Edge-ucation in the Ring of Life. TToT Time

Someone tell me “what” Roni is. A clark? scott? roger? This is the very first music video I watched of him. It was tough finding personal interviews. Granted I haven’t tried too hard but I did find one. Actually, it’s a combination of a 46 second clip of one interview and a longer 2nd interview. Between these two there should be enough “evidence” to determine how Roni relates himself to the world.

So what do you think? Me, I’m thinking there’s enough in the first clip. Maybe. The 2nd clip? He’s wearing sunglasses. Damn! Can’t check the eyes/eye contact. What else? Personal pronouns. Couldn’t really note those because the interviewer seemed to do most of the talking. (hidden clue!) Body language?

This morning was one of those open up the u tube and see what was “hand picked” for my viewing pleasure today. Where Roni Benise came from I cannot say. I’ve not searched flamenco or spanish guitar in, well, got to be over a year. Who does not LOVE the YouTube. It’s both amazing and dangerous, addictive and exhilarating.

Today, I’m all about keeping it simple. The thanks?:

– The TToT Blog Hop. If it wasn’t for this hop, would I write anymore?

– 1 week ago today, I left the “Room of Refuge”. There was a deadline. Deadline met. I now reside in what I now call a “Room of Re-Direction”. If I give into it, I ponder the wonder I did not grow to choose/find myself in the rogerian worldview. How much “easier” life would have been! (not really but gee, it’s how I feel sometimes:D)

the Wakfield Doctrine. Life tool extrodinaire. I’ve come to realize I can do a heck of a lot more when it comes to relating myself to the world and those around me. Because, well, ya know. Know how another relates themselves to the world and you’re halfway there!

– 8 or so miles up the Beltway! That’s right folks. The bain of driving existence (one of them lol) in NOVA is the Capital Beltway. The new digs are 1 mile off the Beltway and have cut my commute (morning only) to a more reasonable 40 minutes. On a good day. Wish I could say the evening commute was substantially better. It is, but not by much. No, really, I’m thankful for being a little further up the Beltway!

#’s 5-6 – My job and my car to get me there. I could complain that, between my commute and workload the last couple of weeks, I pretty much have no time except to sleep, but I won’t. That is for me to figure out. One step at a time.

– Clark’s contribution to the on going “collaborative” story over at Roger’s Rag. His “chapter” has risen the bar for my own self. Participating in story writing is a challenge to say the least!

– 2 Mile Run

– this weekend’s weather. We boomeranged out of a momentary lapse of seasonal confusion back to more consistent time of year weather 😀

– One more day. It is the only day. It is the first day. It is the last day.



  1. lrconsiderer · June 7, 2015

    I don’t want this to be my last day. It is being squandered on hormones and self-pity. Others which have come before it are better, and those which will come after it are worse.

    I have no energy for ordeals of the two mile variety, and maintain my status as unreliable (sub-section: inconsistent).

    I’m glad you have a room of re-direction but really I’d like you to find your way to a room of reformation and re-centreing (if that’s even a Thing (and if not, it should be))

    We clarks seem to always have one foot off the ground, but quite honestly, who needs stability? It’s the internal gyroscope we need to keep in kilter, not the external.



    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 7, 2015

      You, my friend are FRIST! Thank you for being FRIST:)

      No you don’t. But none of us knows what day will be our last day on the planet. So, in the middle of those self-pity, self indulgence (in the “bad” emotion(s)) days, we can either choose to continue and take the chance we’ll wake up tomorrow and somehow make up for the “lost time” or stop our self(s). There is a place all clarks go that at times seems as if there is no getting out of. But there is also the ability to step aside. If only for a moment where we gently let go of the tether of yesterday’s “better days” and the lure of a future that is uncertain, awful, horrible, adventerous, full of possibilty…happy. Maybe it’s age. Maybe I can do this now because I’m older or because of certain life experience.

      Energy. Finds itself. Can be summoned. Most of the time. The trick is identifying where your energy is being directed. I’ve found with myself that if I’m not careful I waste it on the wrong things, wrong activities, wrong people. Actually, I’ve found that the sequence in which I do things can have a direct correlation with energy and productivity. No, not rocket science but for sure a practice thing.

      Re-centering. It is a thing. Thank you:) I don’t know that it’s reformation as much as evolution.

