No Throw-Back. Re-Wind. Edge Style.

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. It is Thursday once again. I’m thankful to be able to say that. Thursdays are quickly becoming a significant day of the week. Not only for my own self but for many writers here in the blog-spherical universe.

Who do we have to thank? Ambassador to Josie Two Shoes, Ivywalker. She hosts the bloghop event known as Six Sentence Stories. I really like reading these flash sentence posts. I marvel at how some writers are able to draw 6 sentences out with seemingly magical ease to give the illusion of much, much more material. Crazy!

And it seems Six Sentence Stories has fast become a vehicle by which some of our favorite writers are showing off writing chops the likes of which we’ve not seen before. Case in point? Dyanne Diabolica. Forgive me whoever dubbed our beloved Dyanne with this moniker, I don’t remember you but you surely hit the nail on the head. Dyanne’s Stories will amuse, surprise and shock!

I look forward to what Misspreschoolkindergartensmallhumantoschoolthere teacher turned murder mystery/thriller crime story writer extraordinaire has penned each and every Thursday. And she’s got plenty of company so there’s no excuse – how long will it take to read 6 sentences? Huh? So make the rounds, share and show your support. It’s the fun thing to do 🙂

When I walked the overgrown path, weaving in and out and around the ancient stones, moss covered now from ages gone by, no bodies to burnish them smooth, I let my mind wander to a time of simplicity and dare, naivete and youthful indulgence

Adult but not, we were fueled with the fire of unbridled ambition borne at 16 behind the wheel of a Ford Galaxie 500, green like all the traffic lights on the dream highway of life to come, ne’er blinking for one second to make us doubt our immortality

Drunk with youthful inexperience, ebullient in our longing and desires, we moved forward, sometimes in the haze and daze of confusion to find at minium a flickering matchstick flame there at the end of each tunnel

Trouble never came around invited and rarely made an appearance yet lurked in the shadows eagerly awaiting special invitation to shine as only the contrary can in moments of opportunity gone bad

Life then as life now, portrayed realistically for general viewing pleasure is but illusion and fools only those who do not, can not, will not, face that which is, whatever we once thought, remembered, created and believed is nothing

And everything and all but gone with the wind




  1. ivywalker · August 13, 2015

    Really well written… Captures all the foolish recklessness of youth… I dont remember thinking I was immortal but perhaps I did … Its such a common experience that lead to so many other ones!
    I know what you mean about the SSS . Its a great vehicle really… and how long does it take… just enjoyable to read as well.

    Left you a message back at facebook… I dont think I have your email? I couldnt find it anyway. 🙂


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 13, 2015

      Thank you 🙂
      Was struggling last evening and not coming up with even a clue of an idea. Found my way right off the bat with the clip from Dazed and Confused. The rest is stream of consciousness history 🙂
      I’ll message you my e-mail when I get in tonight.


      • ivywalker · August 13, 2015

        I still havent gotten an idea. Why dont I put in a cue I can use more readily?!


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 13, 2015

          Now that’s a thought! lol You could taylor all of them to your own self!


  2. Clark Scottroger · August 13, 2015

    ‘Adult but not…’ very excellent phrase

    (liked your intro, ‘said she was going as a student to school there…’)


  3. dyannedillon · August 13, 2015

    First, thank you so much for the kind words! I am having so much fun with this blog hop and I’m glad you decided to get on board as well.
    Second, your writing always amazes me. I especially relate to this because I rode in that green Galaxy 500 at some time during high school. And we may never have had quite the same level of party as in the Dazed and Confused clip, but they were close. Once again, you’re peeking into my memories. Excellent job.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 13, 2015

      You are most welcome Dyanne! It is pretty cool, isn’t it? Yeah, me too 🙂
      That is a very encouraging feeling. I’ve not felt in the least creative in a very long time.
      Really?! And I thought we were the only family to have an almost mint green 500 LOL
      We were damn close.
      Thank you 🙂


  4. oldegg · August 13, 2015

    Thinking back to those days long gone I am thankful that I didn’t get into more trouble. It must have been the luck of youth.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 13, 2015

      I think back then it was easier to get away with stuff!
      Yes, the luck of youth. Some, like you definitely had it 🙂


  5. valj2750 · August 14, 2015

    Gone With The Wind.


  6. Michelle Liew · August 14, 2015

    Ah, Rhett and Scarlett with your zing, Girlie.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 15, 2015

      Or Lynyrd Skynyrd 🙂

      I loved that movie and I actually got to see it in a theater 🙂


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