Passion & Pain Go Hand in Glove

Hello, it’s me!, (thanks Todd), GirlieOnTheEdge and this is a late night editional entry for Ivywalker’s Six Sentence Story! Since it’s so very, very late I will keep words to a minimum however I can’t help wondering: am I simply long in the tooth?

I walked into the small room, lights a little too bright, it was a bit too clinical for me. Why did I think it would be larger?

He was standing off to the side and I caught his profile, tall, dark….was that a tan in December?

Turning, he bids me welcome, disarming me with a smile too bright to be real, and asks, “how long has it been?”

Fighting an uneasiness rising in my belly, I stared him right in the eyes and said “I’m only here because it hurts, hurts so bad, I just had to see you”.

Understanding and empathy oozed from his pores as he gently guided me to the chair telling me quietly, “here, lie back and relax, I’ll be gentle…there’s never been a toothache I haven’t been able to cure”.



22 thoughts on “Passion & Pain Go Hand in Glove

  1. You’ve captured the horrors of dental visits in just six sentences. I avoid it until I simply have no other option to alleviate pain or repair damage. Why does it have to be such an intimidating process. I’ve had a dentist just like this, and he made me nervous despite his kind demeanor!


  2. I love the inference that he makes a fortune from sorting out your pain, which explains the tan in December. Luckily I have found a great dentist and yes I go for a check up regularly but she still charges the earth.


  3. I like how you used the double meaning of lie here … the understood implicite lie of the dentist … and “here, lie back and relax, I’ll be gentle…” Splendid write too.


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