Of Coffee Making Machines and a GirlieOnTheEdge, It’s TToT Time

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. It’s been quite some time since I’ve complained, lamented or otherwise expressed angst over a coffee machine.…  Been a couple of years now since Mr. Coffee went bye bye. He had a good life. He had an extraordinarily long life thanks to one Man ‘O Mine who can fix just about anything presto chango. But  life has changed drastically since then. From a culinary perspective, the one thing that has not changed is my love of, need for coffee.

Raise your hands! Who cannot exit by front, side or any other door to their abodes each day without ingesting what I lovingly refer to as the “go-go juice”? Be honest 🙂 Anyway, today proved that last week’s “incident” wasn’t a fluke. The coffee machine in question, a parting gift from my nephew (whole other story), is not old. I accept that I may have used it the most consistently from 2013 – 2015. But still… that’s only 2 years. What coffee machine begins malfunctioning after 2 years?!

Here’s the problem: halfway through the process, the water sits in the basket. That’s right! The life blood ceases to drip into the carafe. This has happened once before and is what happened this morning. Aagh! 1 mug a the juice…liquid only up to line 2! I need it up to line 4!. I wiggle the carafe hoping this jars the mechanism that stimulates the process (oh, man – I need someone to stimulate this writing process) of transforming water into coffee. (hey, it’s Sunday, isn’t it?!)

I pour myself the first mug and return upstairs to write this post. I don’t get very far when I realize it’s time to go down for the 2nd and last mug of a body’s best friend. BooHoo. No such luck. There’s a bunch of water still sitting in the basket refusing to leave. Now what? I look at the carafe. There’s still some caffeinated goodness left. But is there enough to fill my mug?…just barely. Thank all thats good. So here I am. It’s all gone. The juice is gone. Time to get down to business.

Ten Things of Thankful. The blog hop. I can do this….

  1. I’ve given thanks in the past for family in whatever form that takes. Today, I go literal. I’m thankful for my brother and sister in law. (see #2)
  2. A Kindle! Said brother and sister sent me a surprise last week. A Kindle! (did I already mention that? lol) I’ve been a hold out on these Kindle things. Me, of books to hold, smell, carry. Books that give bookscases a reason to be. (I love bookcases!)
  3. It’s funny, the day before I received my Kindle, I had gone to the library. *sigh* The books I signed out are sitting by the bed. Unread. (I will read them. I promise!)
  4. Have I mentioned yet I have a Kindle now? Here’s the thing. I really, really like it. I love it now that I can read in the dark! Yup. I can turn off the light, lay down in bed on my side and read. And not worry that I might bend the binding too much or worse yet roll over and damage the pages. Yeah, it has advantages.
  5. It is life altering. The Kindle. (Sure it can be!) It’s a little thing that impacts a major part of my life – reading.
  6. Weather. Living in the mid-Atlantic, we’re just that. In the middle. Which means we get a fall but not quite the New England fall of my childhood. This year, fall came in like a lamb as they say. The colors have been gradual, beautiful and not marred by too much rain. Fingers crossed, rain will be minimal during this, my favorite season.
  7. the Wakefield Doctrine. Really?  You need me to say more? That’s correct. Go there. Read. Then tell me that there is nothing there for you.
  8. Music and it’s availability because of the internet! Music. My life blood.
  9. The belief that “life will be better”.
  10. Another day. It’s another opportunity. It is a gift.

42 thoughts on “Of Coffee Making Machines and a GirlieOnTheEdge, It’s TToT Time

  1. I love my kindle!!! I have the cheapo one cuz i felt like the fire was a bit too much for my reading needs… What a good brother and sister in law….i bet it was una that suggested it first!!!


  2. I’ve been reading Kindle books on my tablet and phone for a while now and I honestly couldn’t live without it. Almost all of the books I’ve downloaded are free (sometimes they should be free, other times they are fantastic books that were free for a little while as promotion). I am a voracious reader, so keeping up with that is hard. Not having heaps of books around is a blessing in my tiny house.


