The Edge of Yesterday & 100 TToTs

Get this -my cell just started ringing. I picked it up off the bed where it was laying next to me. Split second surprise and then my mouth slowly stretched into a smile. Seems I was calling myself. No shit. The caller ID on the phone identified the number as mine. Now what is so damned important that I be calling my self? LOL Wait! Could it have been my alter ego? She could have been on the other end of the line. Guess I should have picked it up, eh?

Funny isn’t it? When life gets challeging, weird stuff starts to happen. Or maybe we’re just tuned in better to possibilities like your phone suddenly calling itself. Out of the blue. Or maybe, it’s just an anything can happen day.

Look what I found on the youtube last night! Talk about favorite movies….

Thankfuls 1-5: Youtube, the person who uploaded Desperado for us to watch free, Quentin and Robert, William Hjortsberg and Alan Parker, Micky Rourke.

Lighter? You say I need some lighter thankfuls? How ’bout these: I’m thankful to have a job that allows me to walk during my 15 minute break(s). Please note: I’ve never taken one of those 2 15 minute breaks allowed for folks in the “9-5” world in my entire life. Until we moved to the new office.

Our new place is located in an office park with lovely landscaping and trees and a walking path. Quite nice for an urban area. Yo! Didja get that? I’m thinking there’s 2 thankfuls right there. Let’s add a 3rd one and make it a triad of work related thankfuls. Last Wednesday or Thursday I was out walking with a co-worker and as we were winding up our mile+ walk break there came a rustling sound nearby. We looked towards the sound to see a family of geese waddling out from under the pine trees and through the parking lot! One parent goose in the lead followed by a single file of 6 babies of the same size, little light brown bundles of fuzz. And then there was #7. He or she was the very obvious runt of the litter, er gaggle. The other parent protectively brought up the rear. It was so adorable! (I know Lizzi, Christine and Dyanne. No proof no credit lol. Phone is on the way real soon. Promise!)

Hey… how in the world did I get to 9 already?! Mine is not to question. Accept. Move on. Move forward. Which is what the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop has done for 100 weeks. 100 Lizzi. 100 🙂

10) I’m thankful for another day. How can I not?

My phone started ringing tonight. It’s never too late for a “wake up” call….even from your self.


36 thoughts on “The Edge of Yesterday & 100 TToTs

    1. No. No butt call. The phone was 2 feet away from me. Yeah, as in it started ringing like you were calling me. Honest to God.
      Yes, they were so cute. It was amazing how they stayed in single file until they got close to the other side of the parking lot. Then the Momma or the Poppa, whoever was at the rear came up and they kind of grouped together going onto the grass. Guessing it was a protective move since there were a couple of other geese in the immediate vicinity.
      You. Are. Frist!


  1. While geese are a big ol’ pain in the arse around here, I just can’t deny the complete adorable ness of the babies.
    Very crazy that your phone called you. Odd indeed. But cool just the same. A wake up call. To what?
    I’m so glad you take those breaks and have pleasant walks. A little fresh air does a body good.


    1. I think they’re a pain everywhere lol. But you’re right – those little waddling balls of fuzz – makes you smile and feel good:)
      It was all those things! That’s never happened before. Wake up call to certain aspects of my life right now. Been in a kind of limbo as to living conditions, relationship…The events that brought me to VA, though long past now are still (and shouldn’t be) impeding my “getting on” with life.
      (If Lizzi’s reading – “deal with it Lizzi! I’m obtuse for a reason. Vague is my sometimes middle name! You should know this by now!” LOL
      Me too. It’s difficult to get away on some days. But even if we don’t go for our “long” walk, I’ll sometimes walk around the building myself a couple of times. It’s a nice re-charge. Yes, it definitely does a body good.


  2. So cool that you get to take a walk on your breaks. When I was still in an office there were a few women who would get together and walk on breaks. Now of course I can get up and walk whenever I want and often it’s through a customer’s greenhouse which is heaven in the depths of winter.


    1. It is. Being in a deadline driven industry, it’s nice to have that latitude 🙂
      Yes! I’m sure after being in an office even for a short time, the freedom is most welcome.
      Very cool to walk through a greenhouse in winter!


  3. We saw some darling geese families swimming in the river last weekend. I don’t know that I’d ever seen goslings before. I love that you get walking breaks! That’s just what you need to break up the day, and wake up if you need that sort of thing (I would!).