      We all need stability! It is the definition of stability that is so varied. Yes, we clarks always have a foot…on another planet lol ahem…in another world. I agree, it is the internal we need to keep an eye on. Too much time inside the head, never good for a clark 😀

      Hey, did I say I can’t wait to meet you in real life in September?!


      • lrconsiderer · June 7, 2015

        You did not, but nor can I. I’d also like to glitterbomb you but have been waiting for your address to become consistent before I ask for it. That said, today being the last day, I might as well ask and get ‘er done.

        No, I did not make that sound like a chore. That was my begrudging attempt to flounder out of self-pity and into rescuing the day with something Good.

        Evolution is constant and the more I look, the more I realise I have no ‘better days’ from my yesterdays. Here and now in the cold, steely-grey certainty that whilst bright spots have existed, I am still on my way to being my best, THAT is what I have. The lure of the future is far too fickle at the moment.

        And yes. One foot on the ground and one foot goodness knows where. Another plane of existence, certainly, even if only inches away.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 7, 2015

          Oh yay! I would be honored to receive one of your glitterbombs. They are legendary! I’ll message you on the FB where you may send the GB:)

          Ah, but I don’t disagree that sometimes it is a chore. I know that you do see the good, the possible. I also know that at the core, you will never surrender.

          It is a constant for we like people:) Your certainty is your strength. It should always be about the here and now. It’s the only thing that is real.

          Liked by 1 person

        • lrconsiderer · June 7, 2015

          GOODY. Because I’ve wanted to send you one for the longest time but for some reason been the tiniest bit *silly* about actually making the step to expressing that. Ack!


          It shan’t be a chore, but a delight. I look forward to trying my best for you 🙂

          Waves of flux can be relied upon. If only I knew how to surf, not sink.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 7, 2015

          Thank God you finally got a grip! LOL

          If it’s a delight putting it together for me, it will be the best 😀

          You can swim, right? If you know how to swim, you know how to float. Surfing’s not that far off….

          Liked by 1 person

        • lrconsiderer · June 7, 2015

          I can swim. Just get swamped easily. To tired from so many years of swimming rough seas, yaknow?

          Will begin working on your glitterbomb. How lovely 🙂 GOOD. Focus. That will help.


  2. fangboner1 · June 7, 2015

    I used to have about a 45 minute commute. I used to enjoy the travel time for the most part. Great thinking time. I know I am weird about that. Well and from my perspective you could add the fact that you have been sleeping to your list of thankfuls. Its hard won in my life.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 7, 2015

      I don’t think you’re weird! I actually love driving but it depends where. And I agree, it can be a great time to do that “quiet thinking” that sometimes doesn’t happen when you’re home and people are around and there’s interruptions and such.
      Thank you Erin! You know, after I published this I thought about how I could have added one more thankful which is that in this new place, for whatever reason, I’m sleeping like a dead person! The soundest I’ve slept in a very long time:)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Clark Scottroger · June 7, 2015

    have just come from watching video… I thought I would indulge in some (implied ) ego…have not read the Post or Comments (other than the intro item for the question of worldview)

    (I’ll wait to see if anyone else chooses to weigh in on this question of clark, scott or roger*)

    *… many times people hesitate to say, ‘he’s a clark’….she’s a scott etc, for fear of being wrong… don’t feel that way, the fun with (the Wakefield Doctrine) extends to sharing the learning… i.e. “He’s a clark?!?!! what the hell makes you say that?!!? are you insane….show us the proof!!!”

    I’ll stop back later and read the rest of the post and maybe butt in on some of the comment threads… but I think I saw Stephanie pop in… got to go see if Calvin’s taken his Driver’s Test yet… lol (time sho do pass quickly here in Neverland)


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 7, 2015

      Thank you! I was rather uncertain at first my own self. I too concluded clark but only after viewing the interview in which he was not wearing the sunglass. Tell me I’m wrong, but the thing that stood out was the fear in the eyes, the smile, the something….. That is what I saw. That and the lack of personal pronouns and self promotion disqualified him from being a roger.

