Ta Ta… Ten Things of Thankful from GirlieOnTheEdge

Yo! I just accepted a challenge! And thank God I took the call. At this moment, I’ve realized my hands are slick with “wasted” time. It’s Saturday, I’m just off a whole lotta sleep last night ‘cuz, uh, foot/leg pretzel action (old people stuff) Thursday night and, in general, only 4 hours of sleep a night all week. I know.  Waah, waah for me, whiney ass Girlie.

The call? Was a literal one. Here’s the convo:

Me:”Good morning”
Caller: “Yeah”. (whatever, whatever…did you write your post yet?”
Me: “No, was just getting ready for work”
Caller: “…you really….”
Me: I stopped the Caller in his tracks and practically yelled “Shut up! I accept the challenge!! No need to say another word.”
Caller: “Alright. Talk to you later.”


First and foremost that I had a safe trip last Monday. Traveling the hi-ways and bi-ways from Rhode Island to Virginia. It was cool.

Second but not necessarily. Me! That’s right. Even though it took an outsider to remind me that life is now and that I was being such a girl, I realized wtf! of course I can write a TToT post and get it out in what? 30 minutes? What is 30 minutes when you run in negative time anyway. Right? Right? Am I right?!

Third ‘o mine is this – I woke up again. If I can keep doing that, I’m off to a good start. After that is the real challenge. Like this here thing I do today. (see #4)

#4. As usual, as in the best laid plans of …. I’m getting a post out because you know, I don’t write much anymore. Not much anyway since 2013.

Five-O. The Rag story. And my character Janice. Gots to work on the next chapter. I miss Janice!

Six. My friends and readers that come to GirlieOnTheEdge. I do appreciate the read and comments. I keep telling myself there’s a trick to getting around more. To reciprocating. Presently I don’t have access to the internet from when I leave to when I get in. That’s about 12 -14 hrs a day. Hm….everybody else manages to do it….

7. Same friend and readers for writing! And keeping up with their blogs. In spite of being woefully behind, I love that I can click on anyone’s blog and find humorous, insightful, entertaining and educational words. 24/7.

Eight, ocho, huit. the Wakefield Doctrine.

9er. A place to live, a car to drive, food to eat. Not a bad start.

10 spot. Right now. Today.

If you’re lucky, you know someone who will remind you – tomorrow doesn’t exit.



37 thoughts on “Ta Ta… Ten Things of Thankful from GirlieOnTheEdge

  1. and I repeat…isnt there a dance you should be doing on #8? hahhahahahaa… ask Clark. Hey no worries on the reciprocation… that is something that happens when it can. I just look forward to reading your stuff… and the talking orange is always spooky but not as much as the talking eggs!


    1. Dance? Did you say dance?! Give me the right music and you got yoself a dancing Girlie!
      Thanks, it so worries me sometimes. I’m going to try harder to get around more often.
      Thank you Zoe! You don’t know how good that makes me feel 😀
      It is “disturbing” isn’t it lol. I love those eggs!!


  2. Kristi

    Balancing blogging and “real life” is a challenge. “Everybody else” does NOT manage to do it, so don’t be hard on yourself. At least that’s what I try to tell myself when I feel my blogging efforts aren’t up to par. 🙂


    1. For sure. Oh Kristi, thank you for that.
      You? It looks to me like you do a great job! Wherever I go you are either already there or show up shortly thereafter.
      Thanks again for the encouragement 🙂


  3. Christine

    The talking orange baffles me. That’s all I’ll say about that. 🙂
    Glad you made it home safely and got the call to kick ya in the pants to get a TToT post up. It’s always nice to see you join in.
    Waking up is always a good start to any day,
    I’m thankful for my fellow bloggers, too. I’ve been to exhausted to write lately. Shoot, I can’t even muster up the energy to reply to other posts. But I’m reading and enjoying.


    1. The Orange thing is weird – like Zoe says, it’s kinda spooky and disturbing lol
      Thank you, me too. Took my time – more or less 🙂 Yes, I wasn’t expecting to see a post from myself until probably tomorrow. It’s a real lesson in discipline and time management. Yeah, really!
      Hey, I’m glad you are reading and enjoying. You’ll get there (wherever that is) when you get there 🙂


  4. Someone mentioned me responding to comments (because I haven’t in the last few weeks) and I wasn’t sure if that was done in a snarky way but I was all “but life man” — once in a while I’d like to pee and stuff and I enjoy keeping my sanity in tact.
    I also love my readers. I do and I read comments and appreciate them all. I’m very thankful that people take the time to come visit. Feck, she made me feel super smalls.
    Sanity. Sanity. Sanity. We have to live and dance like a disturbing orange. <– I take meds for that


    1. I think all of us enjoy the exchange. You know, a little conversation 🙂 My thing is I have trouble getting around to reading everyone’s blog that I want. I don’t like to “skim” them but take my time, read the other comments. Maybe better time management skills? LOL
      So you like the Annoying Orange?! Tell me you do! LOL


  5. dyannedillon

    Brothers can be a pain, can’t they? 🙂 Did you get talked into weighing yourself for him? Not happening here, I don’t care how few numbers I have to post!
    Speaking of brothers, mine loves that annoying orange. I find it … annoying.
    I do pretty well at keeping up with blog reading and commenting, then Life happens, and I feel so GUILTY that I can’t get them read, let alone write comments.


