One Step Leads to Another Until She Edges Out 6 Sentences

Hey guys! Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge’s 2nd attempt at 6 Sentence Stories. Hope you don’t mind – I took a snippet of a chapter I wrote for the ongoing Detective Story from hell over at the Rag. It’s been in limbo lately which is a shame. Clark contributed a very nicely written Chapter 35 and that’s where we’ve been stalled. Gonna rectify that real soon. Real soon.

Be forewarned! The 6 sentences below contain some harsh language and some may find it offensive. But it is from a piece of fiction afterall 🙂


“Finally, a return on all those BodyCombat classes I suffered through at the Dorchester Ave. Gold’s Gym. No, I’m not talking Shaun T here, just your regular old, mixed martial arts, kick your ass kinda workout. It’s what got me up those steps twice as fast as my PI Guy, God bless his overweight soul.

I hung a quick left at the top of the stairs and nearly went head over heels trying to dodge an ill placed laundry basket of humongous proportions (Martha Stewart – my sister is not!) and stopped dead in my tracks just outside of Jenn’s bedroom.

Fuck, yeah…no kidding we needed to see this. What sick ass motherfucker….amazing what a little adrenalin will do for one’s vocabulary and, as if on cue, Roger just as vehemently vocalized pretty much what I was thinking.”


6 thoughts on “One Step Leads to Another Until She Edges Out 6 Sentences

  1. Yet so realistic….its soooo true about adrenalin fueled vocab. I keep thinking I gotta get back to reading the rag…. This may have pushed me over! Cool piece!

    1. Thanks. I’ve so stalled there. But this 6 Sentence thing is great! Got to re-write a little piece of of a chapter and it made it so apparent just how much my stuff needs re-writing! lol

  2. valj2750

    A laundry basket can stop a Ninja. Yeah, my adrenaline is directly wired into my knowledge of socially inappropriate language. Love the fast paced read.

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