Girlie’s Hit the Trifecta

It’s Thursday and you know what that means…it’s 6 Sentence Story Day. Hey Val! What was that you said last week about a “hat trick?” 🙂

His voice kept chiming, like an incessant alarm whose “on” button was set to ring in perpetuity, “hurry the fuck up, you have to keep moving”.

A litany of words that could only, in dire circumstances, be interpreted one way – move forward or die – act or die – make a choice….or die right where you stand today.

And wasn’t that it? Making, no! taking, a stand. Right where I am, here, this day.

I want, no, insist, it be written, documented, put into the record, that in spite of having taken all the wrong roads, avenues, highways and byways, in the end I made the choice to move forward regardless, in spite of everything that was before.


10 thoughts on “Girlie’s Hit the Trifecta

  1. However devoted we are to work, hobbies, family, whatever we do still need a break, turn off, sleep in, waste time, smell the roses or whatever…and make a regular habit of it!


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