No Ma, not that Frank, this Frank.

You always did, Ma. You always did…thank you.


6 thoughts on “No Ma, not that Frank, this Frank.

  1. dyannedillon

    I have a Frank Sinatra plate that sings this. One of those Franklin Mint things. I licensed the song when I worked at Warner Bros. and asked if I could have one of the sample copies the company was required to give us per the contract, and the president said I could.

    1. *channel Elaine from Seinfeld, pushing Jerry as she says*…”Get out.LOL
      Those Franklin mint things are really cool. Bet you have a pretty good collection of stuff, huh?
      Wow. You worked at Warner Bros. Do tell! Sounds very cool.
      Glad you picked Ole Blue Eyes. I liked a few of his songs when I was younger, ‘cuz you know, he was my Mom’s music crush when she was young, but it wasn’t until I got a little older that I realized, yeah, Frank is alright:)

      1. dyannedillon

        WB owned the master recording, which is why we licensed it. It was part of the contract that we got 5 copies of anything produced by anyone using a recording. The copies usually just went into a library, but I thought the plate was a hoot, so I asked if I could have one.
        The WB job was B-O-R-I-N-G. Contracts, contracts, contracts.

        1. Ooh – at least 5 copies. Who were the other 4 you picked?
          One of the perks of running a music store in the “old” days was, as a manager, you got free advance CD’s. Quick and easy way to build the library 😀
          For sure a singing plate is a hoot! but what would Frank have had to say about it?LOL
          I can imagine – contracts but….did you have to go over them all?

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