Huey Lewis and GirlieOnTheEdge. Just for the TToT

My first thanks goes out to Diana Pratt. Literally, a virtual stranger. Diana doesn’t know it, yet she singlehandedly is responsible for my posting this today. My first post since, well too long ago.

I’m not huge on the FB but I’ll check in and scan to see what’s up. This morning I had a notification that Diana Pratt (who I am not “friends” with) liked a post of mine from….July 11, 2015!! It was a TToT post, close to when my presses were approaching full shut down. I re-read my post and when I finished, wondered “what the fuck is my problem?”.  (Excuse the language. There are times when the f word simply is the most cathartic word to say/write.)

I’m sure David won’t mind the liberty I’ve taken when I say, I don’t know where I’ve been, but I sure know where I’m not going to go! I’m not going into the ether. Nope. Whatever the writer’s malaise that has struck me down lo these many months, I’m not going to succomb. Nope. Not. Going. To. Happen.

This is a place I’ve created. In process, continuing, ongoing… I will not be defeated. Makes sense that my 2nd TF is that I’ve retained a kernel of defiance, a shred of will and a drop of insistence that life will bend to my will.

3. The generosity of Kristi and ivywalker aka zoe. I had all but decided not to participate in ivy’s Operation Meet the Brit in Ocean City, NJ last weekend. At the last minute, I realized I can’t not go and meet Lizzi in the flesh and meet ivy and Val and Jen irl. I’m so very glad I went.

4. Extremely thankful that ivy did not succomb to serious injury from her accident traveling to Ocean City.

5, 6, 7. I bought a new phone! I’m gradually learning it’s features, I now have unlimited text and an awesome camera all in one device! Marvelous technology. Hm…ocho right there.

Nine. I have to give huge thanks that, for at least the last month, the weather has been gorgeous. Last Saturday was rainy but otherwise? most excellent, summerlike weather.

10. Today. Another day. The only day.



21 thoughts on “Huey Lewis and GirlieOnTheEdge. Just for the TToT

  1. There are times I feel the need to retreat from my own space on the interwebs, but then there will be an interaction that makes me happy and reminds me of the things I love about the blogging community.

    Huey Lewis – one of my favorites during my teen years.


  2. spending time with you was some of my favorite… I am so glad you are not giving it up… maybe it will inspire me as well… I too am so grateful for surviving that accident . A good friend just called and said his Dad died in a car wreck … I think its finally hitting me how lucky I am and how serious that was. Thanks Denise… again I am sooo glad you came!


    1. Yeah, it was some of my favorite as well. And ya know, you and I were the only ones who claimed the city by Right of Hat 😀
      Accidents are crazy scary and sometimes it’s not until later when you realize the bullet you dodged. I couldn’t believe your car when I saw it and was so glad you came out of that still in one piece. Actually, I’m hugely impressed your car drove you home. And all in one piece!

      I’m sorry for your friend’s loss. It’s been quite a week for you hasn’t it.


  3. valj2750

    I was delighted to meet you and have a small “chat” after the breakfast at Uncle Bill’s. I am glad you decided to come. It was historical, really. Your jacket was tres chic. It’s amazing what little things can inspire us greatly.


    1. It was nice, Val. Thanks, maybe that was part of it…didn’t want to miss out on a historicao event 🙂
      Thank you! It’s one of my favorite pieces.
      So true! I’ve alwasys believed in the “little” things and try never to underestimate them 🙂


    1. ivywalker was the victim of a hit and run accident on the Garden State Parkway on her way to meet Lizzi in Ocean City last weekend. She, thankfully, suffered minor damage but not such luck for her car 😦
      She’s an amazing woman. Not exactly, a good way to begin an adventure!


  4. I’m glad you one that was able to join up with group. It sounds like everyone had a lot of fun. So glad that Ivy came through it okay too. One of these days I may have to get a new phone, one with a camera. I’m just not ready for that learning curve just yet.


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