Robert Frost…If You Only Knew

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Thank you Josie and ivy for creating/hosting such a challenging and enjoyable blog hop! This is my second consecutive Thursday participating in Six Sentence Stories. I’m going to shoot for a trifecta but until then….

I woke, content. Walking a dream landscape that was at once endlessly familiar, comfortable, I wandered as if time was not at issue in spite of a nagging feeling that it was. Not quite able to put my finger on it, I couldn’t shake the feeling that all was not as it should be.

“But Dr. Gordon – you said there was a chance the coma wouldn’t be permanent, that there was a chance she’d come out of it!”

“Yes, Mrs. Fontaine, I did say that… 12 years ago. I’m so very sorry, but I really think it’s time”.


7 thoughts on “Robert Frost…If You Only Knew

      1. oh gosh no! No worries… it was just really something! Really well done… isnt that a sign of a really good piece if it sits with someone… and it did… this just happens to be one of my personal “things.” damn indeed! Really good though! damn!!


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