in a position of facing the wrath of retrospect. I feel as if I need a major reminder of this right. And if it helps me maybe it can be a reminder for someone else πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by. Been too long!


  1. I can’t believe I have no recollection of ever even hearing about this movie.
    Sorry I made you late. πŸ™‚
    I am not a planner, goal setter, go-getter. I just want to seize the day as it comes. Enjoy every moment, regardless of what moments come. It can’t always happen, obviously. But I am going to wring every ounce I can out of every opportunity I have. The chance may never come again. I do not want to regret lost opportunities.


    1. It was pretty low key marketing wise. I forget how I heard about. Excellent cast and a well done movie.
      You know I was teasing Christine:) Every now and then, I’ll get the spark of an idea in the morning and every time it’s right before I have to leave for work! This time. I needed to stay and write. Thanks again πŸ˜€
      And that is so the way to live! You are right. I strive to remind myself every day that there are/will be chances that will never come again. And because of that, I need to act in the here and now.


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