    1. I hear that from everyone I know with a Kindle! I’ve been fundamentally opposed to Kindles and their implications for “real” books for so long I never let myself accept that maybe, just maybe, they might have some advantages I could appreciate 🙂
      Yeah, the space thing – over the years, I’ve tried to go through my books and donate those I am not attached to. I can tell you, there weren’t many I gave away lol.


  3. valj2750

    Yes I love my coffee and my Kindle. We have a flex pot made by Hamilton Beach. Makes pots or you can get a quick K-cup at any time. Read, drink and be merry.


  4. Kristi

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do like the smell. I also love bookcases, and physical, hold-in-your-hand books, but I love my Kindle, too. It’s easy to carry lots of reading material on a trip with a Kindle!


    1. Yes! The smell can be…intoxicating 🙂 I’m pretty simple in my coffee – Maxwell House French Roast. I love when I break the seal on a new container.
      We have a Keurig machine at work. My work area is close to the kitchen so I don’t have to tell you I hear a lot of that sputtering, spitting sound. And then… he smell of freshly “brewed” coffee. Nothing like it 😀
      That’s an excellent point Kristi. Reading material that weighs mere ounces and a lot of it! No more lugging heavy books on trips for me.


  5. I have found my kindle very handy as it gets the internet, and I don’t have a fancy phone. I can read many places, especially newspapers, which I love to read, but it is just nice to have to connect to the internet too. I have never been good at making coffee in coffee pots, and have considered getting one of those machines that has the little cups built in, so I cannot mess it up, but hate the way they are filling up the landfills. Plus just the expense. I have found a good alternative..hot water with honey and lemon. I actually think it does a better job than coffee…but I still often just want my coffee.


    1. I haven’t connected to the internet yet with my Kindle but that does sound like a wonderful option. I only recently got a “fancy phone” lol.
      Got to admint, it’s nice to have some updated gadgets.
      The idea of “instant” coffee with the Keurig is very appealing but I too have huge concerns over the issue of disposal of all that plastic!
      Lemon in water has become very popular lately. I may have to try it 🙂
      P.S. Hope you still treat yourself to a coffee once in awhile 😀


  6. dyannedillon

    I hate coffee in any way, shape or form, including the smell. But I have to have a Diet Coke in the morning. Poured from a can into a big glass full of ice. My problem comes when my temperamental icemaker doesn’t do its job (it only has ONE JOB), which is often, because it’s old and we have already gone through three little motors to make it reproduce.
    I was a holdout, too, but my husband got me a Nook, and I have to admit, I do like it, especially since you can make the print as big as your old eyes need it to be!
    HUGE Rocky and Bullwinkle fan here.


    1. Oh Dyanne! I can’t believe it! No coffee?! I don’t think I can do the cold beverage thing in the morning. Too harsh for this clark…but you! I can see you guzzling the diet coke lol. Now, tell me it’s crushed ice! I love regular coke over crushed ice when eating pizza.
      Your ice maker sounds like my old Mr. Coffee. But hey, if you can keep fixing him, go for it.
      I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Kindle and it’s counterpart the Nook. No trying to sell me on them anymore lol
      And no doubt a Sherman and Mr. Peabody fan too 😀


      1. dyannedillon

        Crushed ice is my preference; however, I only have regular ice maker cubes at home. They are smaller than normal, though, because MY ICE MAKER SUCKS. But shhhhh! It listens to EVERYTHING and will stop production altogether if I’m not careful.
        “Peabody here, and I think every dog should own a boy.”


