Yo! Tape that 6 Over There…

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge does 6 Sentence Story Thursday! I was going pretty good for a few weeks – had the consistency of a well cooked pudding (no idea! lol) And then I missed last week. Too bad too, because I had a really great idea. But there’s a thief on the lose stealing all sorts of time, motivation and creativity….

So here I  am sitting, with outstretched legs, upon buoyant mattress, laptop accross my lap and… I’m lost. Lost among a wordless expanse of white vellum. “Pen” tossed aside, no characters to adorn the skin of trees shorn just for this purpose….*sigh*.

SNAP. OUT. OF. IT! Pull yourself together woman! You can do this! Truth be told, I’ve always been a last minute “term paper person” (LMTPP). During my school years I was never one of those students who began a project or paper well in advance of the deadline. No sir! Me? I was last minute chick. Yup. Leaving it right up until there was no time. Work well under pressure? That’s exactly what I used to tell myself. lol

Now here I am, once again, the night before 6 Sentence Day doing the cramming thing. When will I learn?! You know, I could have written this yesterday had I a mind to, had I remembered. Yesterday, I walked the world of a scott. She would have whipped out a 6 Sentence Story in record time fo sure!

I don’t know why my secondary scottian aspect was running wild yesterday. From the moment I stepped through the door to my workplace until I went to bed. Have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And! I ate a shitload of food! The pizza I split with a co-worker? 5 slices. That’s how many I ate. Out of 8 slices. What the hell?!

Maybe that’s why I’m so tired today. Who, other than scotts, can function at the energy level I maintained all day and into the night and not crash the next day? LOL  Come on! I challenge anyone with a secondary scottian aspect to tell me how long it takes for you to recover being all scottian like. No worries…your secret will be safe with me!

…so much refuse on the landing to the boathouse it was difficult to get to the little widgeon 12. she was so neglected, all barnacled up, her sails not having flown in too long too remember. she needs some time out. time away. time to fly and float – buoyed by waves of blue. who says you can’t stop time…




  1. ivywalker · October 29, 2015

    I am constantly haranguing clark with the idea that my former secondary was a scott during my physically healthy days… I cant sustain that any longer and have taken on a rogerian secondary since… I can imagine your exhaustion!!!


  2. jny_jeanpretty · October 29, 2015

    That was beautiful. I love the way you write. Hang out with me–I will get you your very own pizza! I am not good at sharing! 🙂


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 29, 2015

      Thank you jean! I would only I think we’re like 800+ miles away! I guess virtual pizza wouldn’t cut it? 😀


  3. Kristi · October 29, 2015

    Well if pizza eating is a scottian trait, maybe I have one in there somewhere after all! 🙂


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 29, 2015

      You might! 🙂
      I can’t explain it…it was not just the act of eating pizza. It was more the combination of my energy level and subsequent intereactions as a result of that energy and realizing I’d become almost ravenous by the time lunch rolled around lol. It was weird. I don’t usually consume large amounts of food at one sitting 😀 I pretty much ate all day!


  4. oldegg · October 30, 2015

    Whether Widgeon 2’s or people we all need time out to be ourselves again, sail the sea, feel the breeze and feel that spirit of freedom.


  5. Josie Two Shoes · November 1, 2015

    This was lovely, I could anticipate her pleasure at reconnecting with the wind and water as she sailed out on her own!


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