    1. The families are fascinating to watch 🙂 I think this was the first time I’d ever seen one.
      Yes, there are days when I can’t keep my eyes open and it definitely does the trick! Just getting out in the fresh air and sunshine is a surefire mood enhancer.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Grown up geese are pretty gross, but the babies? Yeah. Cute.
    I love that your phone called you – how ever did that happen??? I thought it was hilarious when my phone called Dyanne, but I think your story definitely beats that!
    I also love your walking opportunity – it’s good to get out for just a few minutes and taking those short walks is so important if you sit for much of your day. I’m working on remembering to get up and walk when I’m working here at home.


    1. LOL. Gross? Maybe their poop but surely not the geese!
      I don’t know how that happened Lisa. Mine is not to question why….
      I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be able to get up and walk out the door for a walk. I miss the stairs in the old place (used to go up and down 2 flights every time I hit the ladies room) but now I have easy access (one story building) to outdoors and an excellent substitute for stairs. It’s been great. I’m not a “desk” person at heart so getting to move about the cabin is huge for me:)
      You should set a time for how long to sit and work, then take a short break. Even a 3 or 4 minute brisk walk can do wonders!


  5. dyannedillon

    Baby geese are sooo cute! And mama and daddy goose are such good parents! It is unfortunate that they are pooping machines that also pull up grass by the roots. Your story also makes me think of one of my son’s favorite childhood books, Make Way For Ducklings.
    The button on my iphone that puts the phone into sleep mode doesn’t work about 90% of the time, so sometimes, after having stuck my phone in my pocket, my butt starts Pandora. I don’t realize this for awhile, but after wondering WHO HAS MUSIC TURNED UP SO LOUDLY NEAR ME, I realize what the fuck, it’s ME.
    If you can’t work at a job that has recess and snacks, then having one with a nice walking trail would be the next best thing!


    1. They appear to be prolific pooping machines! Aw, glad to bring up pleasant baby, now college, boy memories for you:)
      LOLOL You are so making me laugh Dyanne. I can picture you all irate over who’s blasting music…until you figured out it was you the whole time!
      Seems this butt dialing is a rather popular affliction 😀
      We’re working on the snack thing!!


  6. Kristi

    I’m not sure why fuzzy birds are so cute, but they really are! Someone offered us some ducks recently, and I was (am) tempted to say yes, just to be able to have fuzzy ducklings roaming around my backyard. Of course, there are more reasons to say no than yes, so I will be practical.


    1. Maybe it’s their little waddle 🙂 Ducks are kind of cool but if you’re in an area with predators – all bets off. Our neighbors in FL had a little “family” of ducks. The were an odd assortment but hung together nonetheless. They were cute to watch until they started disappearing one by one!
      Good thing you are/were practical!!


  7. valj2750

    Nice that you walk on your breaks. You never know what you will see. Baby geese. I like the Wake Up Call. We all need one of them sometimes.


  8. Well now, I’ve made it over jusssssst shy of the next one, and YEAH! 100….it still hasn’t sunk in.

    Have you called you again this week? Did you pick up?

    PHONE SOON! Cos pics…


    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by:) It is a wonderful accomplishment!
      No. Sometimes it only takes the one call, ya know?
      I know! I realize now I should have gotten one a long time ago. Right now though, every dollar counts so….after I secure living accomodations I’m buying that gosh darn phone!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for bugging me about it 😀


        1. I’ve missed “seeing” you here but then….I haven’t been doing much writing for awhile. Which I intend to remedy once I get settled somewhere.
          AND, you’ve had your share of “life challenges of late.
          My view of friendship is this: once you “become” a friend, that friendship stays with me. You’re my friend Lizzi. Always.
          Time and distance, frequency of contact don’t matter. We may not know each other very well (yet!) but we know each other.
          Apology accepted *hugs*

          Liked by 1 person

        2. We do know each other. And thank you. I’m glad we’re friends 🙂 I shall try to be less hooked into my life challenges and keep checking in.

          Hoping you settle soon. Here’s to positive movement on that front. (Or positive NONmovement. You know what I mean)


  9. I know this is from a little bit ago…but had to comment. That cell phone thing cracks me up. 😀 “Hello, Is Me there? I’ve gone out to find something? Okay, well please leave a message with Me that when I get back, I’ll know I’ve found it.”
    Oh, I just love you, your words, your sweet heart! You make me smile BIG!
    Have a wonderful week, Friend!


    1. 😀 You can comment anywhere you please Cyndi. Still working on the most current ttot. I’m a little late lol
      Ah…significant call, trust me:)
      Thank you, thank you! It makes me happy I can make you smile BIG!
      I have to say I feel the same about you Friend:)
      Will be thinking of you this week. Enjoy! Here’s to new beginnings!!


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