Step Up to That Line. Stop at the Edge.

OK Ivywalker! Here goes nothin’! My first Six Sentence!


“Don’t be fearful young lady. There’s millions of other folks who have stood where you are now standing and have lived to tell of it!”

“But what if I fail? What will happen then? Life surely won’t be the same….”

“Now, now, pull yourself together, step up and read me that first letter.”


25 thoughts on “Step Up to That Line. Stop at the Edge.

  1. Nicely done! Don’t you find you wanna keep going? Cuz I wanna know more about this. I always wonder if others regret stopping at six? Thanks for joining the party Denise!


    1. Thank you, L! Yeah, I do. I was so tired last night and this morning I was running late. But! I so wanted to join in the fun:)
      It’s more difficult than I initially thought lol
      I don’t avoid all parties *wink, wink*


        1. It does but be sure to remind yourself – it should go on, on your terms.

          (One of our people’s “lesser” characteristcs is the ability to far too easily acquiescence. Often from not wanting a confrontation. No doubt there is proper time and place but sometimes…we acquiesce out of (fill in the blank) and we just plain old need to stop.


        2. No. This was different – this was a sustained and willful effort to bury my head in the sand about certain truths which I KNEW but didn’t want to accept. So amidst the non-acceptance, I tangled my heart, and then (of COURSE) I ran smack into that wall of reality and…well…it hurts.


        3. I’m sorry 😦
          Doesn’t it suck to know, then try to ignore and put off the inevitable? We who can “sustain” so much. As much as we’d like to think we can ignore the truth, sometimes it’s too big. Which doesn’t necessarily help in the dealing with it.
          *hugs of empathy and understanding*

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        4. Subtext re-framed in light of reality, and (astonishingly) back on 🙂 HUGE relief, as was feeling broken about it 🙂 🙂 🙂

          Soooo now to deal with new reality. Treat it lightly, methinks, and just enjoy what there is to enjoy 😀


  2. Wait until they really test you by getting you to start on the third or fourth row of letters rather than let you acclimatize to the board! What is so annoying is that you can’t even memorize the board for next time!


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