    1. Yes! (and you should hear some stories from when I was a kid!) At this point in my life, I welcome the “reminders/cues” 🙂
      Actually, I keep getting reminded if I bought a new phone I could participate in this latest venture. But then I’d have to buy a scale as well lol (The phone…I keep telling him “soon”. Honest :D)
      But Dyanne! They’re just numbers! Do we really give a shit? Of course not! (say that after me!)
      I would like your brother. I don’t know why but I can click on most of those vids and find myself laughing out loud.
      Yes, you do really well. I totally suck. As in I haven’t gotten to most everyone’s blog yet and it’s Monday morning!
      I’m glad you still come around 😀
      Guilt. It’s the gift that keeps giving isn’t it?


  6. I love your list, juggling work, a blog, other social media, plus children to raise is a full time job to me. The only way things get done in my world is if I get up really early, or stay up really late. I abhor getting up early so late nights it is. 😉


    1. Thank you 🙂
      Truly, I don’t know how some do it. It’s amazing and totally awe inspiring!
      I do get up early but sometimes it takes me so damn long to get ready that I find I don’t have as much time as I thought!
      Good for you for the late night thing. (I see when you posted this comment lol) I was always a night owl but I find now that 4:15 am comes rather soon when I stay up until midnight. Come Thursday, I’m a bit draggy 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I totally understand that, I usually pull the late night hours when I have a project due. Usually my insomnia or my son’s sleep disorder keep me up lately. I’m a list girl on paper and digital if it’s not on my list it’s not getting done. Sometimes I just feel freer and more creativity in the night owl hours. 😉


        1. That’s how I was in school lol. Always the night before. Insomnia must totally suck. I’ve only experienced a few times the not being able to sleep even though you’re tired.
          Ah, we have that in common. I’ve always been a “list girl” except of late not so much. Maybe that’s the key to my getting more done! Only I would need a huge piece of (actual) paper, then write in giant letters, my list, then maybe…(teasing). I used to feel pretty good if I could check off more than 50%.
          Makes sense. Especially if you have kids, that once the house is quiet your creative self can feel relaxed enough to come out and play 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Yes that creative self doesn’t like to give up that time. But my kids don’t get the memo to sleep in a lot. 😉 Insomnia is a struggle now I’m finding it’s a lot more about my own sleep disorder. Lists are my friends and I take great delight in checking off my things accomplished. 😊


        3. And that’s a good thing. Not so much the kids not sleeping in 🙂
          Any kind of “home remedies” for it? You already exercise so I guess that one’s out. Warm milk? Meditation? Yoga?
          I won’t ever give up on the lists. Ever. If I can write or type one, there’s gonna be one. In fact, I’ve decided to re-dedicate myself to the “daily to do”!

          Liked by 1 person

        4. I’m so happy you’re back to your lists. I’ve used a few things in the past, like chamomile tea, meditation, yoga, and valerian. My youngest has a sleep disorder so I can’t sleep too soundly. I will be get evaluated in the fall for a sleep test as well as my son.


        5. I just have to be careful not to make the list too long lol Years ago, I’d put at least 15 items on a daily list. Yeah, I don’t think so 😀
          Do you think your difficulty going to sleep is because you want to be awake for when your son needs you? What is his sleep disorder? I’m thankful I don’t suffer from one. Extended sleep deprivation is never a good thing.

          Liked by 1 person

        6. Oh yes I used to do that too 10-15 things and get myself too overwhelmed. It’s either 5 things to do each day that’s enough for me. I’ve had insomnia for awhile and worrying about my son does lead to restless sleep. He has restless legs syndrome and is being evaluated for Obstructive sleep apnea. I do my best to catch up on weekends when my husband is home. I was burning out in Jan. and had to make a lot of changes. I’m grateful that my fitness goals and owning a hot tub have helped a lot with my sleep deprivation. 😊


        7. See 🙂 5 was always my “number”. It’s manageable. My brother has RLS. Sounds like an awful thing to have and more so for a child. Interrupted sleep is worse than not sleeping at all. I know from experience. The sleep apnea is a scary thing.
          Surely, your physical activity and the hot tub have helped. Never been in a hot tub but I hear it’s relaxing 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        8. Yes 5 is always attainable, 10 can happen if I stay focused. My Mom had RLS so my sleep specialist thinks it’s hereditary. He also has some developmental issues so we don’t know exactly what it’s related to. Allergies, he’s been on meds since the fall with no change in the sleeping patterns. Sleep apnea is something that can also genetically be the link. My brother, Dad, and my cousin all have it. I’m grateful that when I do sleep it’s lightly so when my son needs me I’m there. This has been going on since 2013 and I had move to a new province so I could have help. Keeping fit and relaxed with my hot tub sessions definitely helps. If you like to have a hot bath to soak your cares away then you’d love a hot tub. 😊


        9. It sounds as if you have your hands full. I know how bad allergies can be for adults, worse for kids. I hope you can one resolve both your son’s and your sleep disorders. 2 years is a long time. The combo sounds perfect.I like the idea of soaking in a hot bath, but I’m not a huge fan. I don’t think I could enjoy the hot tub unless I’ve worked out!

          Liked by 1 person

        10. Yes it’s been a long sometimes painful journey and I’m grateful to have had the help so far for my son. It’s been so hard to not know how to help him. So finding resources has been a Godsend. I’m thankful at the end of a long day I can have my fitness to get me motivated and my hot tub to help me relax. It’s a nice reward and a blessing for my family. 😊


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