  7. I’m gonna take a cultural pass here on coffee and stick with tea, but I think that’s allowable. And I *have* a kindle, which was bought for me for my murica trip, and which sits, basically unused…somewhere. Books are the thing. Books! Bookcases. Good grief I’m gonna miss my bookcase when I leave…

    I hope your coffee machine fixes quickly 🙂


    1. I have a fondness for tea. In the fall. Under certain weather conditions 🙂
      Trust me, if you give it a chance, the Kindle can be a friend. It doesn’t mean having to give up the books 🙂
      It’s not always about giving up one thing for another.
      Yes, long live bookcases. I’ve always had a “dream library”. The one that would be in the house most likely I won’t ever live in LOL. But it sure is impressive!
      Yeah, about that “leaving”. I’m woefully behind on some life stuff aren’t I?

      Thank you, Lizzi. Today, he worked just fine 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am downsizing my bookcase. It’s a bit painful but also surprising how NOT painful it is, because I’m going to put the books I need to keep in storage and get rid of the dross. Thankfully most of them were from charity shops to begin with. So many words and so little time!

        I shall try to learn to like the Kindle…

        Tea is wonderful. Twinings Earl Grey, in particular 😉


        1. I imagine it would be painful. Why the downsize? Oh, I have the same lament about words, time…

          Give it a shot. I bet you can assimilate it/incorporate it into your world over time 🙂

          I have not bought my Fall stash of tea yet. When I do, I shall pick up the Earl 😀

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Ahh now this is because you seem to be off the air a little in FB (and maybe in my blog…) – I’m downsizing to MOVE TO MURICA on an as-permanent-as-can-be basis! It’s a nightmare and so tricky but SO what I want and where I want to be.

          *toasts you with Earl Grey*


        3. I have been quite “off the air” and it frustrates me so. It is a thing I need to get a handle on…making the time for the things I enjoy! While you were still galavanting about the states, I did see that you expressed a desire to move here. Where? What state? You must tell me!!
          I imagine it is rather the nightmare for all the red tape and such. But I know that if this is what you truly want, you will make it happen. It’s that simple. Really.

          Then I shall lift my cup to you Lizzi to toast the day you and I sit somewhere cozy sipping Earl Grey on a crisp, fall day.

          P.S. I know 😦 I’m struggling still with getting to your and everyone’s TToT this week!

          Liked by 1 person

        4. The red tape is a NIGHTMARE but I’m hacking through it and figuring out ways (with help) to make it happen. And YES it’s going to happen and certainly at some point to VA, because I’m part-way signed up to go to massage school there next autumn! YAY!

          I still haven’t been to everyone’s TToT…I’m now into 1000Speak and on the point of just cutting bait and leaving the TToT as it is…!

          And YES! Here’s to us sipping Earl Grey together in future. That would be truly glorious 😀


        5. Yay for Virginia! What school? Part way signed up sounds like an excellent start.
          How exciting Lizzi! What an incredible thing to do – leave your home country and move to another country. One very, very far away! Totally, awe inspiring 🙂
          How does your family feel about it?

          It would. And so we shall 😀

          Liked by 1 person

        6. North Virginia Community College. And yes – a HUGE move, but my family are supportive (tho I haven’t told my dad yet but it’s really very little to do with him) I just really REALLY hope it works out.


        7. No way! When I moved to VA in ’93 it was to go to NOVA, Annandale Campus (ironic as I now live in Annandale).
          What campus will you be going to?
          How wonderful your family is supportive. It’s quite unselfish 🙂
          I take it Dad won’t be so ready to let you go?

          Liked by 1 person

        8. I’d be going to the Woodbridge campus to learn massage. One of my FB friends was there a coupla years ago, and there’s a chance she may even tutor while I’m there! THAT would be cool.

          Dad just probably won’t be told until after the fact. Or he will be, but whatevs.

          COOL that I might go to the same college you did 🙂


        9. You will give new meaning to “small world” Lizzi :D….in a HUGE way! Very cool. Woodbridge is right down Rt. 95.
          Very cool that you have a FB friend who can vouch for the program and even tutor you. Nice indeed.