      The other charateristic that jumped out at me was his music, his performace. His “creative expression” appears quite unique:)


      • Clark Scottroger · June 7, 2015

        …for me, (being so giant as to not bother with such genuinely useful and, at times necessary insights as interviews, where the person is not playing a role)… in the video, surely there is the director with a role in mind for your guitar player and even though he had a (probable) scottian female playing opposite him… he was not there (in the sense of opposite her in her role)… he was, even though he would surely be trying his best to play the role (in the video) there was that …distance that you see in clarks.
        in the Doctrine we are concerned with understanding how a person is relating themselves to the world around them… (not merely relating to the world…. but when you’re on the Outside (of everything no matter how hard you try… there is a transparency, a lag in the connection to the people and places and things… (hell, simpler to say it from a clark’s perspective: ‘the world out there’ clarks are relating to a world that they are not completely in/of)

        so, it’s easy! just look…. is he a scott? no way no hunger in his eyes… roger? well maybe… but there is no pride in his face, or the expectation of admiration from the woman…. viola! clark


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 7, 2015

          🙂 The words. The language. Just don’t speak fluent Doctrine yet lol

          Transparency. Yes. There was something lacking. There really wasn’t anything to tell me “scott” which left me with the other 2.

          Thanks for the “home schooling”!


  4. ivywalker · June 7, 2015

    Hey. Yup that’s it for now I guess.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 7, 2015

      What did I miss. I’m sensing….wait minute Z. BRB


      • ivywalker · June 7, 2015

        Just pooped I guess. ..I read too much and left no reserve for comment. …I hit all the links and kept reading. …love the rag cont story…. I was just heading out w skip and didnt want to rush a comment….sorry…didn’t mean to be all mysterious and weirdo!


  5. Kristi · June 7, 2015

    A shorter commute is definitely a thankful!


  6. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me · June 7, 2015

    Some deep thinking here for me. Hi! by the way…feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you popping around. I’ve been under my rock a lot lately.
    So…the two mile thing. You’re doing that? I’m thinking about it.
    I commuted an hour to work for one year. Hated it. Hmm…was it that I hated that job? Because now that I think about it, I commuted an hour for about five years and never once complained. Loved that job. OK, there’s a theory. Maybe. I hate driving anywhere more than ten minutes anymore. Am I getting old and cranky?
    Oh, never mind…I’m already cranky. 😀
    So good to read here and have a wonderful week!
    P.S. Still love your “edge” title thing.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 8, 2015

      You’re welcome or I’m sorry! LOL Hi back! It’s been forever and I’ve felt so guilty for not getting around to everyone’s blogs in the last month or more. “Stuff backstage” to deal with. You under a rock? Have you checked the FB lately? You’ve been doing a tremendous job of “sharing” people’s work and writings:D

      Yes. Only I don’t have a camera or any way to upload my evidence 😦 Another one of my motivators for a new phone. It’s what I keep telling myself.

      Hm. Don’t think you’re “old”, just “old-der”. Cranky? Naah. 🙂 I would love a 10 minute commute! I like my job fine, it’s just the getting there that’s a bitch. I agree. If you love your job, a commute, no matter how long, is not such a chore.

      Good to see you Lisa! I aim to start being more present out there. I’ve been missing a lot!!


  7. Sandra · June 8, 2015

    I suspect Pinterest is to me what the Youtube is to you :)….The Youtube, love it. You write beautifully, I may need to look up a few words though 🙂


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 8, 2015

      I suspect you are dead on. Maybe you are the person to explain Pinterest to me. Never got the hang of it but it looks really fun!
      Thank you Sandra. I haven’t done much writing lately but when I do, I enjoy it. And I’m glad you did too 🙂


  8. Oh the Clarks and Scotts and Annabelle’s and I don’t understand. I still don’t understand all of it. Do you all collaborate in some sort of FB group hangout and talk about who you identify yourself as because I read the “fable” and I’m like “Someone just please spell it out in dumb people talk” — because I read it and I got to the end and I feel dumb.
    I want to be a Barb.
    Anyways, I had to cross the border into the US to work. I loathed it. Loathed. I had my lunches confiscated because mad cow, and tropical fruit (hello the oranges were from America — FLORIDA — So I was basically returning them!). I did it for 10 years and I will never work in the US again. Nope.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 8, 2015

      But you’re a Kimberly! We hang mostly over at the Wakefield Doctrine. Hm…maybe start with “Doctrine Ditties” –
      clarks think (they’re always inside their head), scotts act (high energy, don’t sit still for very long). rogers feel (“emotion based”, they use a lot of personal pronouns)
      clarks are of the future, scotts are the here and now, rogers are about the past

      Wow! Never gave a thought to commuting to another country. Don’t think I’ll complain again about driving one state over lol


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