So Sorry Willie, but Franz Outbid You Today

Good morning from the Edge. It’s still morning where I am. A cold, dreary (the good dreary), rainy but not raining, Saturday morning. Earlier, writing my morning words, I felt it to be a “Willie Nelson kind of day.”  Uncharacteristically, the TV was on (Twilight Zone – figures, huh lol). The first commercial had Willie’s vocals in the background. Kinda set the mood. Willie, Rod….

When I tapped into the YouTube, Franz Liszt’s Liebestraum – Love Dream clip appeared in my group of musical suggestions. Even without a background in classical music, many of you recognize this piece. In my youth, in another age, I played this very piece my own self. How is it we lose abilities, talents and joy while living…life?

At this moment, from my small room on the third floor, I hear the wind blowing outside of my 2 windows – teasing with intermittent howling, very cool whistling sounds. I find it quite comforting.

I’m laughing to myself sitting here upon my “bed”, pillowed back against the wall. Legs outstretched, my laptop resting upon my upper thighs lending a bit of warmth. In more ways than one. Blanketed, nose cold, hood up, my fingerless gloved hands resting on the keyboard, I’m ready to write a list of Ten.

  1. Classical music.
  2. Beethoven. My favorite.
  3. Having once been able to play some of the great classical pieces.
  4. Musical instruments.
  5. Today’s weather. To some, it’s dreadful. For me, today, it’s wonderful! It’s providing a very fall-like, temporary escape. I’m totally loving it.
  6. The knowledge that I will be going out into the day with a huge appreciation for all that I have.
  7. A renewed committment to writing, creating and otherwise feeding my artistic self.
  8. the Wakefield Doctrine.
  9. I still have a job.
  10. Another day.

Enjoy this day my friends. It is the only one that matters.  So, from (me and) Willie –

“It’s been so long now,
 But it seems now, that it was only yesterday
 Gee, ain’t it funny, how time slips away.”



29 thoughts on “So Sorry Willie, but Franz Outbid You Today

        1. That beats me! But I guess it’s a beginning. The real question remains: can you venture…out there?
          I’m not dressed and I’ve got the Moonlight Sonata playing (gonna listen to all movements) and the wind is still whirling. Think it’s gonna be awhile for me.
          Stayed tuned 😀

          Liked by 1 person

        2. You know what Val? If you’re venturing out, I think I might pull it together and venture out for a little bit too. Not long. I probably should participate even if only a short time:D
          I’ll check back to see how you did and let you know if the covers feel the same.


  1. get your music manifesting the weather (and the day)… yesterday, or the day before, we had (one of the few) weather conditions that allow me to tolerate the non-Summer time of year… that’s when a storm moves up the coast, but the prevailing winds are south/southeast which results in a windy (yet warm) rainy day. Great special effects and I go (musically) to either Robin Trower or Mr. Hendrix (‘Rainy Day’) the benefit is one of helping me appreciate and enjoy the conditions rather than to try and ignore and deny them. Fun


    1. Wow! My reply to you that was complete just got deleted instead of posted!! And it was a most excellent reply!

      Here’s why it got “lost”. I was distracted. The Moonlight Sonata is playing in the background. All 3 Movements. While writing my reply to you, the 3rd Movement was playing. And so it came. The flood of emotions….fuck. Once upon a time I played, with much of the aforementioned emotion, this very 3rd Movement. Not to the quality of the pianist I now listen, but pretty good. Wait! On second thought, I don’t know that I completed the 3rd. Think I got frustrated and we stopped a coupla pages in.(significant discovery and explanation)
      Funny, I made it through the 1st Movement, that being everyone’s all time go to favorite. Dodged the bullet. Even got through the 2nd Movement, the one I managed unintentionally memorizing for awhile. 3rd? Damn.

      But back to your comment. Both Trower and Hendrix are excellent embellishments. Whatever “tool” used, it is a good thing to learn to appreciate and enjoy “conditions” rather than ignore and bury them. How else could we be open to “gifts”? Glad you had fun. And thanks for that bit of commentation 🙂


  2. You’re a musical soul. I would love to hear you play this piece sometime. I am partial to Beethoven – Oh my gosh, I knew how to play The Moonlight Sonata on the piano at one time. Now, I just savor the musical sounds. I am now a fan of mostly zen, classical and otherwise motivational music. I still love R&R some, and music with a distinctive Latin beat, but my favorites are instrumentals – I just find so much comfort in them. 🙂
    Hope you’re well, my friend! Enjoy the weekend, which has a distinct fall flavor, doesn’t it? I was doing the dishes this morning and all the rain from the coast is upon us. But…I am enjoying it. Savoring it as a reason to stay home, stay away from the frenzied pace of modern life…and be at one with my computer and some written words.
    I’d blog but, always in October, I seem to get this intense itch to work on a story…or a novel of some sort. 🙂


    1. I am 🙂 I wish that I still had the ability. Would make for a lovely reason to visit you Cyndi 🙂 Why am I not surprised you are partial to my favorite composer? lol
      Let me ask you – do you find instrumental music to be the most motivational? I fly by the seat of my pants where musical motivation is concerned. I can find it in the strangest places.
      I am well, thank you for asking. Yes, it definitely has a distinctive fall flavor and it is the weather! It is an excellent reason to stay home and languish in one’s domestic cocoon. That’s what I did for most of yesterday and it felt great. Today I must venture out…
      Yes! You have to finish the ghost story you were working on!! ‘Tis the season for sure 😀


  3. amycake76

    What a gorgeous piece of music! I haven’t heard it in ages. I don’t listen to as much classical now that I’m grown. My parents always play it.
    But now we have a piano, and I hope to root out some of my old practice books and brush off some old skills.


  4. Even with the sniffles I love a day just like the one you describe.
    That piece of music has always set my imagination soaring though I have never known the composer or title. Now I can hear it any time I like. Thank you!


  5. dyannedillon

    Love the Liszt tune. So beautiful! Still listening while I write this. Of course, you also can’t go wrong with Willie.
    I love rainy, dreary fall days when I can stay home and enjoy them. Getting out in them, meh, not so much.
    So, you play the piano? I wish I could! What else do you play?


    1. It is. I kept hitting replay while I wrote the post 🙂
      Willie’s voice is like red velvet cake….and it was indeed a day for cake.
      I did play piano for many years. Stopped playing eventually for lack of a piano. I played classical guitar for a while in college. My most recent instrument and the one I’ll stick with is electric bass 😀


  6. What a lovely, calming bit of music to listen to while I read…
    While I enjoy a good, cold, dreary day as much as the next person, I prefer to have them on days in which my kids don’t have a combined 7 soccer games. They are not nearly so much fun when one is outside with the cold and rain and wind.
    Go get your creative on! 🙂


    1. Wasn’t it lovely? 🙂 I was just telling Dyanne I kept hitting replay while I wrote the post. Glad you enjoyed it.
      Poor Christine! No! Sporting events are not pleasant in that kind of weather. Luckily I overslept Saturday so I missed my nephew’s 8:30 game…I think he’ll forgive me lol


  7. I loved your musical post of TToT. When I took piano lessons, Beethoven was my favorite composer also. I got great enjoyment from playing his pieces. My husband and I enjoy a wide range of music, Willie Nelson included.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Pat 🙂 How can there be anyone who does not love Beethoven!
      Willie was added to my playlist while I was in my 20’s. I had a friend who liked Willie and once I heard that voice…that was it 🙂


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