          As for your Dad, hats off to you if you can keep this cat in the bag! lol

          Yeah, it is 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        10. HA! I don’t know that I need to keep it in the bag, per se, but he won’t stop me from doing it.

          I have been immensely lucky with all the support and encouragement from my friends so far. And YAY to being down the road from you 🙂


  8. Oh, oh! I might have a fix for you!! Okay, so hussy’s machine started doing something similar. Get some white are apple cider vinegar and run a whole cycle with JUST that. It might just do the trick because the coffee oils sometimes gum up the insides and the vinegar + heat are usually an easy fix. Fingers crossed it works if you try it. 🙂
    As for me, I drink tea. I *love* the smell of coffee. But drinking it? Hmm..I love a Starbucks frappucino where the coffee is so sugary and creamy, it’s like liquid ice cream.
    The other day I decided to try a pumpkin spice latte (they have a Starbucks on campus! Can you believe that!?). Anyways, they put cream, sugar and even whipped cream on top, but even still, it tasted like burnt coffee beans and my tummy didn’t so much like it. That’s the thing with coffee: I’ve *tried* to drink it – but my tummy usually has something to say about it. But, if it’s dressed up in lots of sugar and cream and tastes like coffee ice cream, well then, everybody’s happy. 🙂
    I even worked at a bookstore/coffee shop for 3 years and I loved the chai teas I’d make or even steamers, but never the coffee. I tell ya, I did absorb the caffeine when I worked, though. Dang…that stuff would have me wired for hours! Haha.
    I would like to be a coffee drinker, actually. I might be able to actually not have to get up for work two hours early just so that I can be halfway awake by the time I get in here. LOL
    I hope you have a wonderful day/week! I’m really trying to get back into the writing groove/circuit while plugging all that in with my creative streak…and this deep need to inspire others. So. We’ll see. 🙂 HUGS, my friend! Big hugs!


    1. Hey, thanks for the tip. I will try that.
      That’s right! I remember you are a tea drinker 🙂 I too lo-ove the Frapacinos at Starbucks. I have them gone in about 2 minutes lol
      I find that after my morning allotment, if I drink coffee for a boost later in the day the timing is most critical. Usually, I benefit from the kick any time after 3 😀
      Do you drink tea before work? I can’t imagine not ingesting a beverage to start my engine in the am lol
      You have a good week also Cyndi. I’ll be sending positive waves of creativity your way so that you can get back into your writing groove 🙂
      Thanks. You can never have too few hugs 🙂


  9. My Dad drank Postum. My Mom drank a little coffee, but not a lot. As a teen I drank black tea or Postum with sugar and cream. I started to drink some coffee in college, but never really developed much of a taste for it. I continued to drink it off and on for several years, but during those years I probably drank more Postum than coffee. Finally, I gave up drinking anything with caffeine. My Mom gave up drinking anything with caffeine when she was in her 60’s. My husband loves coffee though, and prefers using the French press coffee makers. (I’ve had to watch this reply really closely. Spell check keeps wanting to make Postum into possum. LOL)
    I have a Kindle on my iPad and rarely use the Kindle, but my husband uses his Kindle all the time. I love bookcases. I hope you have a wonderful week. Yes, each day is truly a gift!


    1. Wow! Blast from the past! I remember seeing Postum commercials when I was a kid and seeing it in the supermarket. I never knew what it was.
      You know, coffee is an acquired taste for sure. Had I tasted really awful coffee in the beginning I might be caffeine free today lol Part of me wishes that were true but too late now.
      Good for your Mom giving up caffeine after a lifetime. That’s quite an accomplishment.
      Now your husband – he sounds like he’s serious into the coffee thing. French press! I’ve heard of them but never knew what they were. Will have to google it.
      LOL I know what you mean about the spell check. Had a few funny ones slip by me recently.
      Thank you Pat! You have a good rest of the week too. Always.
      Thank you for stopping by. I still haven’t made the rounds from this past weekend. But I still plan to!!


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