Keep Your Eye on The Edge – another 6 Sentence Story!

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I don’t know what you call it after you’ve pulled a “hat trick” but I’m back for a 4th consecutive week with a Six Sentence Story.

You know, the blog hop that happens every Thursday, courtesy of one ivywalker of uncharted fame. Hey! What the hell happened? Look at my dashboard! (no, I know you can’t but that’s what I want to yell)

When I last left the dashboard this morning, all looked as it always has. When I returned this evening? Presto! Chango! My dashboard has been altered! No longer are there words in the far left column saying “Dashboard” or “Comments” or “Pages”. Now. Now, there are pictures. Little icons. Instead of words. Seems words and writing are giving way to icons and formulas.

Which is something I don’t have for these bloghops. Wish that I did. Let’s see what can be done with this week’s clue “tear”.


She could feel the rending of the now stretched to capacity, diaphanous fabric that carefully covered the armour. Armour that served as protection and haven from all that was out there

She stood silently, stoically still as disbelief deftly and without mercy paralyzed her.

There on the hardwood floor, in the middle of the room she called home, the room with comfy oversized chairs, her favorite period piece couch snagged at a ticket only estate sale, lay her manuscript scattered like spent confetti on a ballroom floor at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Turning away and with an abormal amount of self-control, she walked into the kitchen, returning moments later, a tear slowly descending each cheek, and bent down with dust pan and brush.



18 thoughts on “Keep Your Eye on The Edge – another 6 Sentence Story!

    1. Thank you and I apologize! I didn’t notice your comment got sent to my spam folder!

      Well, she was none too pleased and as you can see she was totally taken aback by what happened. Definitely unexpected 🙂


  1. messymimi

    Well done! Her life seems so precise, as you describe it, so it makes me wonder even more how something so unexpected could happen to her.


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