What?! It’s Not #Tuesday?! WTF!

Hey! Special thanks to Clark over at the Wakefield Doctrine…Thanks, Buddy! (Yeah, I know. It does seem as if sometimes we put a stop to comments at each other’s blog lol.And that’s OK. It’s OK because it’s the official beginning of you know what! (I know you’ll write about it over there Clark, so….I won’t)

Speaking of “stopped dead in my tracks”, this morning, as is my daily ritual, I went to my documents directory to pull up the file where morning words go. Hadn’t gotten too far down the list before I stopped at “Poetry from the past, taken from posts, etc.” Hm. What is this? That was how long ago?!

Oh, there’s been “poetic words” since then all scattered tattered about. But this got me to thinking, since poetry’s been all the rage, I should try and retrieve some of the less ancient stuff. Alas, the bulk of my poetic words were written prior to the popularity of computers and social media. This one in particular I liked. Re-reading it today made me think of Kerry and one of her posts a couple or 4 back in which she wrote about sitting in on a poetry group at her town’s library.

Once upon a time, in the before time and in a further attempt to groom my rogerian aspect, I attended a meeting of the “Poet’s Corner” at my local library. I brought 2 poems to read. The one in the link above and another. The other was about my 2 cats. Dyanne! I should find and post it just for you! You’d like it 😀

I was more than a little nervous. I had never read my poetry aloud to a group of strangers, let alone sit there and wait for a “critique”. Eegads! What did I think I was doing? lol. I read the poem that appears in the link in the 2nd paragraph…(yo, up there), first. Then I read a piece I’d written about my 2 cats, Madeline and Jamaal. Can you guess which the majority preferred?

So… we’re approaching the end of the year with all it’s implications (spoken like such a clark!). If you know me well, you know that my New Year begins the day after Christmas. I cannot recall when this began. No doubt in the earliest days of my burgeoning young adulthood. A time of deep re-flection. A time of re-assessment… re-newal? re-commitment? It is filled with the most well intentioned “re’s” (Je vais apprendre à parler français!).

As we approach the end of the calendar year, I wish for everyone the hope for finding peace and the will to find strength. Be well my friends. Be present. Today is our only day.




  1. pictimilitude · December 24, 2015

    Good for you for cultivating the roger. Me? I think I scared him/her/it off. Seriously. There are moments where I think I need to write the “A Clark’s Survival Guide in a World of Rogers.” No, wait. We should get CLARK to write that. HAHAHA.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 26, 2015

      Yes. Have been for going on 5 years now. Maybe you did! lol
      Now funny you should say that! I had discussed with Clark at least 4 or 5 years ago the idea of writing a second blog just for us clarks 🙂
      I toyed with it for some time. And then of course did nothing about it!
      Yes, Clark could write it! But just try selling him on writing yet another blog lol

      Hey, thanks for stopping by at this post, Cyndi. I actually have a draft in which I write that I have never, since my very first post, not not had a comment. Thanks! 😀


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